June 16 2022

How Does Curved Screens Impact the Experience of Using Your PC?

Curved TV screens were introduced several years ago, but the new technology of curved PC screens is still new. Well-informed users are slowly switching from flat to curved once they gather enough information on the benefits. Other than the sleek look, a curved PC screen offers a more immersive experience. Especially for users who play casino online, to have an immersive in-home gaming experience, the game feels more intense and interactive, aiming for a 3D/virtual reality-like environment. So, let’s see what the major features of a curved PC screen are and how they impact the overall experience of the users.

Curved PC screens are more comfortable for the eye and less distorting

It is easier for the eye to perceive the image on curved screens. The strain on the eye is less strong due to the shape of the screen and the overall improved quality of image. As the curved screen is relying on all three dimensions (length, breadth, and height) to generate the image, the eye can move more fluently from the room’s environment to the screen display without the extra effort to adjust to a flat image. 

The situations in which the edges of a flat screen have less resolution or blurred areas due to screen quality of light projection are less likely to happen with curved screens. As the curve shape places focus on the position of the viewer, each point of the screen is equally available to the eye. Additionally, the eyes get less distracted by what happens around them, as the curved screens use more peripheral eye vision and allow the user to focus on the screen experience. 

Larger view available for curved screens

It is very easy to understand why you get a larger view on a curved screen by simply comparing this function with photos. You are all familiar with the panoramic photos vs. standard photos. When you take a panoramic photo with your smartphone, you are able to capture a larger area around as soon as your project that panoramic view on a flat screen, it will look distorted. If you project it on a curved screen, it will look just like in reality. 

Not all curved monitors are the same. The curvature of the screen is very important to make the real difference from a flat-screen and offer all the possible benefits to the user when playing computer games. The level of the curvature is measured in millimeters of the radius. As the human eye has a range of approximately 1000R, the most comfortable screen will have a curvature in that range. A higher curvature will amplify the immersive experience. 

Larger is better

For curved screens, larger is better, as long as you have a large enough room where to place it. You should also pay attention to the sources of light around and minimize them, as there is potential for extensive glare on a curved surface. But, with these restrictions taken care of, the real player experience is facilitated by the larger curved screens, even the ultra-wide, where possible.

Ultra-wide curved screens are so effective that they can replace the use of multiple flat PC screens. This can increase not just the performance in using the screen but also the economy of space used in the room around the screen. 

In conclusion, curved gaming PCs are becoming more popular, especially for gamers. They can improve the overall playing experience and general room setup if selected correctly and in accordance with the purpose of their use. For an even deeper feeling, professional gamers can place curved screens next to each other for an ultimate playing experience.


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Kyrie Mattos