February 11 2022

The top 4 gaming laptops in 2022

Yes, there are a lot of great gaming laptops out there, but are you curious to find out what the best one is? At least for this year. Well, you totally should be! Not only because it is almost a ”must-know” in this industry, but also because you might actually be tempted to get it. Considering the pace at which technology has evolved over the last few years, let’s just settle a base rule: this year, the best gaming laptop can not compromise on portability and playability. Basically, the laptop industry has no excuse, especially considering that they are not affected by the chip shortage, unlike the PC hardware industry.

Razer Blade 15

In our opinion, this is the model that deserves the number one spot in this classification. You might think differently, and that is okay, but give us a chance to explain ourselves. First off, we could not help but notice the gorgeous CNC-milled aluminum case, which is borrowed from its predecessor. Even so, it did bring one improvement: it can host one of Nvidia’s latest RTX 30-series GPUs and an Intel 12th Gen Core i9 CPUs.

The thing that surprises us the most with these new models is how much graphic processing upping a small chassis like this can hold. It is true that one downside of this slimline design is the presence of throttling, but we believe it is easy to turn a blind eye to this, considering the great performance.

But outside these design observations, we also have to point out the number of configurations offered by Razer. Overall, it can offer almost anything for anyone, considering everything from the RTX 3060 Base Edition to the RTX 3080 Ti Advanced with a 144Hz 4K panel. Whichever configuration you choose, we are sure that you will ultimately reach the same conclusion as us: it deserves first place on the podium.

This model is perfect for every gamer, whether you’re a casual game that plays fishin frenzy, or a hardcore one that grinds non-stop, this laptop will hold up.

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

This is a model for those of you that, of course, want great functionality, but are not as picky in terms of design and power. Now, do not get us wrong, this model definitely deserves to be the runner-up for the Razer Blade 15, but it is simply lightweight and fast, without any other additions. Basically, it has a great balance between portability and performance, while also being budget-friendly. This is a reliable model, with a 14-inch system and high-end graphics that are able to be a rival to a few impressive gaming desktops.

Razer Blade 14

Our first thought when we saw this model was how much it resembles a MacBook Pro, thanks to its stylish matte black chassis. Even though this is an eye-grabber, there is certainly more to this laptop than its looks. A plain, but perfect description would be that it easily rises to the expectations of a gaming PC. Curious what makes us say this? Well, keep up!

First off, we were definitely excited to see the outstanding AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX present in this notebook, as it gives genuine processing power. If you also think this is amazing, wait until you hear that you will soon be able to get your hands on the Blade 14 with the brand new Ryzen 9 6900HX chip at its heart. How exciting!

On top of this, we also have some Nvidia RTX 30-series graphics power available. Overall this is what makes the Razer Blade 14 the perfect mix between form and function – and we would not have it any other way. And ultimately, why would you? This is a great way to have all the power you need in a practical form.

Dell G3 15

Now, if you are on a budget, do not worry, as we have you covered! We know how much of a challenge this can be, so we decided to bring you to forward the best option: the Dell G3 15. Usually, you would have to make compromises on aspects like performance and battery life, but this model offers decent 1080p gaming and a pretty good battery life.

Also, if you compare it to its predecessor, you will notice that now the design is slimmer and slicker. It even gives the impression of a high-end model while being discreet. The only thing we would have to point out is that the color range of the display is not as rich as you would expect. Even so, considering this is a budget option, we think this can be looked over.

There you have it! We hope our little classification gave you at least a general idea of what you should look after in this new year if you plan to upgrade your gaming laptop. The biggest concern nowadays is the graphics card, in almost any model. While this can be considered the most important part, it depends a lot on the cooling capacity and therefore the chassis can play a pretty significant role. So try to also keep this in mind when researching the best model for you!


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