April 21 2022

What You Need to Consider Before Purchasing a Gaming Phone

The gaming world is continually evolving and this can be seen quite clearly in the quality of mobile gaming that is currently out there. Mobile gaming originally started as 2D arcade games and now some of the newest releases on consoles can be played on our phones. Mobile gaming has become so popular that brands out there make phones that specifically have gaming in mind. If you are considering buying one of these but are not sure which to get then you should consider the below.

What Are You Going to Be Gaming On?

The game that you are going to be playing will have a large influence on the kind of phone that you get. If you intend on gaming competitively on the likes of Fortnite and Call of Duty then you will want to be getting one of the higher-end models that come with 5G and have incredible refresh rates.

If your gaming takes more of a classic approach then the questions surrounding refresh rate will not matter as much. For instance, many people now enjoy playing bingo online using their mobile phones. Whilst these games are just as immersive, they do not rely on high FPS or massive processing power so you could settle for a cheaper model.

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The Charging Speed and Battery Capacity

It goes without saying that the longer you game on your phone the more power you are going to wind up consuming. As such, to ensure your gaming sessions are not interrupted by charging wires or glitchy screens, you will want to make sure that the gaming phone you end up buying is one that has a reasonably large battery capacity.

There are a number of elements that can cause you to use a battery but when it comes to gaming, higher resolution, refresh rates and visual settings can all make your battery percentage deplete at a much quicker rate than usual. When you are looking at the battery capacity of potential models, make sure it has at least 4500mAh as this should be enough to leave your gaming sessions uninterrupted for a while.

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Shoulder Triggers

You can buy accessories for your gaming phone but you should try and make sure you are getting a model that comes with shoulder triggers as these are essential for your gaming experience. When you have these physical buttons available, they will help you a great deal because your actions run a lot smoother and your reflex time is improved, putting you ahead of your competition.

Should You Get a Gaming Phone?

If you enjoy gaming then there are a number of benefits that come with getting a gaming phone. These are very popular at the moment due to the fact that mobile gaming is becoming much more immersive and used more by the gaming community. That being said, before you officially purchase a gaming phone, you should ensure you have considered the above to make sure you purchase the model that is right for you.


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