December 22

Top New Mobile Games on iOS and Android

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In this article, we review the most prominent smartphone games of the season. Our selection includes adventure games that are played like a feature-length sci-fi thriller and one casual game with a pretty simple objective. All of them are fascinating and funny.

As well, you could try online games with the best casino free spins. The new games will save us by providing us with the necessary entertainment. Here is the list for you, enjoy!

  1.     The Complex

Accessible on: iOS and Android

Genre: Adventure

FMV games are evolving. Their production quality begins to scale to levels that not many thought they ever would. The Complex is essentially a feature-length game with a decision system that seems easy enough (left-right). However, this extreme adventure app will take you on a rollercoaster ride through an interesting, adaptive sci-fi thriller.

The story at the center of the game is highly fascinating. Once you give the trailer a quick watch, you should be able to determine whether it’s for you or not.

  1.     Startup Panic

Accessible on: iOS and Android

Genre: Simulation

Startup Panic is the latest in a long line of Tycoon games, and at first glance, it doesn’t look different from the games that came before it. However, what makes it stand out is that it’s created around humor, representing a long story with six endings and a lack of fear or hesitation regarding shifting from one extreme to the other. This game has pirates, hackers, and the danger of kidnappings all mixed with the usual ‘climb to the top’ business.

  1.     Million Dungeon

Accessible on: iOS and Android

Genre: Puzzle, RPG

We’ve had awesome games like Henry Hatsworth or Puzzle Quest because Match-3 is not afraid to step outside of its genre from time to time. This is the provider that has brought us the game Million Dungeon. Million Dungeon makes use of the ‘pair to attack’ technique, which has become common in many games today. However, it differs from the rest by building up the ‘pair to attack’ strategy over the top of a rogue-like RPG experience. It’s an exciting game with excellent art-style. You should check out this game if you don’t mind a little dungeon.

  1.     Donut County

Accessible on: iOS and Android

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Virtual Pet/Toy

The game, which was everyone’s favorite physics game last year, is finally on Android. Ben Esposito’s Donut County is a fantastic little game where you, as a rascally raccoon, control a hole, growing it larger and larger as you devour every object through each level. It is incredibly carefree, colorful, and fun and would probably remind you of Katamari. It is a game that many people find themselves returning to again and again because it’s just so easy-going, whimsical, and fun.

  1.     Clusterduck

Accessible on: iOS and Android

Genre: Casual

Clusterduck is a game with a pretty easy objective. Your goal is to hatch as many ducks as you can. However, as you hatch more and more ducks, it all begins to get increasingly weird. Strange mutations start to show up quite quickly. As these new body parts show up, you’ll open up lots and lots of different kinds of duck. The question is: can you get them all?

Clusterduck is lighthearted, silly, and quick, easy fun.  One other advantage it has is that it is free. This is one game to download for a quick go.

  1.     Impossible Space Adventure

Accessible on: iOS and Android

Genre: Adventure

The Impossible Space Adventure pitch is somehow both simple and alluring: it’s like the game Archero, but in space with guns. Just as in the case with the game, it takes inspiration from. All you have to do is to move your hero that aims and fires automatically during the moments when you’re standing still.

Impossible Space Adventure features enemies with a wide range of attack patterns and weapons, as well as an assortment of objects to hide behind and obstacles to be wary of. You also need to pay close attention to the equipment that upgrades and unlocks.

This game is really good looking, and one advantage it has is that you’re not made to watch as many ads as you are in Archero, but it’s also not as much fun on the flip side.

  1.     Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter

Accessible on: iOS and Android

Genre: Adventure, Action

Just like the title implies, Galaxy Invaders looks like a remix of Galaxians and Space Invaders. Your ship is able to fly around the bottom third of the portrait mode screen, meanwhile hordes of invaders, meteors, and space bugs storm from above.

Some of the aliens come down in groups, while others crawl slowly towards you. A lot of these aliens also drop power-ups when they explode, quickly converting your weak single laser bolts into storms of a dangerous fire. The difficulty and frequency of enemy attacks gradually go up as you complete more and more levels.

There are many inducements to watch ads, and it’s riddled with lucky spins, loot crates, and slowly recharging energy needed to begin levels. However, its ads’ nature and the addictive quality of its gameplay will make you persist through the tornado of commercial interests.


All of these games are available on iOS and Android. Your time indoors does not have to be boring. While the world goes through a tough time, you can distract yourself or lift your spirit with the above selection. Enjoy!


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