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Why Have Graphics Become an Important Part of Online Slots?

When we look at something, we are attracted by certain aspects such as colors, lights, movement, and reward. And this is nothing new: think that the first examples date back as far as 1700! For example, several pieces of classical music, such as Georg Friedrich Haendel’s Royal Fireworks Music, first played in 1749, were composed for firework shows and intended to be played during the event to enhance the spectators’ experience.

This was precisely why the first mechanical slots were made as they were! The hypnotic movement of the reels, the bright colors, the accompanying sound – everything was designed to engage and entertain the people using them. And so it happens with the modern versions of slots that we find on the best online gambling portals.

Mechanical technology has gone digital

While the old “physical” slots were mechanical, the modern slots are digital, but the principles used to make them attractive have remained the same. So when you discover Rainbow Riches slot at Casumo Ireland, you’ll immediately understand what these are: they offer a polished graphical look, pleasing gameplay, smooth animations, and modern graphics and sound effects. And this is precisely the recipe that makes any kind of entertainment successful!

The first electric slots were made in 1963 when the whole world was entering the era of color television, and by 1970 TV slots had become commonplace, with new symbols and effects. Then, in the 1990s, the doors of the digital world began to open, and everything changed. The first digital games, seen today, were almost touching in their simplicity: but they were the first step into a universe that at the time was science fiction. Microgaming was the first software house to provide a gaming environment via the Internet in 1994, proceeding to introduce new concepts, like progressive jackpots, that would become the industry standard.

The evolution of games through technology

Soon, the industry began to produce more and more complicated games that would have been impossible with traditional slots. Among the first was Reel Em, a slot that had a bonus from a second screen, and this was the beginning of a burst of creativity that advanced online slots to a higher level of interactivity, where modern slots seem to have more in common with internet sensations like Candy Crush Saga than the original reel slots.

Another important element of these new slots is that they moved away from the original casino world and began to take inspiration from other environments. Reel Em, for example, plays out a fishing environment, and everything happening in-game revolves around this metaphor. Players can choose any setting they like to play slots in, as the inspirations are virtually endless. Some have agreements with famous entertainment franchises, such as movies, TV series, comic books, and even music bands. In the latter, game actions are highlighted by “riffs” of their most famous songs.

In short, everything is used to make a show – and thanks to the possibilities offered by modern 5G technology, which allows large amounts of data to be transferred via a wireless connection in an instant, this helps create an immersive experience for the players. And from what we can understand from the statistics, this is a winning formula.


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