March 7 2023

Why Blackjack is Better Than Video Poker

Video poker and blackjack are two great casino games, each offering you a solid house edge and gameplay that’s luck-based and skill-oriented. This makes both games outstanding picks for players that want to combine entertainment value with making the actual decisions in the game.

That said, focusing on two games at the same time doesn’t put you in the best winning position, even when playing at the best casino sites like UFA100. So, how do you decide which casino game is better for you? We’re here to argue that blackjack is the superior of the two, and here are the top four reasons to back it up.

Blackjack is More Exciting

Everyone who’s going to the casino does so in the hopes of having a fun and exciting time. With this in mind, there’s no point in comparing video poker and blackjack, as the latter blows video poker out of the water.

While video poker can be entertaining, it doesn’t come close to the experience blackjack can deliver. Blackjack is considered one of the most exciting and adrenaline-pumping casino card games. It perfectly combines simplicity with a fast pace to provide an exhilarating experience.

A big reason blackjack is more exciting than video poker is that it’s a social game. Video poker is much like slots, where you sit by yourself and look at a screen. So, you’re not really experiencing everything the casino atmosphere can offer.

By comparison, there’s always a sense of camaraderie in blackjack. You’re sharing the ups and downs with other players, and there’s a general feeling you are all together against the casino. What’s more, even when playing blackjack online, you can gamble at live casino tables, chat with other players and interact with a real dealer.

More Games to Enjoy

Another very significant factor to consider is the overall number of games. Again, this is a category in which blackjack has a clear advantage. As it’s the more popular of the two, blackjack is better represented in land-based casinos and even more so online ones.

In comparison, video poker has been a dying breed for quite some time, mainly because it lacks the excitement factor of most other casino games. As not many players play video poker, the casinos gradually decrease the number of video poker games each year. In return, those who still gamble on video poker have a smaller selection of options.

This trend will likely continue, with regular online poker significantly taking action from video poker fans. Finding a fun video poker game that pays well is becoming an increasingly challenging task nowadays. In contrast, blackjack players can look forward to tons of different variations, especially when gambling online.

Blackjack is Less Volatile

Except for the natural blackjack hand, all other blackjack hands pay even money. This means that you always know how much you can win and can quickly calculate whether a decision is worth making in every situation.

From a more sophisticated standpoint, this makes blackjack a lot less volatile than video poker in the long run. For most blackjack hands, your winning odds are slightly over 42%. Compared to this, the odds of hitting a winning hand in video poker depend on the hand’s value. For example, the odds of getting any pair are 1 in 2.37, while the chances of landing a Royal Flush are about 1 in 649,740.

Counting Cards Gives You an Edge

Lastly, blackjack allows you to have a consistent edge over the casino by counting cards. Arguably, this isn’t a benefit many blackjack players will take advantage of, but it still makes the game more fun and is another big reason blackjack is better than video poker.

While you can also have steady wins in video poker if you employ expert-level strategies, you need to find specific games that offer you the possibility of obtaining a slight edge over the casino. Not to mention, the margin for error is minimal, as every wrong bet can set you back.


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Kyrie Mattos