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HyperX Cloud Alpha Review

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Table Of Contents


Key features

Connection Type:Wired
Impedance:65 ohms
Driver Size:50mm Dual Chamber
Headset Frequency Response:13 – 27,000 Hz
Microphone Frequency Response:50 – 18,000 Hz

Pros & Cons

  • Sturdy build
  • Comfortable material
  • Microphone is great for the price
  • Bass is a little lacking
  • Earcups can’t turn 90 degrees

Current Rating

4.7 Based on 3 users

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With so many choices for headsets out there, it’s often hard for gamers to find the right pick for them out of the crowd. For under $100, the HyperX Cloud Alpha makes a very strong case to be that choice. You can also find it on our list of the best budget gaming headsets and most comfortable gaming headsets.

With a powerful, detailed sound profile, a crystal clear noise-canceling microphone, a sturdy build, and a comfortable design, the Cloud Alpha offer one of the best all-around packages on the market. Let’s dive into some of the details to see what makes this wired headset stand out.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Performance

When it comes to gaming, it is important for headphones to handle a wide range of sounds: from the large explosions to dialogue, to the subtle sounds of footsteps of someone right around the corner. With its 50mm Dual Chamber drivers, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is able to deliver a very detailed sound for gaming. The great sound performance is due to Cloud Alpha’s unique construction.

HyperX Cloud Alpha side and front

HyperX has created separate chambers in the ear cups for better sound isolation. One chamber is for the mids and highs, while the other is for the bass. Because of that construction, sounds can be heard with distinction and clarity, which makes for a powerful gaming experience when playing games like Battlefield V or Apex Legends.

The mids and highs of this headset are crystal clear and the bass performs well, giving you some good booms from explosions. The bass isn’t quite as powerful as it is in other gaming headsets out there, which is a bit of a bummer, but it is by no means bad. The HyperX Cloud Alpha’s microphone is very good, especially for on a headset that is under $100. The mic has noise-canceling elements to it, so it does a good job isolating background noise.

That noise cancellation is great for subduing annoying sounds like typing on a keyboard or a dog barking in the background. The voice quality also sounds very sharp, so you won’t have any little kids telling you that your mic is crap while you’re playing (always a plus).

HyperX Cloud Alpha Design

The HyperX Cloud Alpha headphones feature the ever-popular black and red color combo, HyperX’s signature colors. It’s very similar to the design of other HyperX headphones, but HyperX has added a slotted metal frame above the earcups on the Cloud Alphas, giving it a unique look of its own.

HyperX Cloud Alpha earcups

Additionally, the matte black finish on the earcups is a welcome change to the more glossy finish of past HyperX headphones. Overall, this is a great looking gaming headset.

The build quality of the Cloud Alpha is fantastic, especially for under $100. You can tell just from picking these babies up that it isn’t made from cheap material. Small details like the red stitching over the headband and the aluminum yolk over the earcups give you the sense that the Cloud Alphas could last you a long time. Also notable is just how flexible these headphones are.

You can seriously twist these things back and forth and the Cloud Alphas don’t feel close to breaking. The leatherette material that HyperX has put on the headband and the earcups is very comfortable and leads to long hours of gaming without much itching or adjusting. We didn’t notice much ear sweat building up when gaming for long hours with the Cloud Alpha, which is always a huge plus.

The Cloud Alpha comes with multiple features that makes it very portable. These headphones come with two different cord lengths, one long and one short. The inclusion of the short cable is fantastic for cable management, since dealing with a long cable at a short distance can be insanely annoying.

HyperX Cloud Alpha earpads

The microphone of the Cloud Alpha is detachable, so if you want to wear these headphones on the go you can just pop the mic off and stow it away. Additionally, HyperX gives you a nice carrying bag for the microphone and headset if you want to take it on the go. Overall, those are nice touches.

The only issue I would have with the design of the HyperX Cloud Alpha is that earcups can’t turn a full 90 degrees. That lack of flexibility is annoying for setting these headphones flat on a desk or having it dangling from your neck. That’s about my only gripe though, which is something that one could easily get used to.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Pricing & Alternatives

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is priced right in the middle of the gaming headset landscape. When you make the commitment to buy a gaming headset for $100, you want to make sure you get high quality in return. Thankfully, the HyperX Cloud Alpha delivers on its value. However, if the HyperX Cloud Alpha doesn’t quite fit what you are looking for in a gaming headset, here are a few alternatives:

If you are more interested in a high-end wireless headset, make sure to check out the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless. While it is certainly a hefty investment, the quality of this headset is phenomenal. It has a high-frequency range (10 – 40,000Hz) and a GamerDAC connection, the combination of which creates a very detailed, high-resolution sound.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro wireless headset

The Arctis Pro Wireless also gets a bonus for being a wireless headset since you don’t have to deal with any pesky cords while gaming. If you are someone who wants only the best from their headset and are willing to pay more for it, then the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless would be a great one to check out

If you are a little light on cash and are looking for a cheaper option than the HyperX Cloud Alpha, then check out our Logitech G430 review. It seems unthinkable that any headphones under $30 would have Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, but these headphones do. The Logitech G430 headphones feature an impressive sound for its price, and the addition of surround sound creates a very immersive gaming experience.

With such a cheap headset, though, comes a lower build quality. Unfortunately, these things aren’t the most durable, but they should last you a few years and give you a great budget experience while you have them.

Finally, if you like the HyperX style and branding, check out our detailed HyperX Cloud Stinger review.

HyperX Cloud Alpha: Frequently Asked Questions

Does HyperX cloud Alpha have surround sound?

The HyperX Cloud Alpha does not have surround sound. It only features stereo sound. However, there are ways that you can experience surround sound with the HyperX Cloud Alpha headphones. One example would be to pair these headphones with the USB Dolby 7.1 Adapter.

HyperX Cloud Alpha unboxed

That adapter would give the Cloud Alpha USB connectivity with your PC or console and also provide Virtual Surround Sound. You can find the USB Dolby 7.1 Adapter on Amazon.

When did the HyperX cloud Alpha come out?

The HyperX Cloud Alpha headset was first revealed by HyperX at Gamescom in 2017 and it was officially released in September 2017 at $99.

Are wired gaming headsets better?

Yes, wired gaming headsets can technically provide better sound quality than wireless gaming headsets. The wired connectivity allows for clearer audio quality, especially when listening to high-quality audio files. However, due to rapid advancement in wireless technology, it is often times hard to tell the difference in sound quality.

This is especially true if you are using your headset for gaming or listening to music on streaming services, where the difference in sound quality between wired and wireless can be slim to none.

Another factor where wired could be considered better than wireless is in the fact that wired headphones don’t need to be charged. Wireless headphones run on a battery, so they only have a limited time before you need to take them off and charge them. However, many wireless headphones can run on a single charge for well over 10 hours these days, so for most people that shouldn’t be a problem.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Black Gaming Headset

Lastly, wired headphones are often times a lot lighter than wireless headphones. Wireless headphones are heavier due to the fact that all of the controls that would normally be put on a wired headset’s cord have to be shoved into the wireless headset. If you are someone who is looking for as little weight on your head as possible, then a wired headset would be a better choice.

What headsets do professional gamers use?

Professional gamers have historically stuck to wired headsets, like the HyperX Cloud II or the Sennheiser GAME ZERO. That is because of how far ahead in performance wired headsets have been in the past.

However, advancements in wireless technology have brought the wired vs. wireless competition that closer together. Because of that advancement, many pro gamers have begun choosing wireless headsets for competitions. The Razer ManO’War is one popular choice for pro gamers.

What’s the best HyperX headset?

The best HyperX headset comes down to your personal preference. HyperX has a wide range of headsets, from budget-friendly wired to higher-end wireless headsets. If you prefer a wired headset, then the HyperX Cloud Alpha is a superb option. The best wireless option from HyperX is the Cloud Flight, which features a 30-hour battery life and comfortable memory foam.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Final Verdict

The HyperX Cloud Alpha checks off many of the boxes for what it takes to be a good gaming headset. It’s comfortable, it provides great sound for gaming, and it has a high-quality, durable build. At under $100, it is hard to match the value that you get from the Cloud Alpha. Even though it is nearly two years old, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is still one of the best gaming headsets on the market in 2020.

If you are looking for other options for great wired headsets, check out our article on the best wired headsets on the market today. If you are more interested in the best wireless gaming headsets, then don’t worry. We have an article for wireless gaming headsets too.

Performance: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Dual Chamber 50mm Drivers in the Cloud Alpha put out some fantastic sound for gaming. Crisp mids and highs. The bass isn’t quite as good, but still fine for gaming. The microphone on the Cloud Alpha is exceptional for the $100 price tag.

Design: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The build of the HyperX Cloud Alpha feels sturdy and well-made. The leatherette materials on the headband and earcups make this headset super comfortable as well.

Price: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The price for the HyperX Cloud Alpha is middle-of-the-road for headsets. However, it is the value that you get for the HyperX Cloud Alphas that sets them apart. It feels like it should be more expensive than it is. 5/5 stars

Overall: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

All together, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is a fantastic gaming headset. It is easily one of the best headsets on the market today for under $100.


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