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Most Popular Types of Games in 2022

The manner in which players engage with a video game is used to categorize it into a certain type. Increased technological advances in the video game business, such as iGaming (interactive games), eSports (competitive games), and mobile gaming, have led to a wide range of new games and new types of games. In this post, I will discuss which of the most popular sorts of games gamers will be playing in 2022.

The iGaming Industry Is Exploding

The pandemic has been a major driving force in the iGaming sector, with online casinos and gambling platforms seeing a major increase in profits. Not all players have been gambling for real money, as many use the demo option and just play for fun. For instance, it’s possible to play at NJ online casinos without depositing, but most choose to wager.

Blockchain Is Taking Over Gaming

Blockchain games like Axies Infinity, which generate revenue for players thanks to the “play to earn” model, are revolutionizing mobile gaming. Video games that use NFTs, blockchains, smart contracts, and token transactions have been met with a lot of resistance, but the year 2022 is predicted to be the year when these games become mainstream.

Some of the world’s best-known game developers, such as EA Sports and Ubisoft, have all indicated their ambitions to investigate the potential of crypto technologies. Gamers will be able to generate money from their pastime and their talents via the creation of these products. In-game NFTs will be available for players to gather and sell on the market, as well as other passive revenue options like staking the game token.

Metaverse Games Are on the Rise in 2022

MMOGs are poised to take center stage in the metaverse as the likes of Facebook attempt to create the next generation of VR apps. Finally, new AR/VR headsets are due to be released this year by Apple and Google. They will likely take the marketplace to new heights, and we will finally start to see mainstream adoption of the metaverse.

The metaverse presents a new and amazing opportunity for gamers, as by purchasing the game’s token, they can enjoy many benefits. A prime example of this is The Sandbox, which is a metaverse where anyone can buy land or businesses such as taxis to get around the virtual reality world and earn a revenue stream like they would in the real world.

Final Thoughts

There are many different types of games that are only possible thanks to breakthroughs in technology, which is always the driving force in the gaming industry. It is exciting times as we are entering a new dimension of gaming that combines the real world with the virtual one and is designed to benefit the players rather than the massive corporations that have been stealing from gamers with crazy high prices for new games that they have been able to achieve through their monopolies, but decentralization should hopefully put an end to this.


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