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VPN and Gaming: Top Five VPN Providers that will enhance your gaming experience

In recent years VPNs have become a key tool for many different purposes, be that to help access streaming services via geo-location breaking guidelines (did you know that 56% of all VPN users access Netflix), for safety reasons, with a VPN offering you encryption barriers to block scamming or even just to prevent your regular internet supplier from accessing your data.

Some like the anonymity that comes from using VPN services, which is clearly a bonus if you are accessing the internet from locations that aren’t your home or office. Others use a VPN to help access better rates and prices than you might receive in your current geographical location. The benefits are numerous.

Indeed VPNs have become all the more crucial in areas of the world that suffer from state-sponsored firewalls or other barriers to their internet usage. In these cases, a VPN can be a virtual lifesaver.

The VPN industry is thought to be worth in the region of $31 billion and the fact that 39% of all VPN users are aged between 16-24 shows that the service they provide is not only current and effective but also that it’s likely to be a long-term trend that will grow exponentially.

For gaming, the reasons are even more pronounced and for that reason, a great many gamers like to set up a VPN account to secure the benefits they offer.

How Using a VPN Can Benefit Your Gaming Experience

Perhaps top of the list for reasons why gamers will look to use a VPN is to mask their location and offer them access to geo-restricted games. Security is also another key factor, with the need to protect your data from hackers as well as potential DDoS attacks.

In some instances, gamers might use a VPN to help avoid a ban that may have been placed on their IP. They also help prevent your ISP from throttling your internet speed, which is another key reason that gamers will look to supplement their online activity with a strong Virtual Private Network.

As VPNs are now so commonly utilized, 31% of worldwide internet users have used (or currently use) them, there are literally thousands to choose between.

Whilst this has led to an overall improvement in the services you can secure, it does also inevitably mean that some VPN options are sub-standard or indeed in some cases fraudulent in nature.

To help you locate the best of the bunch, here are five of the best VPN providers to consider if you are a gaming enthusiast.

Six Seven VPN Providers


ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPN services and the sheer number of servers they offer means that they work well in terms of any concerns you might have with speed. They are well priced and offer you the ability to sign up with five devices, which will of course come in handy for those who game on various platforms.


Zenmate is, in our opinion, the fastest VPN around. Users can connect with an unlimited number of devices and their slick service means it’s ideal for streaming 4k videos and good for downloading P2P content. Additionally, their subscription rates become all the more affordable if you sign-up for protracted periods. To get all the info you need click here to read more.

Cyber Ghost VPN

Cyber Ghost is a good all-around VPN service that covers gamers and other users with a strong service. Their latency is low which means their VPN service can deal with multiple usages. They offer seven simultaneous device connections, without any residual speed issues and they offer a strong level of security.


Vypr is considered a tier 1 network provider, meaning it owns and runs its own server ecosystem and as such, they can be faulted with regards to speed. Their bandwidth is further aided by the 60 locations it has based its data centers in. They are stable and are well-known for helping to prevent DDoS attacks, which are of course common in the gaming sphere.

Nord VPN

Another big player in the VPN, NordVPN is very popular in the gaming community and this is down to a number of factors including their no-logs policy and the fact that their service works across all platforms and devices. Additionally, NordVPN has perhaps the smoothest and most intuitive interface of all VPN providers.


This VPN was made very much with gamers in mind. So much so that you can select the server that works best for you as they are sorted by ping rate. The service works well on all devices and the interface offered is smooth as silk. Unlimited connections are of course all the more attractive for the serious gamers among us.


While it’s true that SurfShark doesn’t offer the same speeds as the best of the bunch, but still gives a very good level of bandwidth, the major bonus is that with just a single account you can hook up all your devices in one go. Also, the service is inexpensive and the security offered is top of the line.


In many ways, the use of a VPN for gaming purposes is a no-brainer. Most households have access to a VPN anyway, such are the many benefits for doing so, and of all the purposes and uses for having a Virtual Private Network, gaming is perhaps the one that is most clearly definable.

The reasons for having one range from the useful; for example a new game release may be happening somewhere outside your geographical region, to the essential; you want to make sure your gaming experience isn’t hampered or ruined by any form of hack or DDoS attack.

In short, the benefits are numerous and the costs are very low, and as such, the investment is well worth making, especially if you’ve done the relevant research into which provider best serves your own specific needs and interests.


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