January 12

The Rising Connection of the Cannabis and Game

The ongoing drive to legalize cannabis in the USA has had a massive effect on the cannabis market. Now that people are permitted to have weed on their person in some states – and even to grow their own in others – cannabis has become a legitimate business in which many people are enjoying employment.

However, it is not just the cannabis growers and sellers who are reaping the rewards – alongside the state governments who benefit from taxation – but other consumer markets have also seen the influence of legal weed. One is the vaping market, as many people choose to vape cannabis rather than smoke it, and another is that of the gaming market.

Weed has long been something that was rarely seen in mainstream video games. With the legalization of the substance, the gaming developers are waking up to the possibilities of marketing opportunities with the new emerging market of vape and cannabis companies. What is the link between cannabis and gaming?

The Link Between Cannabis and Gaming

Let’s be honest, creative minds have always used drugs as a method of inspiration. From the great romantic poets such as Shelley and Byron, for whom opium was a normality, the famous exploits of author Aldous Huxley and his experiments with mescalin.

The fact is that video game designers and developers have always been a core market for sellers of weed. Now that it’s legal, it is being used by such people to advance their ideas more creatively. Gamers, after all, tend to fit the demographic of a typical weed user more than many other groups. But there’s more to it than this, as we will see in the next section.

What this means for the Market

Product placement has long been a thing in video games, as brands understand the appeal of certain products to the gaming communities. This is why, for example, Vape4Ever, a company focused on cannabis vape, is exploring more marketing possibilities to adapt to changes in the market that it is established within. Can product placement of vape, cannabis, and CBD products have a place in video games, for example?

The signs are that this is a massive potential market for cannabis companies who want to get their brands into places where the right target audience resides. As we have seen, video gamers are part of that market hence this makes a prime marketing opportunity for cannabis and vape brands who are looking for fresh avenues.

It is not often that a completely new market is opened to marketing opportunities, yet there is little doubt that cannabis and vaping are among the fastest-growing consumer markets in the USA right now, and that’s where your product needs to be seen. We’ve focused largely on vaping cannabis, so let’s see why that is.

Vaping or Smoking Cannabis?

Once upon a time, it was hip and trendy to smoke a cigarette, let alone a joint. But now we know the dangers of smoking and that they are largely associated with burning vaping has become the method of choice. Vaping is safer by far – as long as you are certain to buy from reputable retailers – and with stylish new products becoming fashion items is seen as an in thing to do.

The link between gaming and cannabis will surely grow as marketing teams recognize the vast potential of a competitive and thriving consumer market and potential customer base. With the future of cannabis and vaping already cemented, this is one area of commercial growth that will be carefully monitored in the coming years by many marketing teams in these combined industries.


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