June 15, 2021

Gaming had come as a boon when the world around us seemed to get too drab and monotonous because of the pandemic. Millions of people were introduced to online gaming during last year’s lockdown when they had very little to do after switching off their office laptops. People spent quality time with fellow gamers and even made new friends. Thus, online gaming came across as a breath of fresh air and an escape.

If you don’t know the right tricks to get the best out of your gaming experience, you lose out on much of the fun. Invest some time and effort to enhance your gaming experience with the right hardware, the right accessories, and by creating the right environment. Here are a few interesting ways to optimize your gaming experience.

Make yourself comfortable

Backpain or a stiff neck takes all the fun out of gaming. Therefore, we’ll only be stating the obvious when we ask you to get yourself a comfortable chair with a firm back support. Even though obvious, we still had to mention it as it’s so important. While it should be strong enough to support your back, you should make sure that it’s not too stiff. Buy a chair specifically for gaming. Make yourself even more comfortable with a few soft cushions and a pillow for that lovely cozy feel.

Get an SSD

After ensuring a comfortable sitting arrangement, it’s time to deal with the technicalities. It gets very frustrating if the game takes too long to load. The most effective way to deal with this lag is to get your hard drive upgraded to an SSD of more than 250 GB. It’s a really handy way to pep things up as SSDs are easy to prepare on PCs. Not only do you speed up the page loading process, but you also add storage space.

Ensure high network speed

Key factors like the hardware, the software drivers, and the configuration decide how good your gaming experience is. Despite that, you should look into your network speed if you play a game online. Your game won’t run smoothly if there’s a network lag or if the connection between your computer and the router isn’t fast enough. To see if you have the latest drivers in your wireless network card, carry out a Windows update. Try connecting with the internet through your router if the Windows update doesn’t bring the desired results. A gaming router may be an ideal accessory to have as it helps reduce network lag when you’re gaming online.

Prevent bandwidth throttling

In many countries, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) might have the right to slow down certain types of traffic. Sadly, gaming and streaming are some of the activities these services red flag. Of course, your experience while playing offline games will not be hindered by this interruption. However, since online gaming is incredibly popular, it is possible that thousands of players experience slow gameplay because of their ISPs.

Of course, you might try to evade all this ISP throttling by encrypting information about your online traffic. Tools like Atlas VPN reroute your traffic through a tunnel and scramble it to prevent anyone from reading it. Thus, your ISP will no longer be able to tell when you play that bandwidth-heavy game. As a result, these companies won’t be able to automatically slow down your traffic. If you frequently experience lags for no apparent reason, you are welcome to try this trick.

Go for a gamepad

Some games are indeed better when you use a gamepad. They are easy to install, and while there many of them to pick from, we still recommend the Xbox 360. There are a lot of games compatible with gamepads, but if a game you love playing isn’t, use tools like JoyToKey (Windows) or the Joystick Mapper (Mac) to get things going.

Ensure better sound

Right from your favorite disco to your headphones, it’s a heavenly experience if the sound quality is good. It’s no different with your gaming experience. The feel is so realistic, and you are immersed in the game if the sound is top-notch. While the settings in your computer and the game itself with their graphic equalizers help improve the sound pretty well, getting good speakers might just blow you away.


Gaming is truly an out-of-the-world experience if you create the right environment and equip yourself with the right accessories and hardware. Once you create and get into the comfort zone, focus on technical issues like screen loading time. Accessories like gamepads and high-quality sound make gaming truly engrossing. Get the right stuff and brace yourself for a mind-blowing gaming experience!

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