February 12

The Rise of the Bitcoin Casino 

The gambling industry is well known for being at the forefront of new technological innovation, and early adoption of new technology automation. So it should come as no surprise that soon after bitcoin exploded on the market, the gambling industry sought to monetize this with the introduction of bitcoin casino models. Digital currencies are no longer an underground concept: they become more and more mainstream each year, and for many online aficionados, bitcoin is considered to be the official currency of the internet. Here we will further analyze why bitcoin casinos are becoming increasingly popular:

Bitcoin Offers Extra Privacy 

When you choose to gamble with bitcoin, you are offered extra privacy compared to gambling with conventional methods such as your credit or debit card. Because Bitcoin is a completely anonymous form of currency, so if you don’t want your gambling spending to run through your current account for any reason (for example if you’re applying for a mortgage or a business loan and don’t want your bank to be aware of your extracurricular spending) then Bitcoin is an easy and convenient alternative.

What’s more, when you are using a Bitcoin casino, you don’t have to share any of your personal information with the online casino company that you are gambling through there are no lengthy forms to fill in and no change that an unscrupulous and unregistered casino could steal your details or your identity. By contrast, at a  Bitcoin casino, you can simply use your mined or purchased Bitcoin to transfer the ‘value’ of those coins to the online casino’s Bitcoin address and play ‘real-money’ casino games without sharing any other identifying information about yourself other than your Bitcoin address. In our age of increasing online fraud, this is another incredibly appealing aspect of choosing to gamble with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Casinos are at the Cutting Edge

Online casinos attract and keep new customers by ensuring they are at the cutting edge: the games that they offer are feature-rich, interactive, and exciting. This is especially true of Bitcoin casinos who want to lead the way for their technologically advanced customers: many Bitcoin casinos offer live casino games and real dealer poker via live streaming cams. Choosing a bitcoin casino, therefore, gives you the opportunity to experience the best and newest games that the industry has to offer.

What’s more, many Bitcoin casinos offer their customers the opportunity to win Bitcoin bonuses: because Bitcoin users are always on the hunt for extra coins, this is an incredibly attractive proposition. Whilst Bitcoin remains an unstable currency, many speculators believe that its value will only appreciate. For that reason, the opportunity to secure a Bitcoin bonus that you believe will continue to increase in value is even more enticing.

No matter where you’re based in the world, and no matter what gambling restrictions are in place in your country of origin, you can always place a bet in a Bitcoin casino. For many people, this is an incredibly interesting and attractive possibility and one that is well worth further exploration.


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