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TRIO Review: Innovative Laptop Monitors For Dual Or Triple Display

The demands of the workplace or on the part of entrepreneurs, the business, can be downright overwhelming. Without the right tools, resources, and gadgets, the success you are aiming at may be delayed. Every individual wants to succeed, right? Therefore, it is crucial to keep updated on what technology can offer in order to streamline your work, improve the business, and do anything else that will catapult your endeavors to success in a much faster, better way.

One of the tools that people use either for work, their businesses, or their personal purposes like gaming is the laptop. The most common type of laptop is the one with a single monitor. Among the reasons why people prefer using laptops over the usual computers is because they can bring the laptop anywhere they go. If they need to work on vacation, it is easier and possible with the laptop.

However, not at all times that the laptop with a single screen will serve you well. Some individuals need dual or triple monitors because they think these will accommodate their needs in the workplace, their businesses, or their personal activities and passions like playing their favorite games.

Right now, we will tell you that these things are possible because there are laptops you can find in the market today, offered by the most popular brands, that do beyond the usual and provide dual or triple screens. In this article, we will present a review of TRIO by Mobile Pixels, a laptop with dual and triple displays, perfect for work, business, and doing the things you love. We will discuss its features, design, setting up TRIO, pricing, and so much more.

What Is TRIO By Mobile Pixels?

Many people invest a lot of their time upgrading and streamlining their digital work environment. If you are one of these individuals, it is time you should consider getting the TRIO portable monitor by Mobile Pixels. What is TRIO about? Read on.

Mobile Pixels’ TRIO does precisely what it says on their box for the most part. It extends your available workspace, letting you seamlessly switch between tasks. It also offers a default attachment mode that is perfect for gaming. Plus, the presentation and portrait modes are exemplary when you want to share your content with friends or share your screen in a work meeting.

Mobile Pixels also has the TRIO Max, an innovative multi-screen laptop accessory designed to boost your productivity and make it even easier to multitask.

In 2016, Mobile Pixels was started with the goal to reinvent productivity. Its co-founder, Jack Yao, felt the need for a secondary monitor while working at a co-working space, so he decided to build a laptop monitor from a broken laptop. That was how one of their products was created, the Mobile Pixels DUEX.

They have combined the best technology in the market to create a lightweight, portable monitor that improves your productivity and further makes working very efficient.

Aside from TRIO, Mobile Pixels also offers other products in their catalog, including the DUEX Lite, DUEX Plus, and accessories. These accessories include the Origami Portable Monitor Kickstand, Laptop Magnets, Type C to HDMI, Laptop Monitor Clips, Laptop Sleeve Case with Handle, and the USB A to C Adapter.

Now that you have learned the overview about the product we are reviewing, the TRIO, let us look at the features.

Features, Design, And So Much More

TRIO is straightforward to use with a design that simply magnetizes to the back of any laptop as the ultimate solution for working professionals, gamers, stock traders, entrepreneurs, coders, and students like you who are always on the go.

It has various sizes and can be set up either dual-screen or tri-screen.

It practically ends the dilemma of using a laptop with a single screen. Upgrade the way you work today with TRIO. With a single screen laptop, you may suffer from lower productivity, the grueling need for too much additional gear, and a limited workspace.

What is excellent about Mobile Pixels as they offer the product is how they provide statistics on how TRIO can help enhance your workplace or business productivity. According to the statistics posted on their official website, with the use of a laptop with multiple screens, you will be able to increase your productivity by 42 percent and reduce your errors by 20 percent. It may appear as if the improvement is minor, but they mean so much once you make the switch.

TRIO also offers a flexible viewing angle with its full 270-degree rotation. It features four modes, ideal for ergonomic comfort and screen sharing. These four modes are the presentation mode for easier screen sharing, the portrait mode when you need to navigate websites, the three-screen mode for an enhanced viewing experience, and the landscape mode that is perfect when using the laptop for work.

Gamers, rejoice. TRIO is not only for the hardworking professional and the entrepreneur but also for avid gaming enthusiasts. TRIO series can work with Nintendo Switch and Android mobile phones with no dock. Simply plug and play and experience gaming on a bigger screen much better than before.

It is also compatible with Windows OS, macOS, and Samsung Dex.

TRIO also features a full-course menu that allows you to adjust brightness, color temperature, eye care mode, and many other customizations.

Its upgraded material and design make it more portable than the brand’s other products, such as the DUEX Pro. Thus, it does not compromise productivity.

Work with better productivity as TRIO accommodates various software you use.

Moreover, it also offers two sizes, TRIO in 12.5 inches and TRIO Max in 14 inches.

Are you ready to upgrade the way you work, do business, and do the things you love?

How To Set Up Your TRIO

It is easy to set up your TRIO. This section will talk about how to set up TRIO, detailing the two-screen setup and the three-screen setup.

Two-Screen Setup

  1. First, place magnetic adhesive on your laptop.
  1. Then, place TRIO on the magnetic adhesives.
  1. Slide TRIO’s screen out and plug in USB. You’ll be ready to use your TRIO. That simple.

Three-Screen Setup 

  1. This time, let us learn how to set up the three-screen. First, place magnetic adhesive on your laptop.
  1. Then, attach two TRIOs using the clip system. Snap into the back of your laptop.
  1. Lastly, slide-out both the left and right screens and plug each into your single USB slot. You’re done.


Like many products you intend to buy, one of the things you will have to consider is the price. How much is TRIO by Mobile Pixels?

On the official website of Mobile Pixels, TRIO is offered at a discounted price of $269.99 from the initial cost of $379.99 or at 29 percent off. They also provide the affirm where you can purchase the product starting at $24 per month.

TRIO is also being sold on Amazon. The TRIO Max 14-Inch Screen is at $279.99, while the TRIO 12.5-Inch Screen is $269.99.

The Verdict

Mobile Pixels’ TRIO will help declutter your work and business environment and allow you to multi-task easily by switching your view from one screen to another instead of looking across many tabs.

Aside from these, TRIO is also great for those working in teams as they can enhance communication with their team members with the multiple viewing angles and modes of this gadget.

Plus, if you are a gamer, TRIO offers you a more immersive experience and lets you move things like chat windows out of the way to focus on playing the game.

TRIO is very affordable. Own yours now.


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