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Tips and Tricks on Playing the Aviator Game

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While traditional casino games will always be popular, there’s one online title that is really taking off. That’s in a literal sense, too. Aviator – a game where multiple people bet and multiply winnings based on the height of a plane flight – is enormous.

It’s a popular game, thanks to its simplicity. The rules are basic, and the winning potential is lucrative. But how can you hope to win at this game? Are there any tips you can use to your advantage?

How Aviator Works

As mentioned, one of the big appeals of the Aviator casino game lies in its simplicity. You receive a grid, and across it, a small image of a plane flies up and across. Based on a random number generator, it gets higher and higher up the grid. The higher the plane flies, the more your initial bet gets multiplied.

You place all the bets at the start of the game before takeoff. However, here’s the twist. You’ll need to ‘tap out’ or stop the bet before you think the plane will fly away off the screen. If that happens, you lose your bet – and any chances of multiplying it towards anything more significant.

Therefore, it really is a game of nerve and chance. When is the best time for you to tap out? What are other players doing?

What Are Some Good Aviator Tips?

As Aviator is a game based on a random number generator, there are sadly no sure-fire ways to win. However, there are a handful of points you can try to help make the game go your way.

To begin with, tread lightly. It’s tempting to follow the plane all the way up to a 5x multiplier, but you never know when it’ll fly off. Therefore, start out by betting low and aiming for 1.2x multipliers.

This will help you build up a small yet gradual stock of money. This is the safest route to winning Aviator – bet small, and tap out early.

The next strategy up is to increase your bet amount. However, you’re still going to want to tap out early and get small amounts of money back. This may take some time, but it’s an excellent way to keep your bankroll healthy. You could, effectively, lose all your progress on one wrong bet.

That’s why you need to take exceptional care when it comes to upping your bet to the max. The good advice here is to increase your rates gradually. Otherwise, if you do choose to risk it all – and leave it too late to tap out at a 5x plus – you’re going to feel terrible.

What’s The Best Way to Play Aviator?

As mentioned, one of the best ways to get the most out of Aviator is to take things slow and steady. By all means, trust your gut, but remember – there is always a house edge. Aviator isn’t designed for you to always win – there will be variance, and it is entirely random! Best of luck!


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