June 22 2022

What is an LED wall?

LED screens are gradually replacing the outdated city lights in the advertising market. They successfully perform their function. Broadcast content is not intrusive, the dynamic picture draws the attention of a huge number of viewers. It is proven that a properly installed LED monitor attracts 85% of passersby.

With the development of newer technologies, it is possible to construct not only ice monitors, and the entire interactive LED walls. They are assembled from translucent clusters. Broadcast with them can be as usual videos, and complex video effects.

The advantages of the modules are:

  • easy to install and operate, easy to design;
  • the life span of about 10 years, which is much longer than other types of fixtures;
  • can be easily installed in constructions with a thin shell and in hard-to-reach places;
  • consume little power;
  • have high durability, simplifying the delivery process;
  • can be made single-color and multi-color.

The LED screen wall has the ability to administer remotely. Change the video content, control the time and frequency of change of clips, and monitor the queue can be from a computer with Internet access.

The pixel pitch of the led screens is chosen by the customer, based on the size of the device and taking into account the distance from which the potential client will look at the information displayed. It can vary from 6 to 14 mm. 6-0 mm is the practical parameters of the computer monitor.

For the manufacture of interactive panels is used LED fastening on SMD technology. If desired, you can design angular modules, which will allow installation time to wrap around the wall of the building or room.

There are many positive aspects to the technology of surface mounting. It makes design easier, reduces the number of technological holes, improves the quality of signal transmission, and reduces cost.

Scope of application

Wall screens are installed on the street and indoors. Nowadays, these mechanisms are most often used in stores of famous brands. This allows closer contact with potential customers, to entice them into their sales outlets live.

Most often, the LED wall is mounted on large office buildings, to present the latest news, and to advertise the company or its products. In shop windows of boutiques, facilitating the involvement of customers in direct contact, raising the mood and enticing to come into the store.

Such modern designs are installed in the offices of large corporations for recreation and relaxation of employees. It has been found to increase productivity many times over.


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