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Best Star Wars Battlefront II Mods

Wanna feel old? Roughly fifteen years have passed since our young and susceptible Padawan minds have been blown away by Star Wars Battlefront II. Though the original packed a solid punch on its own, its sequel simply raised the stakes to a whole other level by introducing a plethora of new additions to the already successful formula.

The introduction of playable heroes, improved squad controls and AI, and a bunch of new and improved gameplay mechanics made Battlefront II stand out from its FPS/TPS peers by a wide margin, and these changes helped keep the game fresh and exciting for years to come.

The current-gen reboot instalments to this legendary Star Wars game series bravely attempted to rekindle the old flames, and while they were initially met with a mixed reception, over time they managed to build a stable and loyal player base that has kept them going strong ever since.

With all that said, nothing comes close to the real deal! A great number of gamers worldwide still consider the original Battlefront II to be the pinnacle of Star Wars games, and lucky for them – so do the modders.

Our favourite Star Wars shooter is very mod-friendly, which leaves a pool of endless possibilities for ambitious and industrious creators to dip their toes into, resulting in a near-endless list of tweaks and mods scattered across cyberspace.

‘With so many different mods to choose from, where do I start?’, you might ask yourself. Well, to quote the meme…

Star Wars Battlefront II

Allow us to introduce ourselves!

Your trusty friends at GameGavel have compiled a list of roughly fifty downloadable mods and maps to enrich and rejuvenate your Battlefront II experience. From minor and essential tweaks to complete overhauls, we’ve got you covered on all fronts! 😉

Best Battlefront II (2005) Mods & Maps

‘Without order, there can be no balance in the Force’ – these are the famous words spoken by… some Jedi for sure, because it sounds very Jedi-ish.

In that regard, we’ve decided to split the list into two parts, with the first one covering every mod or addon worthy of mention, and the second part dealing with cool custom Battlefront II maps for you to roam around slaughtering youngli… I mean, destroying the imperial forces and liberating the galaxy planet by planet.

Anywho, we must begin, before more security droids arrive…

Best Battlefront II (2005) Mods, Tweaks & Add-ons

#1 Galactic Civil War II

  • Mod Type: Total Conversion
  • File Size: 146.73 MB

Sequel trilogy fans, make some noise! I can’t hear you!

Wait, are… are you… crying?

Aficionados of episode VII to IX have plenty of sequel-related content to indulge in when it comes to Battlefront II mods, and there’s no better mod to start with than Galactic Civil War II.

Battlefront Galactic Civil War II mod

Galactic Civil War II delivers near-perfect ports of weapons from both the movie and the 2015 Battlefront game, as well as a bunch of new heroes, units, and vehicles to either wage war against the tyrannical First Order, or bring the Resistance down to its knees.

Rey, Poe, Finn, Kylo and the rest of the millenial Star Wars gang are present and fully playable, along with an older (and Star Wars-fatigued) Han Solo, General Hux, Captain Phasma, and the Jedi master himself, Luke Skywalker.

Rather than replace the original hero line up, the new heroes stand alongside their older counterparts, which makes for some spectacular clashes on Mos Eisley. On top of that, the mod is compatible with nearly every popular custom map pack out there – all the more reason to give this one a try!

#2 Battlefront Ultimate Commander

  • Mod Type: Overhaul
  • File Size: 1.65 GB

As far as mods go, this is as straightforward as it gets. Ultimate Commander packs a wide array of visual enhancements, vehicles, difficulty options, classes, and revamped gameplay features that breathe new life into the game.

Battlefront Ultimate Commander Mod

Aside from preexisting ones, the mod features 3 new and unique game modes, each one significantly differing from the rest and being fully playable online.

The Mandalorians mode drops you head-first into the conflict between the legendary warrior race and the Republic Army, while Order 66 gives you the opportunity to give younglings the fighting chance they rightfully deserve.

In short: Ultimate Commander packs quite a punch by introducing a slew of improvements that, when combined and viewed as a whole, leave you no excuse to not put it on your downloads tab. 😎

#3 Battlefront II: The Battlefront Project

  • Mod Type: Overhaul
  • File Size: 471.46 MB

Arguably one of the oldest and most well-known mods on the list, The Battlefront Project is an all-encompassing and mechanics-oriented alteration that provides a revitalized experience of the original game.

Battlefront II The Battlefront Project Mod

The mod creators have opted for a substance-over-flash approach by disregarding flamboyant graphics modifications and directing their full attention to revisioning characters and weapons stats.

The resulting gameplay changes offer a noticeably more challenging and faithful adaptation of the intergalactic conflict, with many heroes, weapons and vehicles being given stats and loadout overhauls.

Once-overpowered heroes are now considerably less effective against even the least-armored units, giving ‘the little guy’ a higher presence on the battlefield. This revamp encourages players to play according to their units’ strengths and weaknesses, while being wary of their position and timing.

While the mod itself has been in indefinite hibernation since early 2018, the mod is very much well-balanced and playable as it is in its current state. And who knows, if the modders notice a spike in its number of downloads, we might just pique their interest once more. 😉

#4 In-game Skin Changer

  • Mod Type: Add-on
  • File Size: 228.01 MB

A simple add-on that lets you change the units’ appearance in-game, from Republic troopers and Federation droids, to stormtroopers and rebels.

Bear in mind that the changes are purely cosmetic and won’t affect gameplay in any way whatsoever, apart from making some units stand out a bit more with their fresh coat of paint. Just patch the game to version 1.3, download the mod, and you’re good to go.

In-game Skin Changer

Moving on!

#5 The Clone Wars Revised

  • Mod Type: Expansion Mod
  • File Size: 457.47 MB

Just because the show has ended doesn’t mean you can’t immerse yourself into the Clone Wars universe once again. If the seventh season still didn’t satisfy your cravings, there might just be a solution!

The Clone Wars Revised builds upon the foundation left behind by its predating Clone Wars mod – Galaxy Divided. After its removal from online mod sites, the mod makers decided to pull themselves by their bootstraps and create a brand new mod that would surpass its predecessor in all aspects.

Battlefront II The Clone Wars Revised Mod

On top of preexisting eras, the mod introduces a new Clone Wars era, along with new characters, weapons, vehicles, and all the audio-visual bells and whistles that enhance the mod’s look and feel. New textures and polished models make the 15-year-old Zero engine look at least half a decade younger and nowhere near an eyesore compared to the vanilla game.

Though the game mechanics remain relatively intact, the additional units, heroes, and weapons are well-balanced and seamlessly molded into the game.

Combined with the aforementioned Skin Changer, The Clone Wars Revised is a must-have for anyone looking for that Clone Wars FPS fix, with an added hint of Battlefront 2 nostalgia!

#6 Mass Effect: Unification

  • Mod Type: Total Conversion
  • File Size: 2.28 MB

Time for a franchise switch! Unification pretty much takes the cake for being one of the biggest and most compelling mods on this list. The sheer number of changes, assets, and additional content that this mod brings to the table make it the best Mass Effect experience, second only to the original 3 games.

Battlefront II Mass Effect Unification mod

Huh? There’s a 4th game? No idea what you’re talking about, honestly 🤷🤷🤷

Upon opening the Instant Action menu, you’ll be greeted by an extensive menu, offering you a choice between 4 different factions, 6 freshly made maps (11 if you include the optional Sol Map Pack, a reworked HUD, a new game mode, and plenty more.

The music, sound effects, custom-made backgrounds and assets produce an authentic atmosphere with whom fans of the franchise will find themselves right at home.

Whether you opt for playing as the Alliance, the Collectors, or the geth (both heretic and evolved), you will find each of the new 25 units to be meticulously designed and crafted, in addition to new weapons, vehicles and maps.

Should you wish to tune the game to your desire, the additional external tool included with the mod allows you to change difficulty, interface options, faction combinations, and modifying Shepard’s class loadout among other things.

Updates regarding Mass Effect: Unification have been put on-hold for the time being, but rest easy! The creators remain as active as ever, ensuring fans that plans for future updates are far from scrapped. Judging by what we’ve seen them accomplish so far, it’s safe to say that the mod is in the right hands.

It’s not Mass Effect, but it sure feels like Mass Effect!

#7 Ultimate Battlefront: The Clone Wars

  • Mod Type: Expansion Mod
  • File Size: 270.79 MB

Behold, the veteran among Battlefront 2 mods! Ultimate Battlefront is a staple among BF2 mods, and one of the earliest examples of how a mod is supposed to be made. New maps? Check! Rebalanced gameplay and difficulty? Check! New features, sound effects, and better graphics?

Ultimate Battlefront The Clone Wars Mod

Check, check, and… kind of.

The mod itself comes with barely any graphic enhancements whatsoever, but combining it with the Battlefront 2 Remaster Project works miracles for its visual appeal.

The inclusion of randomized clone legions and AI heroes throws you into specific predicaments during every match. Despite this luck factor, the mod maintains a great deal of equity and gives no unfair advantages to either side, but rather puts your versatility in combat to the test.

Ultimate Battlefront is by no means the best Clone Wars mod out there. It remains unchanged since its release way back in 2009, so it’s safe to say that we won’t be getting any updates a decade into the mod’s life.

Nonetheless, the journey of a thousand mods starts with a single click – and Ultimate Battlefront: The Clone Wars represents a perfect entry point into BF2’s modding community. Its compact 270 MB download size and accessibility make this mod well worth your time!

#8 Battlefront Extreme BFX

  • Mod Type: Gameplay
  • File Size: 103.22 MB

Extreme edginess aside, BFX more than manages to live up to its slightly pretentious name, and then some! Instead of reinventing the wheel, the creator of this mod chose to make changes where necessary, both minuscule and grand – culminating in the most splendid of ways possible.

Battlefront Extreme BFX

Apart from obvious visual enhancements, special classes have seen some significant changes regarding weapon damage and armor – though they still present admirable foes on the battlefield, you will find their efficiency to be significantly reduced when isolated from their squadmates.

Conversely, non-Force sensitive heroes can now go toe-to-toe with their Jedi and Sith counterparts, with the latter now being able to deflect attacks while simultaneously attacking – though for a limited time only.

All weapons can now suffer from overheating, regardless of their ammo type and clip size, meaning you’ll think twice about bursting out of your cover and going commando on enemy units.

Space battles have also seen some considerable development. Starfighters are now faster and much more agile, capable of launching far deadlier projectiles which, in turn, makes every dogfight much more unpredictable and intense.

To counter this, regenerating shields have been added to every single starfighter, excluding interceptors, so as to give players the opportunity to retreat, recuperate, and retaliate.

The changes listed above are but a fraction of what Battlefront Extreme truly offers. With the installer coming in at an impressive 100 MB, it’s hard not to recommend trying the mod out for yourselves.

The amount of content that the creator managed to cram into the size of a Snapchat update deserves the utmost praise and recognition, and we’re left to hope that we haven’t seen the last of ARC_Commander’s work.

#9 The Mandalorian Wars Project

  • Mod Type: Total Conversion
  • File Size: 24.78 MB (Installer) / 348 MB (Hard drive)

Some would describe this mod pack as nothing more than a slightly more extensive reskin, and upon first glance, this statement wouldn’t seem too far from the truth. Scrape below the surface, however, and you’ll find that it offers plenty more than meets the eye.

The Mandalorian Wars Project Mod

The Mandalorian Wars Project sheds light on the Mandalorian Civil War that ravaged the great warrior world of Mandalore. The mod introduces two factions to choose from: The Death Watch, a Mandalorian faction of traditionalists led by Tor Vizsla, and the True Mandalorians, a group of Mandalorian revisionist super commandos led by none other than Jango Fett himself.

The cosmetic changes in the form of redesigned and retextured character and weapon models fit right into the world of Battlefront 2, with the only criticism being directed to units’ color schemes being too similar to the ones on the opposing side.

In the true spirit of the Mandalorian warrior code, you need to be cautious and watchful in order to differentiate between your friends and your foes, lest your laser blasts hit your comrades in battle.

Underneath the visual changes lie plenty of modifications in regards to stats, weapon damage, and loadouts depending on your class and faction of choice. Every map included in the original game is fully playable and practically bug-free, with only a few misplaced ‘FOR THE CHANCELLOR!’ shouts breaking the immersion from time to time.

As appealing as these features sound, we’re certain that you’ll spend most of your time playing on Mos Eisley, as it is the only map where every single unit is equipped with a jetpack. What ensues is a chaotic semi-aerial clash of epic proportions, akin to many battle royale shooters of today.

Fortnite who?

In short, The Mandalorian Wars Project provides hours of fun for both Mandalore enthusiasts and Star Wars fans in general. Until we get a proper Mandalore-focused AAA game – this is the way!

#10 Star Wars Battlefront II Demake

  • Mod Type: Total Conversion
  • File Size: ~2 GB

For any of you low-end PC gamers looking to hop aboard the 2017 BF2 train – here’s your ticket. Demake does a superb job of recreating sizable portions of elements from DICE’s Battlefront II game and successfully implementing them into its 15-year-old cousin, all within somewhat stretched limits of its long-outdated Zero engine.

Star Wars Battlefront II Demake Mod

Being well aware of potential legal risks behind using assets from the 2017 game, the modding team was forced to create assets from scratch, including everything from new maps, vehicles and weapons, to heroes, units and their respective classes.

The mod is still in its early alpha stages, and running it is a rather tricky ordeal due to a number of bugs, glitches, and crashes still left unpatched. So far, your options are limited to 4 different maps: Crait, Kashyyyk, Tattoine, and Naboo – all of which are recreated based on their younger cousin’s counterparts.

Changeable unit sets, fully working online multiplayer, and a Heroes vs Villains mode are currently in the works according to the modding team, and based on their achievements so far, we’ve got ourselves a contender for the best Battlefront 2 mod out there.

Feedback is key – the more of us get around to testing this mod out and reporting any bugs to the modding team, the faster they’ll be able to remedy them and build upon these impressive foundations.

The Force is with you, young Padawans!

#11 Clone Wars Extended

  • Mod Type: Overhaul
  • File Size: 2.38 GB

Another Clone Wars mod? Sheesh, you guys must’ve really loved that cart… SHOW, I MEANT TO SAY SHOW. Anywho, Clone Wars Extended is a mod that brings everything you’ve grown to expect from mods of this nature. The number of playable maps has been increased to 30, and are populated by 24 different major alien species, as seen in official Star Wars canon.

The 10 clone legions, corps and battalions are present as well, representing the crux of the mod in terms of detail, model quality and faithfulness to the source material. Among the clone models you’ll find many of fan-favourite clone heroes, including Commander Cody and Rex among others.

The core gameplay elements remain relatively untouched, and unless you consider yourself an avid Clone Wars fan, the bells and whistles might just go over your head.Clone Wars Extended doesn’t really do much to stand out from its peers. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s inferior in any way.

There are plenty of high-quality BF2 Clone Wars mods to choose from, and each one delivers a slightly nuanced experience compared to others. The only thing left to do is to try them all!

#12 The Old Republic Remastered

  • Mod Type: Total Conversion
  • File Size: 112.01 MB

The fabled Bioware’s KOTOR RPG series remains one of the best Star Wars experiences of all time since its introduction in late 2003, and fans remain smitten even 17 years later. In that regard, The Old Republic Remastered is a true love letter to the Old Republic era, bringing its universe of noble Jedi warriors and Sith conjurers into the world of shooters.

The Old Republic Remastered Mod

The mod introduces new units, classes, and heroes with their era-appropriate equivalents. The faithfully recreated heroes, such as the likes of Darth Malgus, Satele Shan and Vindican among others, remain as powerful and intimidating as always.

Though their force powers and damage stats have been increased according to their true proficiency, they are still far from invincible on the battlefield.

Both the Old Republic and the Sith Empire have plenty of well-equipped unit types and classes at their disposal: Sith Warriors will prove most useful during hit-and-run attacks, while Vanguards carry firepower far greater than any other troop in battle. Meticulously balanced assets allow no unfair advantages to either faction, making every clash a battle to remember.

Still not convinced? Too bad, your loss..

#13 Battlefront III Legacy

  • Mod Type: Total Conversion
  • File Size: N/A

Many gamers’ hearts still ache when reminiscing about the ill-fated Battlefront sequel that never came to be. The hype that has been built up over its 2-year course of development was simply too much to handle for Free Radical Design.

Battlefront III Legacy Mod

Their failure to meet deadlines, combined with LucasArts’ lack of funding, were two of the biggest contributors to the game’s untimely demise, leaving behind remnants in the form of leaked footage, as well as its PSP cousin – Elite Squadron.

But, as Albus Dumbledore would say: ‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest times, if one remembers to turn on the light’ (Harry Potter RPG when?). A team of ambitious modders decided to join forces and give Battlefront III a second chance  – enter Battlefront III Legacy.

The mod takes advantage of unused assets gathered from BFIII’s obscure alpha builds, on top of merging them with custom-built and vanilla content. The end result is an all-comprehensive Star Wars shooter spanning across all 3 eras depicted in the main saga.

Legacy prides itself on its list of 50+ playable heroes, among whom you’ll find BFIII original characters such as Jedi masters Falon Grey and Master Ferroda, force-sensitive clone troopers X1 and X2, and even some guest characters like Starkiller and Juno Eclipse!

Game modes were greatly enriched as well – Fighter Squadron, Supremacy, and Capture the Flag featured in DICE’s Battlefront games were implemented impeccably. As a cherry on top of the Death Star-shaped cake, Legacy introduces an addition most of us are dying to see in modern installments…


When you get tired from grounded clashes, there’s nothing stopping you from seamlessly transitioning to interstellar dogfights, and this aspect alone makes Legacy worthy of praise. Though the features listed above are already impressive on their own, the best is yet to come!

The Legacy mod team promises custom campaigns for both the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War era, more maps, heroes, vehicles… need we say more?

#14 Battlefront 2 Remaster Project

  • Mod Type: Overhaul
  • File Size: 2.2+ GB

Who says a 15-year-old game can’t look good? The legendary Mod DB user Harrisonfog took it upon himself to give Battlefront 2 a proper facelift and make its visual presentation more HD-friendly, and his efforts have been materialized in form of the Battlefront 2 Remaster Project.

Battlefront 2 Remaster Project Mod

Sharper textures, prettier effects, highly-detailed models and refurbished maps make Battlefront 2 look absolutely gorgeous when played at higher resolutions, without any glitches or performance issues to speak of.

Gameplay-wise, it’s the same Battlefront 2 we know and love – only prettier. The online functionality has also been preserved, and there is a dedicated server exclusive to users of this mod pack, with an active group of players duking it out as we speak. As an avid user of this mod pack, I speak for the whole community when I say:

We would be honoured if you would join us!

Best Battlefront II (2005) Maps & Map Packs

#1 Marvel4’s Conversion Pack

  • Size: 241.86 MB
  • Compatible with: Vanilla game

This conversion pack brings all of the maps from the original 2004 Battlefront game to Battlefront II, while also including fully playable Asajj Ventress and Kit Fisto as an added bonus.

Battlefront II Marvel4’s Conversion PackSince there’s no official list of mods compatible with this map pack, use it at your own risk!

#2 Kothlis: Sea Haven

  • Size: 102.66 MB
  • Compatible with: Republic Commando mod, Beach Troopers mod

This map is located on the Bothan-colonized world of Kothlis, featuring colorful oceanic vegetation, tight corridors and plenty of sniping positions to provide cover to your squadmates.

The five weather conditions available are chosen randomly and vastly change the surrounding environment, making you change your approach accordingly.

Kothlis Sea Haven

 Most excellent!

#3 Clone Wars: Kashyyyk

  • Size: 36.68 MB
  • Compatible with: Vanilla game

This revised version of BF2’s Kashyyyk map boasts a huge open battlefield, with the CIS invading the beach and engaging in a fierce firefight with the defending Republic forces.

Clone Wars Kashyyyk Map

Lots of sniping positions and a wide array of available vehicles make this onslaught worthy of being included in the galactic history archives.

#4 Hoth: The Empire Strikes Back

  • Size: 65.1 MB
  • Compatible with: Vanilla game

This map delivers a version of the Hoth map that is much more faithful to the battleground featured in Episode V.

A wider playing field riddled with intertwining tunnels, deadlier weapons, and a wampa cave thrown in for good measure – need we continue?

#5 Zombie Infection Mode

  • Size: 8.69 MB
  • Compatible with: Vanilla game

The Tantive IV carrying the Death Star plans is finally within the Empire’s grasp. As stormtroopers break into the unusually vacant space cruiser, a foul stench slowly creeps through their helmets, heralding an evil that the simulations never could have prepared them for.

Battlefront II Zombie Infection Mode

It’s you and your stormtrooper comrades against a horde of bloodthirsty rebel zombies. Your mission – survive. Should any of your squadmates get bitten, it is your duty to put them out of their misery before they unwillingly turn against you.

Be wary that the AI bot count is multiplied by 5, meaning that 16 AI bots turn into 80, 32 bots turn into 160, etc. The higher the number – the higher the chances of that starcruiser becoming your eternal (un)rest…

#6 Big Battle 3.0

  • Size: 8.69 MB
  • Compatible with: Vanilla game

It’s just you, a gigantic map, and approximately gazillions of troops and vehicles. The creators of this map were kind enough to include redesigned weapons and troop models and for both the CIS and the Republic, with an emphasis on versatility in combat.

Big Battle 3.0 Mod

If you’ve been yearning for proper large-scale battles, set your course for Big Battle 3.0!

#7 Space to Sky to Ground Map Pack

  • Size: 2.8+ GB
  • Compatible with: Vanilla game, Battlefront III Legacy

With such a mouthful of a name we won’t bother typing out again, this map pack was sure to be something special! It contains 18 new maps in total, with 12 of them being space-to-ground, and the remaining 6 being limited to sky-to-ground action.

Space to Sky to Ground Map Pack

Until EA and DICE decide to answer our prayers and include space-to-sky maps in their future updates or installments, this baby will do just fine!


We hope that this list was extensive enough for you to sink hundreds more hours into this timeless classic. If modding classic shooters is your thing, check out our extensive lists of DOOM and Half-Life 2 mods that are well worth your time.

Grand strategy modding communities have also been enjoying a recent rise in popularity, with Civ 6, Hearts of Iron 4, and Europa Universalis 4 seeing significant spikes in their number of well-crafted mods available.

MOD-eration is key!

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