May 24 2023

Top games to play during your summer vacation

Spring is ending soon, and you might already be looking forward to an extended summer break. Whether you’re into cultural escapades or seaside havens, perhaps you’re contemplating the best destinations in 2023.

But you don’t need to travel to the other side of the planet to get a feel for that sweet summer mood. Many video games play on the summer theme to keep you entertained during your vacation – and escape the scorching heat while you’re at it. So, here come four games to keep you company throughout the sunny season.

The Tourist

Looking for a getaway? If you crave a break, The Touryst might be your desired virtual answer. This unique action-adventure puzzle game takes you to a perpetually sunny island. You can simply enjoy the tourist life by taking things slow and basking in the beach atmosphere unless you’d rather go on a shopping spree or learn how to surf. But what if you stopped and listened to the strange old tourist spreading stories about the mysterious monuments waiting to be explored in the surrounding area?

You may sail for the exotic islands nearby if you’re in for a slightly more adventurous holiday. Uncover secret passages on your island-hopping journey and explore away to get to the bottom of the Monumental Mystery. Mixing undemanding puzzle-solving and thrilling exploration, The Touryst strikes the perfect balance between a chill atmosphere and engaging gameplay.

A Short Hike

A Short Hike embarks you on a delightful adventure through a vibrant open world. Assuming the role of an anthropomorphic bird named Claire, you navigate the picturesque Hawk Peak Provincial Park at your own pace. In this walking simulator, your sole objective is to reach the summit of the park’s mountain to get cellphone reception, as you expect an important call. Whether you rush to ascend or stroll around the park is up to you.

Why not take a leisurely swim in the lake then or converse with some of the fellow hikers coming your way? Talking to the animals that populate the island unlocks side quests and fun activities, such as fishing and playing friendly games of Beachstickball. From running shoes to a compass, the rewards that appear with completing quests can come in handy to climb to the mountain’s summit. So, blaze your trail and see where it takes you as you immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere of this laid-back game for all the outdoorsy gamers around.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Back in 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a much-needed escape. Fast-forward to 2023, and one of Nintendo’s best-selling titles is still as comforting as it’s always been. Contrary to its predecessors, New Horizon’s tropical vibe is perfect for picking up the game in the summer.

So, reach out to Kapp’n to embark on boat tours taking you to mystery islands. Sport your best-looking swimsuit to dip in the turquoise seas and catch sea creatures to craft summery items like starry-sands flooring and mermaid-themed furniture. You may also pick up the pace with the many seasonal events sprinkled along the summer months. Gaze at fireworks shows every Sunday in August or compete in a fishing tourney in July.

Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine might not be everyone’s favorite Mario game. But this old-school 3D platformer ticks all the right boxes to radiate summertime vibes. First released on the GameCube, Super Mario Sunshine landed on the Nintendo Switch in 2020 as part of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection. So, head straight to the sun-soaked paradise of Isle Delfino alongside Mario, Princess Peach, and a bunch of Toads. Blasting everything on your way with your back-mounted water gun, roam summery locations like the Ricco Harbor and the Surf Cabana.

You may even stop for a gamble at the Casino Delfino and its slot machines. But if you ever tire of that virtual casino’s limited options, many more free slots await online. Top platforms boast a varied catalog comprising thousands of free slot games. Online games encompass many exciting themes, from Greek mythology to Vikings and dragons. Mario fans might even try their luck at Mario’s Gold, which pays homage to the golden retro days of the franchise. And you can have a blast on the go as the best pokies are mobile-friendly.

Summer is coming near. So, will you fill out your lazy days playing video games? Or will you pack your console before you fly away from home for the summer? Whatever you have planned for the upcoming months, the games listed above are worth giving a try to pick up the summer vibes.


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