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Top 3 Mobile Casino Platforms in India

Online gambling is getting extremely popular in India, especially in the post-COVID19 phase. An increasing number of people are turning towards online casinos to spend their time productively. One of the most common reasons why online gambling is getting so popular is its compatibility with mobile devices.

You can now gamble all you want on your mobile phone – anytime, anywhere!

However, finding the best mobile casino platform is where the challenge lies. There are many online casino platforms that are scams. To help you gamble safely, we’ve listed the 3 mobile casinos that are best for Indian players where you can gamble without any worries.


One of the major concerns of people before they start betting and gambling on any platform is whether it’s legal or not. Betway is actually a foreign website that currently holds a gambling license, therefore using Betway as your casino gambling source is absolutely legal and you don’t have to worry about getting penalized.

Betway holds a license from Malta Gaming Authority which has been in the market for a long time. Their websites and games are encrypted and ensure a fun and safe time. They are extremely secure for your use, and you never have to worry about your personal information being compromised or leaked.

Betway is considered to be one of the most trusted casinos because it’s gaining a lot of good reviews from gamblers. It is one of the PayPal casinos which means one of the payment methods is PayPal. This feature also distinguishes it from all other casino games available online. Therefore, choosing Betway for satisfying your gambling desires is definitely a good choice. You’ll be able to have more fun knowing that your safety and security aren’t at risk.

The major highlight of choosing Betway is – shorter time for withdrawals. You can withdraw your money from your bank account in just 24 to 48 hours.

10 Cric

Again, the first question that arises is about the legality. 10 Cric is also legal in India, and their reviews are also widely available on the internet. Its several distinguished and unique features have compelled it to stand out in the market.

Some famous and known bettors and gamblers of India are using 10 Cric as their source of gambling which again ensures that this is the best choice because of its trustworthiness and privacy exemption. 10 Cric is one of the most demanded mobile casinos. You can easily get started without any complicated signup procedures.

10 Cric is basically an international brand that is also operating in India. People from all around the world can play on 10 Cric. Due to its several convenient payment methods, it is definitely a reasonable choice for the people living in India who wish to bet and gamble. They also accept Indian rupees, what else would someone from India want? You can easily bet on several games just by sitting at your home.

Pure Win

As of 2021, the name of Pure Casino has been switched to Pure Win. With a little change in their name, a lot of good and positive changes in the games have been made too. These changes have enhanced the user experience and it has become easier to surf through it now. The site is legally licensed which means that the authorities keep a strict check on all activities. Pure Win is not limited to India but is more preferable for the people living in India. This brand is also widely available in Bangladesh and Canada. Both the options of playing at an online casino and betting on sports are available just like on the above-stated brands. Therefore, your convenience and preference both are being prioritized here.

Now let us have a look at the factors that makes all of these mobile casinos listed in the top 3 the best.

Factors That Make These Brands Exceptional

The most important thing that makes mobile casinos so popular is the comfort and convenience they offer. They provide exceptional experiences to their users which not only compels them to have fun but eliminates all the chances of getting confused and stuck while at it.

Moreover, the payments are very quick. The longest time period that your payment can take is two days, never more than that. Customer support of these mobile casinos is distinguished and provides excellent service to their gamblers. They are available 24/7, which makes it easy for gamblers to get their queries solved at any time of the day.

All of these points assure that the top mobile casinos in India would never make you regret your choice. Their exceptional services have made a lot of gamblers their regular players and have developed great trust.

Therefore, today in this time where a lot of casinos have stepped out in the market with some clumsy techniques, these three brands are still ranking the highest. If you are also thinking of getting started and you live in India, then these mobile casinos should be your top priority, or else you will keep worrying about your safety, security, and privacy. The time that you want to spend relaxing will be anything but fun.


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