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What Makes Angry Birds A Popular Retro Game?

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Years ago, Angry Bird was introduced into the gaming world by Rovio Entertainment. The game, inspired by a sketch of stylized wingless birds, took the gaming world by storm on its release. It was released in 2009 for iOS, and later it was developed for Androids, Windows, and Symbian systems.

While most of the games struggle to make their way, Angry Birds and its sequel Angry Birds 2 is still top grossing. It is addictive and simple, Here is a rundown of some other features that contribute to the success of this retro game. Let’s see what makes Angry Birds such a popular retro game.

Visual Design

In general, visual designs are a significant part of a game. In particular, it is more essential for mobile phones, since the screens are small. Thus, visual designs have to be appealing without being complicated.

The visual designs of the Angry Birds simple and appealing. The graphics are instinctive that makes the characters more appealing. Additionally, text instructions are also enabled in the game, which attracts players on a larger scale. Thus, the simple design and graphics made these characters attractive, popular, and of course, unforgettable.

Audio Design

According to research, the component of music adds an emotional level to games, movies, and TV shows, etc. Thus, this appeals to us in a game too.

The sounds incorporated in the Angry Birds game are unique and catchy. Additionally, each character has its own sound. As a result, the feature enhances the interaction and gaming experience of a player. And on that note, we are pretty sure that you are also recalling the music of your favorite character in Angry Birds – that’s how catchy the audio of the game is!

Engaging Concept

A game has to be engaging to keep the gamers hooked. The developers of Angry Birds have ensured this aspect. The game is rather simple and is designed for every age group. The developers have made sure that any factor doesn’t come off as a barrier in playing the game. The challenges incorporated in the game are easily played with intelligence, effort, and time. It keeps the player engaged in the game for hours and that’s what counts the most in its popularity.


The convenient playtime is yet another appealing factor when we talk about Angry Birds which contributes to its popularity significantly. It can be played for a short or a long time. This means that you have the choice to opt for a challenge during lunch breaks while waiting in line, or while traveling – anything that suits you.


The gameplay of the game plays a considerable role in its popularity. There are barely any instructions and complicated controls to play the game. The screen display antagonist pigs on the right, while the Angry Birds are on the left side. The pigs are sheltered in structures made of wood, steel, concrete, or ice. The birds have to be projected in the air to destroy the forts and crush the pigs.

Source: Betway

Mechanics Included In The Game

The gameplay mechanics plays a considerable part in a game’s popularity. Furthermore, it has contributed to the success of Angry Birds, too. The game includes features that make it addictive, more than any other game!


Bonuses and offers keep everyone hooked to the game. The retro game includes daily bonuses as well as bonuses that players can claim after every thirty minutes.

Progress Rewards

After crossing a level or challenge, you are benefitted in terms of rewards. As a result, you can buy more bird characters. For example, if you unlock 10 chests in the game, new birds are released.


This retro game includes sub-games, which make it more exciting and fun. It makes the game less boring and more interesting. The rewards collected in these games benefit a gamer in the main game.

Level Rewards

If you go up a level without losing a life, you earn up to three stars. This encourages the players to play a level more than one time to gain stars.


The popular retro game features a different layout each time, no matter how many times you play. Thus, it makes the experience more entertaining. Additionally, this unique feature isn’t seen in many games.

Social Element

The game includes a social element too. Gamers are continuously prompted to connect their account with social media and invite their friends. In case you invite your friends, you receive gems. These gems are used in buying game items, which further improves the gaming experience. Additionally, if you are friends are playing the game with you, it can get all more fun.


The marketing of the game is yet another reason for its success. It makes for most of the revenue today. In the present day, people can get hold of cups, T-shirts, backpacks, collectibles, and plush animals, etc. that feature Angry Birds. Additionally, the mobile application of the game is linked with the website. This makes it easier for game lovers to shop.

According to statics revealed, Angry Birds has been downloaded 2.5 billion times by 1.7 billion mobile phone users. The huge number signifies the popularity of this retro game. To know more about Angry Birds and what makes it so popular, visit the website Betway and enlighten yourself with all there is to know about this retro game.


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