March 27 2020

Best DOOM Mods

At the time of writing this article, DOOM Eternal’s release was just around the corner. It was a great time to revisit 2016’s DOOM but an even better time to revisit the original 90’s DOOM games.

As you may know, a key reason as to why the original games still have an active community is because of their moddability. Mods can substantially increase the lifespan of what is already a great game (or fix a terrible one).

To this day, there are still developers and designers releasing new mods for DOOM. That is quite impressive for a game that is over 25-years old. As you revisit the game, you might want a fresh take on the gameplay.

The best way to get this effect is by applying a mod or two to the game. In this guide, we’re going to give you the best mods for DOOM (1993).

Top 15 DOOM Mods

It is hard to get an exact figure, but DOOM is possibly one of the most modded games of all time. In the early ’90s, when floppy disks/diskettes and CDs were still a thing, there were entire disks released and shared with user-created content.

Today, there are large online databases, housing a variety of WADs and PK3s that include maps and gameplay changes. This means that there is a considerable amount of user-generated DOOM content out there.

This number seems to increase almost weekly. The more the merrier, right? Wrong. Not all DOOM mods are great. You might have to sift through a bunch of duds before you can find the really good stuff.

That is why this guide is so important. It can save you a lot of time and bandwidth. These are the top 15 DOOM mods based on quality, scale, and complexity.

We tried to place primary emphasis on DOOM I, but you’ll see some mods that work on the first DOOM as well as its sequel. Some of the entries on this list may be DOOM II exclusives. It can’t be helped. While 1993’s DOOM has some very impressive mods, DOOM II is really where it’s at.

For each entry on this list, we’ve included a list of specs and a review. Near the end of the article, we’ve also featured a list of honorable mentions. All in all, the mods featured in this guide are diverse in theme and concept. You’ll find megawads, total conversions, and single map mods. Now that we’ve covered the technicalities, we can proceed with the list.

#1 The Ultimate Torment and Torture DOOM Mod

The ultimate torment and torture DOOM mod shooting at monsters

  • Creator: Daniel “Tormentor667” Gimmer
  • Website:
  • Size: 56.29MB – 67.8MB
  • Source Ports: GZDoom, Skulltag
  • Gameplay Type: Single-player, Co-operative (up to eight players)
  • Original Release Date: 11 September 2007
  • Last Update: 22 March 2015
  • Game(s): DOOM and DOOM II
  • Download: TUTNT Supportive Edition zip, TUTNT Original pk3

The Ultimate Torment and Torture mod isn’t really one singular mod. In all actuality, it is a collection and tweak of Tormentor667’s popular torment and torture mod series. If you’re familiar with the original Torment and Torture mod, you’ll know that it featured four core episodes, a single map standalone episode (“The Fury of Fire”) and an additional five map episode (“Invasion”).

TUTNT offers a revamped edition of these episodes. The fourth episode is completely redone with three new maps. In addition to this, you get three new weapons to wreak complete havoc with.

Just like the original TNT WAD, you’ll be able to play co-op with eight other players. If your social circle only consists of one person (you), you can use bots instead. The MOD allows you to pick between three different classes (commando, unique, scout).

There’s also unique voice acting and music for each map. Honestly, DOOM has always had one of the best gaming soundtracks of all time, at least in my opinion. DOOM TUTNT takes what is already good background music, modernizes it and cranks it up a bit.

Are you tired of facing the same old pinkies and imps? TUTNT introduces you to new enemies and monsters. It’s like a whole new game within a game.

Similarly, to the original Torment and Torture, The Ultimate Edition has gone through various iterations and revamps.  While you might be familiar with original TUTNT DOOM Mod, you may not be familiar with DBThanatos’s Take II. Therefore, give both take a try and pick the one that works best for you.

#2 Brutal DOOM Mod

Brutal DOOM Mod bloody alley with decapitated monsters

  • Creator: Marcos Abenante (Sergeant_Mark_IV)
  • Website: N/A
  • Size: 77.11MB+
  • Source Ports: GZDoom, Skulltag, ZDoom, Zandronum
  • Gameplay Type: Single-player, Cooperative play
  • Original Release Date: 2012 (month and day can’t be verified)
  • Last Update: 18 May 2019 (V21)
  • Game(s): DOOM and DOOM 2
  • Download: Brutal Doom V21 Beta, Brutal Doom V20 Legacy Edition

Even though most of us became acquainted with DOOM as young children, it was never child-friendly. That should be easy to surmise from just gazing at the cover artwork.

The Brutal DOOM mod takes an already gory experience and cranks it up to one-hundred. Noticeable changes include more viscera, headshots, stronger enemies, new gameplay mechanics, an increase of gibs, allied marines, new weapons and much more.

Kill a ranked demon and it drops a Demon Sphere, which allows you to transform into a Baron of Hell or a Revenant. A bit similar to some of the gameplay we have seen from DOOM Eternal. We wonder if it gets its inspiration from here.

Either way, there’s a reason that this Mod won the first-ever Cacoward for best Gameplay Mod, all the way back in 2011. You should try this mod out because it’s packed with an incredible amount of content that will keep you busy for weeks.

#3 Aliens TC Doom Mod

Aliens TC Doom Mod battling an Alien

  • Creator: Justin Fisher (AKA Harlequin)
  • Website: N/A
  • Size: 47.71MB
  • Source Ports: Vanilla DOOM
  • Gameplay Type: Single-player, Multiplayer
  • Original Release Date: 3 November 1994
  • Last Update: 23 January 2017 (Version 1.2)
  • Game(s): DOOM
  • Download: Aliens TC Full

Let’s take some time to pay homage to a true classic. Aliens TC is one of the oldest and most beloved DOOM mods. It was originally released in 1994, a year after DOOM’s initial release.

What makes the Aliens TC mod so special is that it was the first total conversion mod. In fact, some game historians believe that the creator, Justin Fisher, coined the term total conversion.

A total conversion, as the name would imply, replaces or reuses the data files used in the original game and totally converts it into another game. In this case, Fisher converted DOOM into an Alien Game.

You get new sound effects, new maps/areas, new weapons, and new enemies. The overall DOOM aesthetic still pervades through all the maps and levels. It feels like a hybrid, more than it feels like a new game. You’d be better off downloading this, than purchasing Aliens: Colonial Marines.

#4 DOOM 64: Absolution

Doom 64 Absolution Mod aiming at a fiery brute monster

  • Creator: Samuel Villarreal (Kaiser)
  • Website: Twitter
  • Size: 47.71MB
  • Source Ports: Boom-compatible
  • Gameplay Type: Single-player, Multiplayer
  • Original Release Date: 1 July 2002
  • Last Update: 14 July 2013 (Version 1.2)
  • Games: DOOM II
  • Download: Aliens TC Full

No DOOM WAD/Mod list is complete without a DOOM 64 total conversion. Downloading it may seem a little futile, since DOOM 64 will be (was) released on the 20th of March 2020 along with DOOM Eternal. Those of you who bothered to pre-order DOOM Eternal will receive a free download of DOOM 64 for your PC, Xbox-One or PS4.

However, for those of you who don’t have fat wallets, you might want to revisit DOOM 64 through this total conversion. It’s not completely loyal to the source material but it’s as close you can get for a DOOM 64 total conversion on PC.

Another reason why you may want to download this TC is that on top of the thirty-two original DOOM 64 maps, there are six bonus maps, which are entirely new and unique to this mod. The sequence of the maps also differs slightly.

The TC also adds six new monsters, Heavy Weapon Dude, Nightmare Spectre, Marine Bot, Acid Demon, Nightcrawler, and Stalker.

Instead of feeling like a DOOM II mod, it feels a lot more like a DOOM 64 mod. You have to admire the work and detail that went into this.

#5 Invasion… Level 2: The Upper Decks

Invasion... Level 2 The Upper Decks bloody battle with aliens

  • Creator: Andy Chen and Claude Martins
  • Website: N/A
  • Size: 640.35 KB
  • Source Ports: Vanilla DOOM
  • Gameplay Type: Single-player, Multiplayer, Deathmatch
  • Original Release Date: 10 March 1994
  • Last Update: N/A
  • Games: DOOM
  • Download:

A DOOM Mod doesn’t have to be a megawad or total conversion to be great. Sometimes a single map is enough. Especially for those who don’t have the time to commit to a fan-made story.

Originally, the creators had intended on releasing four episodes. This is the second and seems to be the last in the Invasion series.

What makes this WAD so special is the map. It comes with a single-player story that picks up from the first Invasion. However, this is not where the meat and potatoes really are. The map is ideal for deathmatches.

The map is one of the most intricately designed and creative ones we have come across from that era. It contains plenty of secret rooms, pickups, and corridors. If you’re going to play Invasion 2, you might as well play the first Invasion too.

#6 007: License to Spell DOOM

007 License to Spell mod DOOM map e4m1

  • Creator: Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer)
  • Website: N/A
  • Size: 14.86MB
  • Source Ports: ZDOOM
  • Gameplay Type: Single-player
  • Original Release Date: 15 December 2002
  • Last Update: N/A
  • Games: DOOM (The Ultimate DOOM)
  • Download:

We can safely assume that DOOM modding has inspired Minecraft-like creation video games such as Roblox and the upcoming Dreams. 007: License to Spell DOOM isn’t a total conversion but it might as well be. It’s another incredibly imaginative map-set with its own story.

Playing through this WAD feels like living through a Philip K Dick novel. Most of the maps are tech and industrial themed. A Trent Reznor produced soundtrack would go nicely with some of the environments.

It’s important to note that you won’t be playing GoldenEye interpreted as a DOOM WAD. You won’t take control of James Bond or even Lashana Lynch’s character. Instead, it’s set in 2102 where you take control of Jody Russel, the 007 of that time.

As Jody Russel, you’ll be placed as a double agent in a terrorist group who is dead set on opening a portal to Hell. You’ll get to face new enemies as you traverse re-imagined DOOM environments.

It made it to the eighth spot on Doom World’s top 10 DOOM mods of 2002. It’s important to note that this mod only works for The Ultimate DOOM.

#7 Base Ganymede: Complete

Base Ganymede Complete on a rock filled area

  • Creator: Adam Woodmansey (khorus)
  • Website: N/A
  • Size: 2.06 MB
  • Source Ports: Vanilla Doom
  • Gameplay Type: Single-player, Multiplayer, Deathmatch
  • Original Release Date: 18 January 2012
  • Last Update: N/A
  • Games: DOOM (The Ultimate DOOM)
  • Download:

Do not let its placement on this list deter you from giving it a try. Base Ganymede: Complete another Cacoaward winning mod, comprised of three different episodes and 27 official maps. Previously, the episodes in this mod were released as standalone until they were compiled as this megawad.

The consensus among players who have used this mod is that all the levels are superior to the original. For those with a below laymen’s knowledge of astronomy (or even astrology), Ganymede is one of 67 known moons of Jupiter.

As the name implies, most of this mod’s levels and maps are set there. Base Ganymede: Complete has a single-player campaign, fully working co-op multiplayer and deathmatches. It’s fully suited to LAN parties (yes, I’m that old).

#8 Doom the Way id Did

Doom the Way id Did aiming at an approaching monster

  • Creator: Multiple Authors lead by Hellbent
  • Website: N/A
  • Size: 1.91MB
  • Source Ports: Vanilla Doom
  • Gameplay Type: Single-player, Multiplayer, Deathmatches
  • Original Release Date: 10 October 2003
  • Last Update: 11 December 2012
  • Games: DOOM
  • Download:

Not to get political but If you think about it, internet forums are virtually communist kibbutzim. They are examples of how a mob can come together and build something truly remarkable. DTWID is a testament to this.

It may sound like an exaggeration (it actually is) but the project has over fifty contributors. It took about three years to get off the ground. Initially, the goal was to create three maps that were in the vein of the mapping style of the original designers and programmers (John Romero, Tom Hall, and Sandy Peterson).

Each member of the project was tasked to study the original maps and design new maps that would mimic the fashion of the original as closely as possible. There were so many entries, that Hellbent (the projector manager) decided to allow members of the community to redo all the maps of the original three episodes of DOOM.

In total, there are 57 maps. There are also various spin-offs such as a collection of runner-up maps that didn’t get to make it into the original megawad. The project itself was an impressive undertaking. It’s not hard to see why this mod is also Cacowards winner.

#9 Knee-Deep in ZDoom

Knee-Deep in ZDoom targeting a fiery skull monster

  • Creator: KDIZD Team
  • Website:
  • Size: 23.07MB
  • Source Ports: ZDOOM
  • Gameplay Type: Single-player, Multiplayer
  • Original Release Date: 1 July 2007
  • Last Update: 16 June 2012
  • Games: DOOM
  • Download:

Before I got to play the full version of DOOM, I had the demo or shareware version as it was called that time. I would play that level over and over again, wishing I had the rest so I could see how the story ends.

Knee-Deep in ZDoom is an homage to DOOM’s first episode. It’s a reinterpretation of sorts. With this mod, you get the first episode of DOOM but fleshed out and expanded using the ZDoom engine.

The player is introduced to new maps, areas and gameplay features. It does this all while trying to maintain the atmosphere and feel of the original episode.

Similarly, to some of the other entries on this list, KDIZD was a recipient of one of the Cacoawards of 2007. It’s also a Mordeth award winner.

If its accolades aren’t enough to convince you to try it, then I don’t know what is.

#10 Call of Dooty

call of dooty mod war zone

  • Creator: Matthew Christian (Chubzdoomer)
  • Website: Youtube Channel
  • Size: 9.84MB
  • Gameplay Type: Single-player
  • Original Release Date: 15 November 2011
  • Last Update: N/A
  • Games: DOOM
  • Download: callofdooty.WAD

This list wouldn’t be complete without a parody mod or two. Call of Dooty, not to be confused with the pet waste removal company of the same name, is a mod made to parody modern first-person shooters such as Call of Duty.

DOOM, whether you’re talking about the classic or the 2016 reboot, has always been the antithesis to the modern first-person shooter. The single-player campaign has always had more open gameplay and virtually no cut-scenes.

Call of Dooty is a single map WAD. It recreates DOOM’s first map and infuses it with elements from the Call of Duty games.  What you get is regenerating health, unnecessary cut scenes determined to break the flow of gameplay, quick-time events, and linear level designs.

It’s basically what DOOM would look like if it was designed today. In terms of accolades, it isn’t as decorated as the other mods on this list. However, it is very fun to play.

#11 Double Impact

Double Impact Doom mod reloading the shot gun after shooting monsters

  • Creator: Matt Cibulas and Ralph Vickers
  • Website: N/A
  • Size: 1.31MB
  • Source Ports: Limit-removing
  • Gameplay Type: Single-player, Multiplayer, Deathmatch
  • Original Release Date: 30 March 2011
  • Last Update: N/A
  • Games: DOOM
  • Download:

By the late ’90s, mods for the first original DOOM seemed to be ebbing. Of course, there were mods that creators were keeping to themselves or sharing in exclusive forums. However, more and more modders were focused on DOOM II because it just had greater capabilities.

OG Doom modders didn’t die out though. There is a wealth of DOOM game editors and engines to push and expand new ideas for this very old title.

Double Impact was released in the early 2010s, just a year before the world was supposedly going to end. If you could play a first episode replacement of DOOM before the end of humanity, your best option would be this mod.

It’s a bit of a surprise that it wasn’t included in KDITD but we’re kind of thankful it wasn’t. If you’re used to playing the original Knee-Deep level and want a greater challenge, then this mod is for you.

Enemy placement is different, so you’re forced to concentrate and act on the fly. Your memory of the layout of the original maps won’t help you here.

#12 Awakening

Awakening doom mod room filled with monsters and dead soldiers

  • Creator: Emil Brundage
  • Website: N/A
  • Size: 3.5MB
  • Source Ports: ZDOOM
  • Gameplay Type: Single-player, Death Match
  • Original Release Date: 26 March 2010
  • Last Update: N/A
  • Games: DOOM
  • Download:

I know that for a large portion of this list, we have placed major emphasis on megawads that warp, modify and introduce large map sets and episodes. For lone developers in the community, a quick release of a single map is impressive enough.

Especially when it’s as fun as Awakening. The mod includes new monsters and enemies such as Chainsaw Zombie, Rapid Fire Trooper, Chaingun Marine, Devil, Rocket Marine, Mech-Demon, etc. In total, there are thirteen new enemies to face under ultraviolence mode.

A section of the map is closed off from the rest of the map for deathmatch purposes. This map is very easy to get lost in. If you don’t pick up a full map and use it to navigate, you’ll find yourself wandering around nearly aimlessly for large portions of the playthrough.

It has less focus on intense action and more on horror elements and tension building. If you want a slight reprieve from all the non-stop action, then it wouldn’t hurt to give this map a try.

#13 No End in Sight

No end in sight doom mod empty alley

  • Creator: Emil Brundage (NaturalTvventy), Xaser Acheron and Christopher Lutz
  • Website: N/A
  • Size: 6.03
  • Source Ports: Vanilla Doom, Limit-removing
  • Gameplay Type: Single-player, Co-op Multiplayer
  • Original Release Date: 29 November 2016
  • Last Update: 1 July 2019 (version 1.4)
  • Games: DOOM (The Ultimate DOOM)
  • Downloads:

NOIS is another rare mid-2016 DOOM/The Ultimate Doom exclusive mod fronted by Emil Brundage. The same guy who built and designed awakening. He’s been architecting DOOM levels since 1997.

According to him, he’s always preferred modding The Ultimate DOOM over DOOM II. He’s been applauded for his skills in crafting maps with cleverly placed secrets and unique textures and environments.

The 2017 Cacoaward winning No End in Sight is a fine example of this. It’s a megawad that follows the original four-episode DOOM formula. It replaces the original episodes and levels.

In total, it has around thirty-eight levels including a Chapter 4 bonus level. Much like the DTWID, this mod tries to be as faithful to the original DOOM as possible while amping up the gameplay.

No End in Sight will allow you to visit parallel dimensions, explore classic maps with a twist and visit old ghost spaceships floating through space.

For anyone who is a die-hard fan of the original DOOM as well as The Ultimate DOOM, this mod is worth experiencing. It’s possibly the best DOOM mod of the mid-2016’s.

#14 DOOM Delta

DOOM Delta shooting at enemies with barrels lunging out of the gun

  • Creator: DrPyspy
  • Website: Twitter
  • Size: 2.07MB
  • Source Ports: GZDOOM
  • Gameplay Type: Single-player, Death Match
  • Original Release Date: 28 March 2017
  • Last Update: 12 June 2019
  • Games: DOOM (The Ultimate DOOM), DOOM II, Final DOOM
  • Download:

DOOM Delta is one of the freshest DOOM gameplay mods on this list. It introduces a new arsenal of weapons including a rifle, a shotgun from the alpha builds, a machine gun, a plasma rifle, and a dark claw – a weapon similar to the Dark Hand wielded by Darkwraiths from Dark Souls.

Playing with the same old Doom guy can get quite boring. That’s why DOOM delta features four new characters from the official DOOM bible. Since representation matters, each character is from a unique background and ethnic group.

However, most importantly, each character has their own special abilities and attributes. Our favorite part of the mod is the HUD displays. It gives you a helmet HUD, not dissimilar to 2016’s DOOM or DOOM eternal.

You also get a mini-map. Both these features can be toggled on or off. Again, another similarity shared with the latest DOOM games is kill-based pick-ups. You get awards and special pick-ups for kills.

Speaking of awards, DOOM Delta won a 2017 Gameplay Mod award from DOOM world. We can’t end a review without mentioning how decorated or beloved a mod is; just so we can try to convince you to play it. Honestly, this is one of the best mods of the late 2010s for DOOM.


REKKR doom mod crossbow armed

  • Creator: Ravae
  • Website:
  • Size: 12.81 MB
  • Source Ports: Vanilla Doom
  • Gameplay Type: Single-player, Deathmatch
  • Original Release Date: 7 September 2018
  • Last Update: 17 September 2019
  • Games: DOOM (The Ultimate Doom)
  • Download:

If you’re a fan of Celtic or Norse inspired games, then this one is for you. REKKR is a total conversion that features 27 original maps. It also features new textures and Viking flavored environments.

You’ll also face a slew of unique enemies while wielding an arsenal of unequaled weapons. You’ll start with a bow that shoots soul-infused arrows and as you progress through the game, you’ll be introduced to more weapons such as axes and canons. For the bow, you can actually harvest the souls from fallen enemies.

If you need to replenish your health, you’ll have to kill animals (mostly bunnies and puppies) which are found in scarcity around the various maps and levels. This turns the depravity up to 100.

The mod is a collaboration of themes and ideas. For instance, the level design has Norse vibes, but there are steampunk-like switches and weapons. For instance, the scattershot is a gun that works a lot like the super shotgun.

The maps are beautifully designed. The gameplay isn’t linear but it feels like the levels were built to promote momentum as you go from area to area in an arpeggio-like cadence. It almost feels like a looter shooter.

 If you decide to only choose one mod from this list, then REKKR should be that mod.

Honorable Mentions

Final Thoughts

At this point, DOOM feels like a religion. In a world full of play and throw-away titles, DOOM will always have a thriving fan base. What sets old school shooters apart from modern shooters is their simplicity and minimalism.

For a lot of gamers, DOOM and its long list of mods are enough. For creators looking for inspiration and for gamers looking to add something new to their deathmatches, this list should serve as a perfect to the best DOOM mods – old and new. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading through this guide. Thank you for reading and happy slaying.


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