December 22

Top Christmas Gifts for True Gaming Fans

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Christmas is coming. Yet, it is hard to choose a gift for your friend or relative, especially if he enjoys gaming. Of course, it is possible to present money to let him spend it on a new game or betting on CasinoChan Online Casino. Yet, your mate will surely appreciate it if you buy a gift yourself. Keep reading if you want to know what presents each gaming fan will adore.

Laptops and PCs for Gamers

A gaming laptop or personal computer. Perhaps, it is the most expensive and desirable gift for a gamer. Not to miss and to buy a decent model, you need to be well versed in the hardware or to trust the choice to a professional. And of course, you have to spend a lot of money.

Video Game Consoles

If your friend is a fan of video game consoles, the best gift will be a modern video game console. And it will cost less than the gaming PC or laptop. At the moment, the most popular gadgets are the Xbox One from Microsoft and PlayStation 5 from Sony. There are also consoles from Nintendo. If your son, husband, or close friend likes to hack on his old console, make him happy with a fresh model.

VR Headsets

The latest in video game technology is a virtual reality headset. This gift is also quite expensive, but if the budget does not matter to you, why not make such a good present? There are options for PlayStation, Xbox, and different PCs. By far the most advanced are the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR. In addition to virtual reality devices, there are augmented reality glasses and mixed reality glasses. So, you can pick up the most high-quality option.

PC Upgrade

What gamer doesn’t dream of upgrading his PC? The most frequently-upgraded units include a video card, RAM, and hard disk drive. A powerful gaming graphics card is what the true gamer needs. Of course, memory is never too much. By the way, an SSD is a great thing, and in addition to the extra gigabytes, it also affects the speed of your gaming friend’s computer.

Racing Wheels

Another device for deeper immersion into the game world is a racing wheel. Upgraded devices have pedals, there are even seats with movable suspension that allows gamers to feel the road even better.


Consider gamepads or joysticks that will facilitate the game and make the process much more enjoyable. Additionally, there are mini keyboards that attach to the gamepad from the bottom and allow you to enter text without using only the joystick buttons.

Video Games

The most obvious gift is a video game itself. Yet, you do not need to give something that is already in your buddy’s collection. It is better not to choose games that do not fit his favorite genre or theme, or something that you would like to buy yourself, but it is unlikely your friend would want. You can look at your buddy’s Steam account to see what he or she needs.


Travel from the virtual world to the real world and grab something from there. For example, present your friend his favorite characters’ clothes. Cosplay is a popular hobby today, you can search for costumes online, of course, remembering about the size. You can order different masks (for example, masks of heroes from Mortal Kombat).

Also, pay attention to the different backpacks, made in the style of your friend’s favorite game, or clothes with the logo. It is important to know the tastes. If you give a racing fan a Sab Zero mask, he will not understand you. Yet, a racing helmet is just the thing!


Lots of gamers decorate their personal space with all sorts of toys, some collect the characters themselves or game items. If your friend is one of those, give him a set of toys related to his favorite game. These gifts are the most inexpensive, but they bring many positive emotions to your significant other.

One of the most popular toys is still Geralt of Rivia from the RPG-trilogy The Witcher. White Wolf perfectly owns two blades, ready to deal with any monster and knock on the head of anyone who dares to threaten the young Ciri.

For fans of the Warcraft universe, Blizzard has created Squirky Murloc. The toy is made of polyester and will appeal to World of Warcraft fans.

Computer Mouse

Not an ordinary, but a special, gaming mouse designed for gamers, will be a great solution for a gift. Such gaming mice are usually multifunctional and incredibly useful for gamers. Good gaming mice are much more expensive than office mice and can be great for all gaming fans.


Books are amazing for true gamers who love playing particular games. Reading them your significant other will dive into the inner world of the game or how the game was created, with all the author’s sketches. Such a gift is perfect for fans of large-scale projects such as World of Warcraft, on which even a movie was filmed.


This gift will come in handy in online battles. There are lots of models exactly for gamers on the market. The HyperX Cloud Stinger Core is designed for the PlayStation console and features 40mm neodymium speakers and soft earpads, allowing your friend to battle his opponents for hours on end. To communicate with partners, there is a flexible microphone.

Another high-quality option is designed for Xbox One owners. Plantronics RIG 100 headset is notable for the presence of only one earpiece. There is a soft pad in place of the second.

New Experience

Gamers are true hunters for new experiences. No, we won’t offer them a parachute jump, although this option is also great.

You can give your friend a ticket to a gamer tournament. Surely your significant other will be happy to take part in such a competition and perhaps even win.

Computer game development courses are another amazing gift. If he likes this industry so much, why not make it his profession? Your friend will surely appreciate it!


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