January 28

Why It Took So Long For The U.S. To Open Up To The Betting Industry

There are numerous reasons why America has tried to control gambling that is both political and religious. No one, however, can deny that online wagering and sports betting is an ever-growing industry that is rapidly becoming very lucrative for both iGaming developers and online casinos alike.

Set to become a multi-billion-dollar industry by 2023, it’s hard to believe that only a few short years ago, online gambling was illegal in America.

The U.S. had been, until 2018, operating under the Wire Act of 1961. This piece of legislation was intended to help states across the country clamp down on gambling and racketeering activities. Clearly passed before the advent of the internet, as online gaming grew, it fell into a grey area but continued to grow in popularity under the radar.

Then, in 2018, the Supreme Court ruled this law to be unconstitutional and also made the landmark decision to strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. This made sports betting legal. In response, the Department of Justice decided the Wire Act shall encompass online wagering, which meant each state could only legally offer this to residents.

Nevertheless, a worldwide pandemic meant online gambling grew in revenue and popularity amongst Americans forced to stay at home, most especially in the sports betting section. Practically every internet casino these days has both a casino and gaming side, as well as options to bet in their sportsbook.

Is Online and Sports Gambling Allowed In Every State?

Gambling is a broad term that includes many things, from the presidential election to the weather change. It also includes games of skill, games of chance, and of course, sports wagering. Currently, only fourteen states in the U.S. legally allow online sports betting. Because this is a federal law, it means each state has the power to decide how to regulate gambling, whether it be in the real or digital world.

Chief among them are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, Illinois, Tennessee, and Arizona. Surprisingly, it is illegal to bet on horse racing, poker, and sports in Nevada. In this case, it was the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement that was the pioneer.

There are, however, twenty-two states that have put forth legislation in the hopes of making online sports betting legal. These include California, Nevada, and Massachusetts, so the states that do allow digital sports betting could change at any time. Bear in mind that all forms of gambling are legal in 48 states across America.

Which Is The Best Site To Place Online Sports Bets?

DraftKings casino has grown in acclaim in the iGaming industry, despite being relatively new to the sports betting scene. Their online sportsbook boasts all the latest and most well-known U.S. sports, from the NFL to PGA Golf. They offer the more traditional and major leagues, as well as a slew of soccer leagues. For those who favor particular niches in sports, you won’t be disappointed either. Super Kupa Turkey is just one of the lesser-known games you can bet on in their sportsbooks. They also offer online fantasy games wagering.

It is important to note that the casino (as with most online sportsbooks), uses a technology called geo-location, to ensure that bets are being made from legal states. Any attempt to play outside of these areas will result in a warning and you will not be able to add funds once you have created your account.

The Verdict

A jaw-dropping variety of sports available to bet on, supported by one of the largest brands in U.S. gaming, a user-friendly and modern interface, and the use of simple language that even a beginner can understand, DraftKings sportsbook is highly recommended. The options to bet, as well as a live ticket option, means you can find whatever you want, whenever you want and for the budget you want.

Not only can a ton of fun be had but, if Lady Luck and the odds are on your side, you may even win some good money too.


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