November 8 2022

Why Do You Need a VPS With Unlimited Bandwidth?

Bandwidth represents the maximum amount of data your website can transfer to visitors per second. Usually, it’s a measurement of how quickly the content will be delivered during peak traffic times. 

This factor matters when you want to get the best out of your VPS plan. Some providers have a limited policy, but that’s not always the best choice. Instead, search for unlimited bandwidth from the beginning. Here’s what you should know about it!

Bandwidth measurement

Bandwidth was originally measured in bits/second(Bps). However, the internet has gotten bigger over the years. As a result, the new units for a VPS would be Megabit/sec (Mbps) or Gigabit/sec (Gbps). That means 1 MB is equivalent to 1024 KB and 1 GB to 1024 MB. 

How do you find out the right amount of bandwidth for the website? That depends on the pages you publish, traffic levels, and the type of content. Calculating the right amount is not so easy, but a general rule would be to avoid limited bandwidth plans. If you exceed your monthly allowance, you will be overcharged, or the website might be suspended. When you are running an online store or another similar business, you don’t want to have such problems.

Bandwidth vs. internet speed

These terms have different meanings and shouldn’t be confused with each other. The internet speed is how fast the data can be downloaded or uploaded. Bandwidth is the amount of data transmission. Both factors are important to have a fast website and avoid downtimes. 

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Therefore, select a VPS plan that ensures uninterrupted data to provide a good user experience. Otherwise, when the bandwidth runs out, all requests to access the pages will be denied. The more stable your server is, the better your first impression will be to potential clients.

Bandwidth limitations

Limitations are restrictions that guarantee a high-quality connection. Visitors avoid potential lag, but there are interruptions when transmission becomes overloaded. Fortunately, many VPS providers come up with unlimited bandwidth in all the packages. In this situation, users can do multiple tasks at the same time, and performance is not affected. The amount of broadband is quite large, so it will be uncommon to experience delays. 

Find the right VPS for your business

When shopping around for a virtual private server, you will have many offers to choose from. One smart decision is to take a VPS server in Australia with unlimited bandwidth. This way, you will enjoy better performance and get enough resources for the website.


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Kyrie Mattos