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What Makes A Top Sports Betting App?


Sports betting apps have been around, well, as long as there have been apps. They have remained popular in the dozen or so years since, but there is even more interest now since the US Supreme Court made its historic sports betting ruling in 2018. Now, state by state, more and more Americans are joining the rest of the world in having access to these pocket betting tools.

But what makes good sports betting app? And what makes a bad one? For clarity here, we aren’t talking about what makes a great sportsbook. It’s a given that you will want the best odds, choice of markets, and so on. But for Game Gavel, we want to look more at the user experience rather than the ins and outs of sports betting. Anyway, let’s dive in:

Live Betting

If your sports betting app doesn’t have live markets, then you aren’t doing it right. The idea of in-play markets has revolutionized both sports betting and fantasy sports. The idea is simple: You want to be able to place bets as you watch the game. Functionality is key here, though, as there is no point if the app can’t keep up with the ebb and flow of the game. 888sport’s app is a good example of how it is done right. It offers an ‘instant betting’ feature where betting odds are updated ultra-quick, meaning you can bet live on fast-paced events like the next point in a tennis game.

Live Streaming

This is a tough one to measure because a lot of betting apps will allow you to stream live sports for free. However, the quality of the stream and the events shown can vary. An app can be marketed as shown 1000 live sports events per day, but do you really want to be watching Ukrainian table tennis or Japanese volleyball? The best rule of thumb is to do your research perhaps by downloading the app before registering an account. Some betting apps show top quality football, tennis and horse racing, allowing you to unlock the live stream when you place a small bet. Shop around and see which apps match your sport and betting tastes.

Native App Functionality

There are some who claim it is not worthwhile downloading a sports betting app. After all, with smartphone capability these days, the mobile site is almost the same. That ‘almost’ can be a big difference-maker, however. Having native app functionality can enhance your experience, even allowing you to tailor it to your liking. Simple things like getting push notifications when your favorite team has scored, or when there has been an update in an event you have bet on, can make the experience much better.

Slick and Sleek Design

Design matters. A sports betting app should be more than just a collection of betting markets. The best apps think about concepts like compartmentalization to enhance the user experience. If you consider something like a Premier League game might have over 200 betting markets, organizing those markets into a user-friendly format is no mean feat, but the best app designs are able to do it without overwhelming the user.

Beyond the Betting

Sports betting apps are becoming more social, and that’s a good thing. The best apps will have blogs and forums that discuss topics beyond sports betting. Of course, they can also be a good source for tips on particular games and how to form a betting strategy. The point is that there should be more on the app than just the dry betting content; enough to make the app interesting and usable without needing to place a bet.

Responsible Gambling Tools

Most people will treat sports betting with the right attitude. But things can always get out of hand if you aren’t careful. As such, the best sporting apps offer tools to make sure your betting stays healthy. For instance, you can limit the amount you can bet or deposit, or you can have curfews and time out periods. Having the full range at your disposal helps keep things under control, making the wins sweeter and the losses much more bearable.


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