November 16

What To Look For In A New Gaming Device

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If you’re looking to buy a new device to play your favorite video games, what should you go for? There are many different options, from the classic console to a PC or laptop. You can even play a decent game on a tablet or your phone, but for serious gamers, the choice boils down to a console or a home computer.

In all cases, the main deciding factor will probably be your budget. Take a quick scan at the prices out there and decide how much you can afford to spend. You might be able to pick up some bargains when it comes to seasonal sales and the like but be prepared to spend a reasonable amount of money if you want a device that’s optimized for playing the latest high-end games. Once you’ve set your budget, you basically want the highest level of power and performance you can find at that price.


When you’re buying a console, the decision is pretty simple, as there are really only two choices. Do you go for the latest Xbox or PlayStation? In some ways it depends on personal preference; most gamers have history and loyalty to one or the other. If you’re new to console gaming, you might want to have a look at what games are available for each, as well as considering the specs.

Until the upcoming releases of the new consoles, the Xbox One X is objectively the most powerful console out there, with a 2.3GHZ 8-core chip, but with most games, you won’t notice a great deal of difference. Both the Xbox and the PlayStation have 8GB of RAM, but the PS4 uses 3.5GB of that on its own operating system, whereas the standard Xbox OS takes up just 3GB.

The Xbox One X, however, has 12GB RAM, with 9GB available for gaming, letting you play the latest 4K games. It also has better graphics resolution and texture detail, but with most games, you won’t see a difference. However, a good quality monitor will certainly add to your enjoyment.

PCs and laptops

A personally customized desktop PC has the potential to be the ultimate gaming machine, but if you know what to look for, you can get some pretty strong action out of a gaming laptop. The latter also has the advantage of letting you play high-quality games when on the move, as well as online casino games with no deposit casino bonus codes instant play. Whether you’re playing online or enjoying games you’ve previously downloaded, a PC has the advantage of greater flexibility.

Your operating system obviously needs to be Windows 10 or better, preferably at 64-bit. In terms of CPU, an Intel i5 core processor is fine, but if you can go up to i7 then even better. Don’t look at anything older than the current tenth generation model. In terms of RAM, you’ll need 8GB, but again, 16GB is good if you can manage it. Look for a PC or laptop that gives you the option of upgrading RAM and storage later.


A high-level graphics processing unit (GPU) is probably the most essential thing to look for in a PC or laptop as it’s not always possible to upgrade this later. For entry-level gaming, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 or AMD Radeon RX 5500M will suffice, but for full functionality, on most mainstream games you should be looking at RTX 2060 or the RX 5600M. If you really want to play at a high level (and be reasonably futureproofed), look for an RX 2070 or even 2080 grade that will let you play ray-traced and 4x games.

Other factors

A resolution of 1920 x 1980 is the bare minimum and is absolutely fine for most games. Go for as big a screen as you can handle, while remembering that with a laptop this will make it less portable. You’ll want a robust, responsive keyboard and a good number of USB entry ports. In terms of storage, you’ll need to decide between SSD and hard drive, but why not go for both? Just remember to pick a faster 7200 RPM HHD as opposed to the slower 5400 RPM.

The gaming market is changing all the time, and newer games demand higher specs to play them properly. Similarly, as more powerful devices come out, game developers find ways to push them to the limit and exploit their full potential. As a gamer, you need to constantly stay on top of this wave or find a spot where you’re comfortable and enjoy the view from there. As always, the money will be a deciding factor, but knowing exactly what you’re looking for will be a big help.


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