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Types of games available at BlueChip casino online

BlueChip is a relatively new player in the rapidly developing and growing sector of gambling services in the Indian sector of the Internet. Despite its young age, the casino is confidently winning the hearts of players. It succeeds due to a number of significant advantages. One of the main advantages of Bluechip casino India is its wide range of various gambling services.

Games on the site BlueChip casino

A huge variety of games meets the player literally from the start – from the main page of the casino site. The visitor is almost impossible to see because of the abundance of colorful banners, each of which hides a game for real money. The maximum interest of the players caused the crowning selection of top games. The convenient structure helps to get a handle on the range.

To see the available types of games, you need to call the off-screen menu. To do this, click on the symbol in the form of three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen next to the logo casino.

The Games section of the main menu includes:

  • Slots;
  • Book;
  • Mega Ways;
  • Virtual Sports;
  • Provably Fair;
  • Jackpot.

Consider these types of games in more detail.


No matter how rich the choice of games is, it is slots that make up the lion’s share. Prototypes of modern slot machines appeared in the Wild West and were mechanical machines with rotating reels. To start the game, the visitor saloon throws coins in a special window – slot. Thanks to it, the machines got their name.

Another of their nicknames is the “one-armed bandits” – the machines owe their long lever on the right side of the body. Pulling this lever, the player initiated the rotation of reels.

Modern slots do not resemble their prototypes of the century before last, although there are skillful stylizations. These are programs based on a random number generator. The honesty with which the generator works is confirmed by the certificates which are issued by independent international organizations.

In addition to the “main course” in the form of reels, which are usually at least five, modern slots offer the player a “dessert” – bonus and mini-games that allow additional winnings.


When the world saw the slot Book of Ra, few could assume that it would become the ancestor of the genre. Players liked the design, decoration, and mechanics of the machine so much that immediately came out not only in the official sequels but also in a lot of imitations.

Today, the “book” section of BlueChip Casino includes such titles as:

  • Book of Dead;
  • Book of Bamboo;
  • Book of Loki;
  • Book of Doom;
  • and many others.

The collection is constantly expanding!

Mega Ways

In this section, you can find slots with the most popular Mega Ways mechanics. Who said that the number of symbols on the reel must be constant? In 2016 this rule was disproved with the release of Dragon Born.

In Mega Ways slots the number of characters on the reel can vary, some characters can occupy the entire vertical! This opens up completely new gameplay for a fan of gambling, it is not surprising that such machines immediately gained popularity.

Virtual Sports

Not just slots alone! BlueChip casino keeps up with the times, offering its regulars and neophytes sports competitions in virtual reality. Even though the game is generated by artificial intelligence, the spectacularity of virtual competition is not inferior to real-life prototypes.

Just as in the slots, the privacy of the virtual game is evaluated by independent observers and confirmed by appropriate documents.

Provably Fair

This section contains the most generous slots. One of the main indicators of the slot is the percentage of return or RTP. This parameter shows what share of bets the slot gives to players in the form of winnings. By today’s standards, RTP can not be lower than 95% – only 5% of bets go to the income of the casino.

In the section, Provably Fair gamblers will find slots with maximum return and therefore can count on more frequent winnings.


Do you want to hit the big jackpot? You’ve come to the right place because this is where the machines with cumulative jackpots are located. Each time a player spins the reels idly, the grand prize increases. Because of this, the winnings on these slots can reach a truly fantastic size.

And this is not all of the features of casino BlueChip. You can play with live dealers over video conferencing, and bet money on a variety of sports, including, current events – even the most demanding catcher of luck will find entertainment to his liking.


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