April 8 2022

Tips to Assemble Your Next Gaming PC

You have to decide whether you want an already designed PC or a custom assembled PC for your gaming fronts. If you wish to assemble your PC from scratch and make it the best for deriving a smooth gaming experience, the article gets you covered with all steps. Also, when segregating the PC assembling process into further divided steps, it becomes quite manageable and less intimidating for you.

Every gamer out there is lured by faster frame rates, higher resolutions, better visuals, and other promising features of gaming PCs, but when it comes to building your own PC, it becomes complex. With a paradigm shift in technology, assembling a PC has become way simpler today than it was earlier. Read along to get a comprehensive procedural guide to building your gaming PC.


Get hold of some tools needed to build it, to ensure the working process gets ahead smoothly. Get a large space where you will work as a spacious table, and stand on an uncarpeted floor. You will need screwdrivers for almost everything in the process, check for magnetic ones.


A PC case is very important and must be kept in mind before installing components for your PC. The size depends on the location where the set-up will be placed, make sure you decide the location and keep the size handy, this will decide which premium PC case can be incorporated. For instance, why would you install a glass panel for the computer’s lower screen if it gets covered under the desk?

Cases usually are available in three categories: Full-tower, middle-tower, and mini-tower. These are standardized by the developers and basically depend on the motherboard size.

Gaming Parts

The most important step is to bring your components together and assemble them into a PC of your choice. It depends on you whether you do proper research and get the parts yourself from online PC builder websites and make a custom-designed PC for yourself or get a pre-built one and adjust it according to your needs and budget specifics. Decide on a budget before you start with assembling so that you can list your components, however, you can always upgrade a component individually afterward.

Before selecting any component, keep in mind every component you choose should be compatible with each other. Check your gaming requirements and accordingly install your components that meet your gaming preferences. The components that you need to assemble your PC are:

Installation of a CPU

The motherboard is kept in an antistatic packaging, pick it up and place it on your surface. The CPU socket will be covered with plastic caps for protection, at the corner of the socket, find an arrow. A metal lever will be placed just beside the CPU socket, the lever has to be pressed down and pulled gently to the side to open a socket tray. Next, remove the CPU and the CPU socket very carefully from the packaging, hold it on its edge and not from the chip corner, find the arrow at the corner and align it with the arrow at the socket and place it. After the CPU is placed, the lever can be shifted back to its place.

CPU Cooling

There are various CPU coolers, refer to the manual for perfect installation. Some coolers need a mounting bracket; others have thermal paste already applied to the conducting material which has to be dealt with carefully. Know your CPU before installing a CPU cooler.

Installation of Memory – RAM

Depending on the slots available in your motherboard, fix your memory. It might have two or four slots, find it and if you fill all slots, swiftly snap the memory into place. If you fill selective slots, read the manual and set a configuration before populating the RAM slots into place.

Test Run

A test run can be performed outside the case, it is completely optional but advisable after you have set up your CPU and other components to ensure they work properly. This test might be troubleshooting as everything is in a chassis. You will have to install GPU and connect with a power supply to start with the test. Ensure it is connected to the motherboard and the GPU, plug them in, and start. If every component works fine, then you can also try out a couple of games as well. You can begin with simple casino games on sites like Vegas Slots. With these interactive and graphics-oriented games, you can easily test out the visual and software performance of your device. Moreover, if you are already familiar with such games, then through several best and latest no deposit bonuses you can just dive into online gaming such as Book of Dead or Starburst with a few steps: Choose between the free spins, free chips, or the Fixed Cash, sign up with the casino and Opt-in to the bonus. Furthermore, through portals like VegasSlotsOnline, you can earn some money while playing as well, given that you chose to play with real money. An easy way to further increase the budget of your gaming PC.

Mounting Power Supply

The PSU has to be unpacked or unplugged and the cables need to be placed aside. Depending on your set-up decide where the PSU has to go in and how it has to be oriented. Check your case, count the number of vents and mount it accordingly. Four screws that the PSU brings along will be required to mount it to the case. You need to attract cables via the case in case you are using a semi-modular or non-modular power supply.

Install the Motherboard

It can be possible that your motherboard comes with an I/O shield, a rectangular metal sheet with cutouts for the ports, and orient it carefully with the back of the case. When the shield is in place, the motherboard can be installed. Check whether all cables are linked properly, and then mount the motherboard in place.

Install GPU

Get a breathing room for your GPU, check the slots on your motherboard and install a GPU according to these. You will need to align it with the slot as well as with the retention bracket, and then swiftly slip it through.

Install Storage

Inspect your case and understand the drive bays, know the HDD and SSD preference, and then make your choice, the common sizes are 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches.

Final Words

Assembling a gaming PC opens doors to various technological upgrades in the future, with an approach to personalized changes. You know how things are designed and you get to play games according to your preferences. But building up a gaming PC is tedious, you need to follow the process step by step to get a worthy set-up for you.


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