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What to look out for when buying a gaming laptop

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The gaming laptop was always the laughingstock of pc gamers. “Real gamers need a decent desktop PC” was the prevailing opinion of the users. A gaming laptop always stood for a bad price-performance ratio. After all, compared to a full-fledged PC, you got a lot less performance for your money. But the situation has changed in recent years. The portable gaming laptop does not have to hide behind its big brother. There are now some good models that can be recommended even to hardcore gamers without hesitation. Nevertheless, there are still a few points that you should consider before buying a gaming laptop. In a short guide, we, therefore, describe step by step what you should pay particular attention to, which components are suitable for which type of gamer, and how much money you should ultimately spend. For example, are you a hardcore gamer that needs really good specs or perhaps a casual one that just needs a laptop good enough to run your favorite games at casino NetBet? Whatever your reason is for buying a gaming laptop, this article is here to help you!

Clarify the requirements

As always, it is extremely advisable to first be clear about your own requirements. What is the gaming laptop supposed to be able to do? In the following, we provide you with a few examples. In the end, you have to decide for yourself which case suits you best.

a.) The casual gamer

Gaming and gambling are not your main focus, but it is a nice extra? Do you just need a solid notebook with which you can watch films, surf the Internet, and now and then play a current game smoothly?

The solution: You can confidently do without a high-end graphics card. A GTX 1650 should be enough for your needs. Although many games, especially brand-new ones, cannot be played on maximum quality settings, the difference on a comparatively small notebook screen is not particularly serious anyway. You do not have to rely on the fastest generation for the processor either. Casual gamers can save the most money overall.

b.) The hardcore gamer

The gaming laptop is mainly used for gaming. Instead, work and other office applications are outsourced to other devices. The mobility that a notebook brings with it is quite nice, but it is rarely used.

The solution: primarily keep an eye out for models with a powerful graphics card. With the processor, however, you can make a few compromises. Even a good i5 processor has enough power to run games smoothly. You can also easily opt for large and heavy models. Although these do not usually look that attractive, they may be a little cheaper to get than the leaner competition.

c.) The all-rounder

The gaming laptop is used for gaming, but also for work. In addition to the common office applications, image and video editing programs are also regularly used. So, the notebook has to bring a decent pace outside of video games as well.

The solution: While games mainly benefit from a good graphics card, video editing programs are very CPU-intensive. All aspiring YouTubers among you definitely need an up-to-date i7 processor. Unless, of course, you can cope with hours of render times.

d.) The mobile

The gaming laptop is mainly used on the go, whether at university, on the train, at work, or in different homes. Of course, this is where you benefit most from the mobility offered.

The solution: It is better to avoid heavy and larger-than-average gaming laptops. There are now some excellent devices that weigh only about 2 kilos and can be conveniently stowed in almost any pocket. A 15-inch screen is, therefore, more suitable than a 17-inch version.

As you can see, it is practically impossible to present a perfect all-rounder. But once you have made yourself aware of what you are looking for, the search is much more pleasant. The following points deal with the most important components of a gaming laptop. So, you can gradually put together your individual model according to your requirements.

e.) The display

The display is not necessarily the most important component on a gaming laptop, but it catches the eye of many people. At first glance, they all seem pretty similar, but there are a few points to consider when it comes to the display. Gaming laptops are usually offered in two different sizes. The displays can be either 15 “or 17” in size. There are of course exceptions in both directions. 15-inch models are usually a little cheaper, while 17-inch versions can display more details and of course take up more space at the same time. But much more important is the refresh rate, which is generally given in Hertz (Hz). The more Hz a screen can reproduce, the better. The performance ranges from 60 Hz to 240 Hz. The screens can accordingly display between 60 and 240 images per second. The advantage of a higher refresh rate is most evident in hectic games such as shooters. With 60 Hz displays, rapid mouse movements can lead to the image being partially blurred.

f.) The processor

The processor is considered to many as the heart of the laptop. In a gaming laptop, however, it tends to play a supporting role. As a rule, you will not find any models with very outdated processors under the name of a “gaming laptop”. Most of them are suitable for a smooth gaming experience. The i5-7300HQ can currently be specified as the minimum size.

g.) The graphics card

Welcome to the real heart, namely the graphics card. This is exactly where the biggest weakness of a gaming laptop has often been in the past few years. Because compared to the desktop version, the graphics cards have to be significantly smaller, which of course also cost a lot of performance. Only since Nvidia’s Pascal technology has it been possible to minimize this loss to a small fraction. Nvidia dominates the notebook market with its GTX / RTX gaming series. The GTX 1650 is the weakest, the RTX 2080 the most powerful. The addition “SUPER” indicates that it is a somewhat faster variant of the conventional graphics card.

There are many factors to take into consideration before buying a new gaming laptop. In case you are an aspiring YouTuber you could also profit by asking advice from SEO Consultancy London on how to manage your sites better. For all the other gamers, I hope this article helped you understand what your requirements are.



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