November 16

When Should You Automate Your Utility Bill Payment?

Utility bill payment can be expensive and consume a lot of your time. Usually, businesses have little time to pay before the deadline for utility bills. But it takes a lot of time to print the bill, send it through the mail, and then for it to be received and processed by the accounts office.

This process can feel difficult and frustrating for many, where automated utility bill payment comes in. It saves not only time and effort but also your money. But is it worth it? When should you automate your utility bill payment? Here are the signs to look out for so that you can switch to automated utility bill payment ASAP.

1) Previous accounts payable reports show overpaid or duplicate bill payments

Companies have to deal with a large number of invoices every month. This can cause duplicate payments, missed payment deadlines, or simply missing discounts on your bills. This all can add up and cause you to lose a lot of money every month.

2) Rapidly growing business

The accounts department of a rapidly growing business usually gets maxed out. This is why early automation of utility bill payment with the right provider will ensure that it accompanies your business’s growth. So it would help if you got a good provider by visiting Utility Bidder today. In this way, the accounts payable office will have better control over the high workload, and they will not have to hire new members for the tasks.

3) You need to pay third parties for utility spend reports

Usually, the accounts payable office has a lot of tasks at hand that they do not record the consumption data from the bills during processing invoices. This data can help you look at the bigger picture and give insights into how your company is doing in terms of its sustainability goals. So you may be paying third parties to do this. If you are, you need to switch to an automated system that will help you cover this easily.

4) The cost of processing an invoice is high

The invoice needs to be processed by an employee to pay the bill, which takes up a lot of their time. According to a study, the cost of processing an invoice on an average is 40 dollars for large companies and around 13 dollars for small businesses. If you lower this cost by automating utility bill payments, then you can retain more money and time for your employees.

5) Increasing rates of employee burnout

Manually processing invoices is difficult and exhausting, leading to an increased rate of employee burnout. Automation will prevent this and allow employees to use their energy in activities that will yield a higher return on investment and help them advance their careers.

6) Too much time spent on tracking invoices

Tracking invoices among the thousands you get every month can be overwhelming. But the automated process offers a quick and easy way. These automated systems make it easier to track progress, alert you if invoices are not received or have not been paid or if your bill is higher than normal, and help with much more.

In conclusion

So if your company is dealing with these problems, it is a sign for you to switch to automated utility bill payments. It will help you out in ways you do not even consider. Your employees will work better, and your company will have better chances of accomplishing goals.


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