May 26 2023

Top video games with tons of minigames to play

Minigames do not make or break a game. But let’s face it, indulging in side quests and activities can sometimes be much more fun than following a linear narrative. If you’re stuck trying to beat the same boss or want to take a break from all the combat and grinding, we believe at Game Gavel that minigames can make all the difference between turning off the console in frustration and getting hooked back on. Some games boast so many options you might just forget about the main storyline entirely. So, let’s check out some of the titles offering the most minigames.

Kingdom Hearts 2

The Kingdom Hearts franchise gives players free rein to explore its whimsical universe to their heart’s content. Sure, restoring peace to magical realms populated by Disney heroes and villains is of the essence. But this all-so-important task doesn’t mean you can’t have fun along the way. All series installments feature minigames that provide new challenges for players to overcome to progress the story.

Some offer nothing more than a welcome change of pace, while others allow you to bond with characters. And regarding the sheer variety of minigames, Kingdom Hearts 2 towers above the rest. So, care to slide through the 100 Acre Woods to collect honey pots alongside Winnie the Pooh? Feel like taking a magic carpet flight over the ruins of Agrabah? Or would you rather put on a musical extravaganza with Sebastian and Ariel in the underwater realm of Atlantica? The sequel to the original game boasts no less than 45 minigames.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Dragon Quest XI ranks among the highest-rated JRPGs on Metacritic as of 2023. Although it expands on the lore and gameplay crafted by its predecessors, this standalone title is a solid introduction to the Dragon Quest series. Players navigate the world of Erdrea, fighting off the armies of dragons and monsters that invaded the kingdom of Dundrasil. Accused of being an evil entity, the player-character escapes imprisonment only to discover he’s the legendary hero meant to restore the world.

Becoming a champion warrior doesn’t always take priority, though. You can give yourself some slack by engaging in fun minigames and side quests, such as horse racing and fetching items for NPCs. Casino games also await across the map, featuring as many options as high-stakes poker, blackjack, and machine slots. These optional minigames are disconnected from the main story. However, they can advance your journey by granting you handy items.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Picking up fights with random thugs is all fun and games, as Yakuza: Like a Dragon shook up the series’ formula by swapping its signature, real-time beat-them-up mechanics for a real-time turn-based system. But the latest mainline title in the franchise stayed true to its core gameplay in the minigames department. Blending returning fan favorites with a fresh batch of fun additions, Like a Dragon boasts 24 minigames. Players can visit the Sasaki Arcade to find UFO catchers and enjoy retro arcade games like Virtua Fighter 2 and OutRun.

Underground gambling halls feature poker and blackjack minigames in the Chinatown district. Raking in virtual money may even motivate gamers to try their luck at real online casinos. And platforms like CasinoBonusCA list the best casino offers around. From welcome packages to reload bonuses and no-deposit free spins, gamblers can claim a wide range of juicy promotions. Bonus rules and requirements are detailed for all players to make an informed decision. A strict reviewing process also accounts for an online casino’s overall reputation and player feedback.

First of the North Star: Lost Paradise

If you’ve played every Like a Dragon installation, you might want to give Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise a go. Developed by the same team responsible for Like a Dragon, this spiritual successor to SEGA’s iconic franchise features similar gameplay mechanics. However, this action RPG set in a postapocalyptic alternate version of Earth boasts a tad more fun arcade action.

Based on the manga franchise of the same name, Lost Paradise puts you in the shoes of Kenshiro, otherwise known as Hokuto no Ken. The successor of the Hokuto Shinken martial art, Kenshiro travels the wastelands to beat every enemy that comes his way. But this action-packed JRPG also features fun minigames to sit back on combat, from death batting to bartending and racing.

While minigames are now a staple of the gaming sphere, some entries play that card better than others. Whether you feel like facing mobsters in shady gambling dens or skateboarding through Disney Castle, you won’t run out of minigames to complete with the games above.


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