September 21 2022

Why read about the game but not to play it right away

The more characters in the game, the harder it is to choose which one you are going to use. Especially when each hero has its own features and the choice depends on your playstyle and the mode. That is why you should know the Multiversu’s best characters if you want to not just enjoy the game but actually win the battle. We are not saying that the tactic of picking your favorite hero and just smashing all the buttons at once is not fun. But if you don’t want to lose it is better to do the math beforehand, either way, it won’t be working as you expect it.

Also, you should remember that the game is new and keeps developing. This means that this best character tier list may change in a month. Expect the upcoming balance changes, new heroes, and so on. This article is most relevant for patch 1.01. That is why you should follow the latest information about Multiverses and not miss all the important stuff.

Who is the best character in Multiverses

Well, if the answer is so simple, then there is no need to write that. We could say that Batman or Velma is the most powerful hero in the game and everyone should pick them. What is the point of making other characters then? If you are new to the game and want to pick the hero with the best abilities you may just not be able to master their features. Some heroes, whether they are on the top or the bottom of the list, are easy, and some of them are hard. That is why you should pay attention not only to the Tier List, but to see whether you can handle them. We will tell you about that just a bit later, now let’s just focus on the best and not-so-good characters.

Top Tier or S+

The only one on this pedestal and the best hero, the worst nightmare of all hunters-Bugs Bunny. You may not remember him from the cartoons, if you are a bit younger than the author, but he was pretty famous in the beginning of the century. Has a lot of abilities as well as some weaknesses which you will have to learn playing against him. With great aerials, feeling great on the ground, best projectiles and other unique abilities he will stay on the list for quite some time, so, consider him as your winner.

High Tier or S

Here we can put Velma, Tom and Jerry, Batman, and Steven Universe. Although they are a bit weaker than the Bunny it doesn’t mean that they are absolutely helpless and only have a single ability. There are some unique features up their sleeve and can even outrun the hero from the S+ list in the hands of a professional player. For example, like Steven Universe, who ought to be in an A tier, but with such abilities as blocking, creating walls and platforms, and arranging different combos, he can beat any other hero on the list.

Lower High Tier or A

This list includes characters who are a little bit weaker than the S or A but have something that can be used for victory. Characters like Wonder Woman, Superman, and Shaggy are pretty stable and can be used in different modes. But Steel Giant, Finn and Reindog are powerful in only one game mode (1v1 or 2v2) and may look much weaker in other circumstances.

Here they also added a new character-Morty. He deserves to be in a B-tier because it is really difficult to manage him with his grenades. But if you ever played Void you should give Morty a chance. Because in a long-term perspective he may be useful with a couple of tricks and buffs on the way.

Mid Tier or B

LeBron and Garnet are here. The difficulty of playing their heroes depends on how much you know about other characters’ powers and weaknesses. If you know how to play them, you can beat the more powerful characters, but in equal conditions, you will have to strain much harder than the characters from the S and A tiers. Not the best, but not the worst heroes in the game with a chance to get better stats in the future, so, you should not forget them.

Low Tier or C

The complete opposition of Bugs Bunny – Taz. This is the hero who is played for those who strive for hardcore and suffering. You will have to beat each character from the top overcoming a thousand struggles. If you want to go for it, then we can wish you good luck.

You should remember that this chart is a mere recommendation on how to play a game. Sometimes you should trust your feelings and pick the most beloved character forgetting about the algorithms and balance just to enjoy the game.

How to make it easier

We already mentioned that some heroes are harder to manage than others. Let’s see who is who with the list.


Superman, Wonder Woman, Finn the Human, Shaggy, Jake the Dog, and Taz. Those characters have predictable abilities for those who just came in the game and don’t want to read about the universe.


Bugs Bunny, Velma, Batman, Harley Quinn, The Iron Giant, and Garnet. Still, they are pretty stable but have some unique abilities which are harder to manage.


Tom and Jerry, Arya Stark, Reindog, Morty, and Lebron. Their heroes are not the best choice for newbies because most of their abilities are built around some specific features which will be understood only by experienced players.

You are allowed to play any character, after all, the point of any game is to have some fun. In the end, some characters will get more powerful stats, and some become weaker, so, you can just enjoy the process. We wish you many victories and good luck!


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Elle Gellrich