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Which are the games you can play on VR?

Virtual reality had been a pipe dream for storytellers and engineers until lately. By fascinating growth in the VR gaming market it has just recently become one of the new trends everyone loves to feel.

Since 2010 when an American Teenager Palmer Luckey has made the first prototype of a VR headset, a number of rivals have appeared, including the HTC Vive and Sony’s PlayStation VR, as well as smartphone-powered headsets like Google Cardboard and Samsung’s Gear VR.

Meanwhile, hundreds of developers are working on virtual reality games and applications, filmmakers are investigating the possibilities for documentaries and animation, and Facebook and YouTube have joined the 360-degree video rollercoaster.

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There are a variety of video games available for you to try out with your new head mount screen. Here are five games that are worth the expense of your time and money.

Rec room

Rec Room is one of the greatest VR games for calming and relaxing, or for beginners who are
hesitant to try out more intensive games due to motion sickness.

This game offers a low-impact, free social environment with places to visit, stuff to pick up and toss, objects to interact with, and minigames to enjoy individually or with others online.

This title may be played from either a standing or seated position, and it goes well with room size. Rec Room is largely intended to be a social experience, so expect many players to be on the mic, and consider joining in the talk yourself. You can also find out more about the history of social media.

You can play Rec room on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, iOS, and Xbox.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The breathtaking sights and finely detailed planes of this flight simulator are just wonderful to experience even without a VR headset. When you add a suitable headgear to the mix, it’s undoubtedly one of the best VR games available.

You can inspect all the buttons and switches up close and experience an added degree of realism as you take off and land at airports across the world, fly over the clouds, and explore the sights below thanks to the first-person viewpoint provided by your helmet.

If you prefer something more pleasant, you may just let the game handle the difficult tasks while you enjoy flying around.

You can play this game on PC or Xbox. It supports Oculus, Valve, Windows Mixed Reality, and HTC headsets.


Moss is a fantastic entry-level game and one of the finest on PSVR right now, set in a wonderfully realized storybook world illustrated by the type of refinement that can only be accomplished when artists immerse their hearts and souls into a game.

The landscapes in the game are built up as dioramas for the player to look into, contributing to the story mood.

You can lead Quill using the navigation buttons on the controller, and you’ll also need motion controls to influence the environment and assist Quill in getting past obstacles.

Moss is best played sitting down, yet it urges you to lean forward and examine the atmosphere as though studying a magical model village. Moss should be in your VR collection whether you’re a complete amateur or an experienced video gamer.
It supports PSVR, Oculus, Windows, and Steam platforms.

As game history shows us, there are a lot of changes happening to the gaming industry. Are you an early adopter? Or, do you prefer to join the game when it has already begun?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

A full VR translation of 2011’s first player, open-world epic seemed unavoidable for a game that appears to be accessible on every console. Skyrim VR allows gamers to have a much closer look at Tamriel’s atmosphere.
You’ll be able to swing your sword and deflect oncoming strikes with realistic movements thanks to the game’s fully tracked motion controls for your left and right-hand equipment.
This version of Skyrim includes all previously published DLC additions, such as Dawnguard and Hearthfire. The main drawback is that the graphical boost seen in the Special Edition is not available in the VR version of Skyrim, thus certain graphics may appear antiquated.
Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PS VR support this game.

Half-Life: Alyx

This game allows you to reconnect to the Half-Life universe after a 13-year hiatus, but not in the way you may expect. You’ll be battling through City 17 one at a time, taking the role of Alyx Vance instead of Gordon Freeman, before the unfortunate scientist arrives.
That includes shooting Combine soldiers and other alien attackers, as well as solving puzzles that need your new VR control system. These diverse aspects come together to create a game that is both faithful to its origins and VR at the same time.
It may be difficult to forgive Valve for keeping fans waiting so long for the next installment of this game series, but there isn’t a better example of what virtual reality can achieve than this game.
Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index are the supporting VR platforms.


Always verify the compatibility information before purchasing one of the best VR games. Even the greatest virtual reality games aren’t always accessible on all platforms. Make sure you’re choosing a game that you’ll be able to play with your headset.

Be careful to check a game’s space needs as well. Some games can be played while seated. Others may demand or allow you to move around in your room. If you have a large space, this shouldn’t be an issue, but if you don’t, look for VR games that don’t need you to move, jog, or jump about as much.

Each of these VR games supports some platforms which you can enjoy playing on them while having fun and enjoying some challenges.

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