March 17 2023

Why Quality Is Vital When Aussies Choose Online Games

The last decade or so has proven to be something of a golden age for gaming, which is no longer considered to be the realm of nerds and geeks, having become a hugely popular and widespread pastime. Now firmly part of our daily lives, people are keen to engage and be entertained, whatever their age or social status.

No matter who we are or what we do in life, regardless of how many birthdays we have celebrated, people from all walks of life have discovered that gaming is actually great fun. What’s more, the choice of options available has never been greater than it is today, crossing multiple platforms and with literally millions of games to suit every taste or preference. But of course, the games we play must meet certain quality standards.

Australia is now the land of gaming opportunity

The broadness of scope has never been clearer than in Australia, based upon recent data from the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA), which are a keen advocate for the video games industry across the Oceania region. They recognize that gaming has become one of the most powerful entertainment mediums around, helping to cultivate a thriving local industry, fuelling the creativity of players, and providing economic benefits for businesses.

Regularly producing in-depth reports covering the gaming sector, the IGEA has drawn attention to the current Australian game development industry job boom, having created almost 800 new employment opportunities through 2022. Furthermore, thanks to the quality of games being produced by studios located throughout the country, around 69% of developers are expected to hire more talent during the 2023 financial year.

“Confidence in the local game development sector is fantastic,” says Ron Curry, the CEO of IGEA. “Businesses are maturing, studios are performing well, development teams are expanding, international companies and investors are taking notice of Australia,” was his enthusiastic appraisal of the sector. This has inevitably been underpinned by a clear focus on quality and trust, which are keystones that inspire further confidence.

Flourishing iGaming sector appeals to Aussies

Easily one of the fastest-growing areas of the gaming sector, the term “iGaming” has become increasingly familiar to most of us in recent years. This refers to the online niche areas of sports betting and online casino gaming, with the latter now having far outgrown the traditional brick-and-mortar venues. Las Vegas and Macao may remain the land-based casino capitals, yet the biggest market is now the online realm.

But one key issue is that following such growth internationally, the choice of online casino platforms available is quite literally endless, as thousands of global operators look to attract our customers. Thankfully, resources are available to help Australians make the wisest choices, allowing them to select from the best rated online casinos, reviewed in detail by experts who underline trust and quality as the most important factors for consideration.

Before any casino sites are recommended to readers of their in-depth reviews, Casino Aus carefully researches what makes them great. The first priority is always reputation, ensuring that online casinos are fully licensed by recognized international bodies, including those regulating the industry in Australia itself. Then comes the quality and range of games available, whether players are looking for the latest pokies or the hottest virtual poker tables around.

Caliber and reputation matter for Australian gamers

Underlining the need to focus on responsible gambling within the iGaming sector, which makes reliable reviews and insightful analysis of online casinos vital towards informed choices, the same applies to many Australians when they decide which games to play. This is an industry aimed at appealing to consumers, after all, which means that certain levels of quality must also be maintained.

We only need to focus on our own Game Gavel Buyer Guides section to highlight this point, which underlines how much player feedback and authoritative reviews can influence our decisions whenever praising excellent gaming products that are worthy of attention. Likewise, we never shy away from steering people away from those who don’t make the grade, setting out high standards and expectations whenever delving into any new releases.

The high caliber of development studios in Australia has earned international renown, although this is based upon strong societal foundations laid by the people of this country, fuelling the desire to support homegrown game developers and publishers. Given that safe, reliable, trustworthy, high-quality products matter to the gaming industry itself, those elements are equally important for consumers, who are increasingly choosy these days.


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Kyrie Mattos