November 16 2020

Unique Armor in Diablo Hellfire

Unique items in Diablo are magical items with up to six special properties. They are more valuable than ordinary magical items, and can only be found by killing monsters or won as rewards for completing quests, not purchased. (“Unique” does not mean, however, that there can be only one in any given game, according to Jarulf’s Guide to Diablo and Hellfire.)

The Hellfire expansion has some of the interesting unique armors in a normal game of Diablo, similar to one of the top online casinos. One of these, the Bovine Plate, is a quest item; the others can be found randomly throughout the game.

Armor of Gloom

The Armor of Gloom is full plate mail with Armor Class 225 and no strength requirements. This makes it useful for characters with low strength who would not normally be able to wield such armor. It also gives characters a -20% light radius, which can sometimes be frustrating since it makes it difficult to see but can also be advantageous because monsters are not activated until they are close enough for the character to make a melee attack.

The big disadvantage of the Armor of Gloom is that it sets all resistance to 0%. This makes it very difficult for characters to deal with ranged fire, lightning, and magic attacks.

Bone Chain Armor

The Bone Chain Armor is chain mail which has an Armor Class bonus against the Undead: Armor Class 60 versus the Undead, but only Armor Class 40 versus other monsters. This has limited usefulness since the Undead are uncommon once characters leave the Church and Catacomb levels.

Bovine Plate

The Bovine Plate, a set of full plate mail, is the reward for completing the Cow Quest (The Jersey’s Jersey), a humorous hidden quest that is part of the Hive levels. Although the armor looks like a cow, its quality is no joke. It has Armor Class 150 and indestructible and gives its wearer +30% resist all, +50% light radius, -50 mana, and -2 spell levels.

The blow to mana and spell levels is a hard one, and the Bovine Plate’s advantages may not be enough to make up for it for characters who frequently use magic. It is ideal for the Barbarian, however, who cannot use magic and needs to build up his resistances well against ranged magical attacks. Its’ light radius bonus may cause some trouble, as it activates monsters that are farther away from the character; combining the Bovine Plate with an item that decreases light radius, such as the Veil of Steel, will help somewhat.

Demon Plate Armor

The Demon Plate Armor is full plate mail similar to the Bone Chain Armor in that it gives an Armor Class bonus against a specific type of monster. It has Armor Class 80 normally but Armor Class 120 against demons. It has greater usefulness than the Bone Chain Armor because demons are abundant in the higher levels and the Armor Class is high enough to offer good protection even against other enemies.

Diablo Quests—The Caves

While there are five potential quests available in the Church (Levels 1-4 of Diablo) and five more in the Catacombs (Levels 5-8), only two are available in the Caves (Levels 9-12), and only in single-player games. Of the Black Mushroom Quest, the Anvil of Fury Quest, and the Zhar the Mad Quest (found on Level 8), only two will be present in any given game, according to the formula for quest randomization in Jarulf’s Guide to Diablo and Hellfire.

Black Mushroom

The Black Mushroom Quest, while not difficult to complete, is the most complicated quest in Diablo. It is present if there is a Mushroom Patch on Level 9. If the player tries to pick up the mushrooms, however, the character will explain that they “can’t use this… yet.” The player must find the Fungal Tome, a book lying somewhere on the floor in Level 9, and bring it to Adria.

Once Adria has the book, she will ask for a Black Mushroom. The player can then return to Level 9, click the Mushroom Patch, and pick up the Black Mushroom. When Adria receives the Black Mushroom, she will ask for an elixir from Pepin to finish her potion. Pepin will ask for a Demon Brain to complete the elixir. The first monster killed after Pepin asks for the brain will drop a brain instead of gold or a weapon.

When the player brings the Demon Brain to Pepin, he will explain that he finished the elixir without it, and give it to the player to bring to Adria. Adria, in turn, will complain that the player took too long and she was able to finish her potion anyway, then let the player keep the elixir.

According to Yes Gamers, the elixir given as the reward for this quest is the Spectral Elixir, which gives the character +3 to all attributes. It must be used immediately in order to be effective.

Anvil of Fury

The Anvil of Fury Quest is given by Griswold after a player has entered the Caves. If someone can bring him the legendary Anvil of Fury, he says, he could forge a powerful weapon.

The Anvil can be found on Level 10, guarded by a large group of monsters. The reward for bringing the Anvil to Griswold is a powerful sword, Griswold’s Edge. This sword deals 4-12 damage plus 1-10 fire damage and gives a character -20 life, +20 mana, +25% chance to hit, fastest attack speed, and the ability to knock opponents back.


Because only the Bovine Plate can be found through a quest, and the others appear randomly, it’s impossible to plan on getting any particular type of Unique armor. The Cornerstone of the World, located on the first level of the Crypt, comes in handy here. Players who find Unique armor in one game that is no good for their characters there, but have another character who might find it useful, can leave the item on the Cornerstone of the World to make it available to their other characters in other games.


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