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The 5 Best Wired Gaming Headsets

Wires or not, every gamer needs to focus on one thing in particular when buying a headset: Comfort. Without comfort, your day-long gaming session can turn into a thirty-minute long, ear-pinching, sweaty disgrace.

With the appropriate equipment on your ears, you won’t have to worry about it. 😌🎧

If you want to beat the competition, you’re going to need great comfort and sound to do it. Whether you’re gaming at your desk or on your couch, the only way you could be the best is if you’re the most immersed.

But many gamers wonder whether wired or wireless gaming headsets will help them get to that level of immersion. If you’re reading this, then you probably wanted to know about the former. Wired headsets come in either analog or USB, or both connections, and both PC and console gamers can get a lot out of wired headsets.

Naming headsets with great comfort, sound, noise cancellation, and more, this guide aims to list the best wired headsets out there today of both budget and premium values.

Best Choice: HyperX Cloud Alpha

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful, balanced, and clear sound
  • Amazing, strong build quality
  • Astounding sound quality
  • Very comfortable for most
  • Great directional sound
  • Cluster sounds from crosstalk
  • Microphone may have a hard time recognizing your voice
  • Small ear cups cause discomfort

Key Features:

  • Memory foam ear cups
  • Durable aluminum frame with expanded headband
  • Dual Chamber drivers
  • Detachable cable with in-line cable controls
  • Detachable noise-canceling mic
  • Multi-platform compatibility


  • 13Hz-27000 Hz
  • Custom dynamic, 50mm dual-chamber neodymium drivers
  • 3.5mm analog jack
  • Noise-canceling mic

HyperX Cloud Alpha Review

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a multi-platform compatible, great sounding, strong analog gaming headset. A very comfortable headset with a great overall build, this is an excellent headset for any gamer to have.

The Cloud Alpha has HyperX’s signature award-winning comfort with its memory foam ear cups and expanded headband.  Not only is it comfortable, but it its strong aluminum frame also makes it very durable.

Many people enjoy its amazing sound quality from its balanced, powerful, and clear sound from its HyperX Dual Chamber drivers the most. And with great directional sound, gamers are able to pinpoint where sounds are coming from around them with amazing accuracy.

But its ear cups are too small for some. Also, it’s detachable, the noise-canceling mic has been reported to have a hard time recognizing your voice, and it has hard times with clustered sounds that come from cross talk.

Despite these issues, the Cloud Alpha stands as a superior headset because of its amazing comfort, durability, and sound quality. If you want to know about other choices for best headsets, wired and wireless, check out the overall best gaming headset out there.

Premium Pick: SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC

Pros & Cons

  • Handy GameDac Controls
  • High-end Sound Quality
  • Amazing design and comfort
  • Very comfortable
  • A multitude of customization options
  • Not-adjustable headset bad for bigger heads
  • Small ear cups
  • Bass quality and noise canceling varies amongst gamers

Key Features:

  • GameDAC
  • Retractable boom, bidirectional noise-cancelling mic
  • DTS Headphone:X v 2.0
  • RGB Lighting
  • Polished steel and aluminum alloy construction


  • Premium Hi-Res speakers with 10-40k Hz
  • USB, optical, and 3.5mm connectivity
  • 40mm neodymium drivers
  • PC and PS4 compatible

SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC Review

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC is a high quality, premium headset that comes at a price. With its own GameDAC and amazing surround sound from its first-in-gaming DTS Headphone X: v2.0, the Arctis Pro gives a greatly accurate and immersive directional sound that gamers will love.

Not only does it’s Hi-Res speakers give great high-end sound quality, but the Arctis Pro is also very visually attractive due to its customizable speaker plates, polished steel, RGB lighting, and aluminum alloy construction.

The Arctis Pro has a great retractable boom, bidirectional noise-canceling mic and, of course, a GameDac. The GameDAC has many handy controls giving PC and PS4 gamers audiophile levels of audio and an OLED-based menu system.

It is also very comfortable, though not adjustable and has small ear cups. This headset is not good for people with bigger heads or bigger ears. And while many enjoy its bass quality and noise canceling abilities, there are many who also go against them.

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC is a pricey headset that is worth it for the quality that it gives. Though not great for bigger heads, this is a premium headset with better features than many others.

Best Value: HyperX Cloud Stinger

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Pros & Cons

  • Great for its price
  • Great sound quality and directional audio
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Noise-canceling mic
  • Great fit and comfort for most
  • Mic is just decent
  • Cheaper design
  • Not good for music
  • Very long cable

Key Features:

  • Swivel-to-mute noise-cancellation mic
  • HyperX Signature Memory Foam
  • On-ear audio control
  • Adjustable steel slider
  • 90-degree rotational cups
  • Multi-platform compatibility


  • 50mm neodymium directional drivers
  • 18Hz-23k Hz
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Stereo audio

HyperX Cloud Stinger Review

The HyperX Cloud Stinger is another HyperX headset that is well sought after. A headset great for its price of $49.99, the Cloud Stinger has a great fit, the comfortable HyperX signature memory foam, and an adjustable steel slider – making it a very sturdy and plush headset loved by many.

The Cloud Stinger is a multi-platform, lightweight headset with on-ear audio control and 90-degree rotational cup giving even more comfort and control. One of its best features is its swivel-to-mute noise-canceling mic. While its mic is just decent, its noise-cancellation works great. The headset also has passive noise-cancellation which reduces background noise and gives a more coherent voice quality.

But the Cloud Stinger has a cheaper design and a very long cable which easily gets caught and tangled. It also isn’t really meant for anything other than gaming – not being good for listening to music.

Despite the Cloud Stinger’s faults, it is a great headset that is perfect for its price. If you’re interested in other cheaper headsets, check out the best budget gaming headset.

Most Comfortable: Logitech G Pro Headset

Pros & Cons

  • Good for its price
  • Very comfortable earcups
  • Sound isolation
  • Lightweight for great comfort
  • Not great for music
  • Lacks bass
  • Simple build

Key Features:

  • Passive noise isolation
  • Pro-G audio drivers
  • Detachable and adjustable mic
  • Extreme comfort
  • On cable audio controls
  • Multi-platform compatibility


  • Analog
  • “Hybrid mesh Pro-G” neodymium drivers
  • 20Hz-20,000 Hz speaker response
  • Up to 16 dB noise isolation

Logitech G Pro Headset Review

The Logitech G Pro is a simply built analog headset that is multi-platform compatible, very comfortable, and good for its price. While its sound quality isn’t something raved about, it is loved by many.

The G Pro uses hybrid-mesh Pro-G audio drivers to ease distortion, give better directional sound, and increase sound quality overall with precise clarity and booming bass. The G Pro also has on cable audio controls for easy adjustment and a detachable and adjustable mic.

But the one thing loved most about the G Pro is its comfort. Due to its very comfortable ear cups that are perfect for even larger ears and its lightweight design, the G Pro is very comfortable to wear for several hours.

This is only made better by its passive noise isolation helping to cancel decrease 50% more sounds from outside than other headsets.

But the G Pro isn’t good for listening to music because of its lack of bass and has a simple build.

Yet, the Logitech G Pro is still a great headset with outstanding comfort.


Best Features: Beyerdynamic Custom Game

Pros & Cons

  • Amazing mic
  • Sounds great even outside gaming
  • Extremely customizable
  • Comfortable, solid build
  • On-board sound is bad
  • Some find sound muddy

Key Features:

  • Custom Sound Slider
  • Soft ear pads
  • Changeable design covers
  • Integrated cable remote control
  • Removable and flexible cardioid boom mic


  • 3.5mm jack
  • Detachable cable
  • 5-35 kHz frequency
  • Closed stereo headset

Beyerdynamic Custom Game Review

The Beyerdynamic Custom Game is a great headset known for its combustibility and nice sound. A little on the expensive side, this headset is more than a gaming headset and is enjoyed by many.

The Custom Game is a closed stereo headset with soft ear pads and a comfortable, solid build. This headset has a lot of combustibility. The Custom Game comes with six design covers, though you can get additional ones. It also has a custom sound slider with four audio profiles for different gaming environments, and additional options of rings, ear pads, and headband pads.

The Custom Game has an integrated cable remote control and an amazing removable and flexible cardioid boom mic that is well loved for its quality.

But this comes at the cost of a bad on-board sound and an overall sound that some people find muddy. So while this headset is extremely customizable and has a great mic, its overall sound depends on your preferences.


Best Wired Gaming Headset – Buying Guide

There are several things to consider when it comes to buying a wired headset. We go over a few pointers here.

Analog vs USB

Analog headsets connect to your computer through a 3.5mm jack. These headsets use your onboard soundcard to convert sound to analog. These headsets are simpler and usually less expensive. You can use them on other devices including some phones, tablets, etc. If you have a good soundcard, then get an analog headset because it will sound great.

analog vs usb headphones jack

USB headsets bypass your computer’s onboard sound card and usually come with a DAC. They’re great and better if you don’t have a good soundcard, but cost more.


When it comes to platforms, you need to know which gaming device you plan to use – whether a PC, Switch, PS4, or Xbox One. Some headsets only work for PC and PS4, some work best on PC, and so on. For example, the best Xbox One gaming headset might not work on your PC.

xbox one vs ps4

By knowing what platform you’re playing on you can narrow your search to which headsets are best for that device.


Noise-cancellation is very important for headphones. When it comes to mics, a noise-canceling mic, when activated, helps to make sure what you’re saying isn’t transferred to other players.

noice canceling headphones

When it comes to the headset itself being noise and/or sound canceling, you’re looking for something that blocks out outside sounds to max your immersion into the game. When looking for headsets, look for these qualities to make sure you’re as immersed and unbothered, as possible.

Wired Gaming Headsets: Frequently Asked Questions

There are many common questions that pop up about wired gaming headsets. We answer a few here.

Are wired headsets better than wireless?

Neither is better than the other. They are each used for certain niches. Wired headsets are great if you plan to game at your desk, but if you want to play on your TV or use a gaming console, then you may prefer wireless.

The best wireless gaming headsets give a better range of movement but require to be charged. What works better for you is up to your own preferences and what platform you plan to game on.

Are normal headphones good for gaming?

Normal headphones are great for gaming. They’re customizable since you can get a separate mic, and they sound much better than gaming headsets. They give you more freedom and are great, but the overall cost to do this is much more expensive than just getting gaming headsets.

What is the best PS4 headset?

Right now, the best PS4 headset is acclaimed to be the “Razer Kraken Pro V2.” While this is contested against, as with every headset, it produces amazing sound and is very comfortable for several hours of gaming. If you want to know more of our best PS4 headset choices, check out the best PS4 headsets for gaming.


While wireless may fit you better if you prefer the freedom of movement, wired headsets work just as well and are great if you prefer PC gaming.

If you’re looking for a wired headset with great sound and comfort than this list will suit you well, and our Buying Guide and FAQ will help you to pick out a headset if not one of these.


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