March 18 2023

The Right Usage of Casino Bonuses: the Way Exemplified by Rickycasino

There is no doubt that modern gamblers visit online casinos not only for fun and vivid emotions. They definitely want to turn their profit. If you are one of such players, start your gambling way by properly learning about casino bonus special features and ways how to use these special offers.

It is a known fact that trusted online casinos such as Rickycasino offer wide opportunities and generous promotions for their visitors. However, the key to successful gambling is hidden in wise usage of these promotions and not just wasting them without understanding why you do this or that action. So, how do to it right? Here are the most significant tips & tricks for the proper and successful use of casino bonuses that are illustrated by the example of Rickycasino.

Look through the basic rules for wagering every casino bonus

There are numerous casino special offers. Rickycasino gives players six of them. On this site, you can find a welcome promo, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday special offers, and VIP and Birthday bonuses. And every promotion has its own basic rules.

In order to avoid unpleasant situations or issues, you should take into consideration the following information:

  • Before claiming and activating any bonus, learn its features carefully. Similar to Rickycasino, gambling sites have a special menu section that is commonly called “Promotions”;
  • Pay attention to the conditions and the validity period of these special offers;
  • Make certain that there is no prohibition on their use from the casino administration;
  • Take into account the number of bets or the number of deposits that you should make to wager a promotion at an online casino. Case in point, to get a welcome special offer from Rickycasino, you should deposit at least 20 dollars;
  • Pay attention to bonus “deadlines.”

Time of bonus wagering

Personal bonus offers are limited in wagering time. It means that it is obligatory to meet the so-called deadline. Otherwise, the promotion can be canceled. So, it is a motivation for players to stay active for a certain period of time. Rickycasino gives 3 days to enjoy all bonus goodies in a welcome promo package.

The casino bonus amount and its percentage

Probably, one of the most common things that gamblers do is select a promotion that has a maximum amount and percentage. On the one hand, it is the greatest way to use your bonus coins. On the other hand, it can become a strategic problem. It is connected with the fact that the biggest part of players often loses all their bonuses.

We recommend you ensure that you choose a money amount that is lower compared to the sum that is required to cash out. So you will make a higher bankroll.

Pay attention to a casino game you select

As a rule, online casinos offer such a bonus as free spins for a certain game. For example, you can use Rickycasino Wednesday bonus only for a game that is called “All Lucky Clovers 5”.

You should look through bonus terms and conditions to find this information. In addition, you can collect aspects of game security and fair peculiarities before claiming a bonus. It will surely help to achieve better results.

Another piece of advice here is to select a game where you feel comfortable making bets. So, try games with different bonus percentages to get a balance between betting and depositing.

Options of no wagering free spins

Plenty of modern online casinos can offer players to enjoy their fascinating games with no need to deposit. They present gamblers with free spins that do not require real money transactions. It is an ideal variant, especially if you are a newbie in the gambling world. So, take full advantage of such options. You will understand the peculiarities of the selected game and receive a chance to increase your profit.

Play for fun, not only for bonuses.

Contemporary technological casino trends allow players to enjoy every moment and every detail of their gambling. It is worth playing not only to receive more and more special offers.

What can the bonus chasing cause? In this case, if you waste all your power to collect a bigger number of bonuses can lead to the total loss of your gambling interest. As a result, your game cannot be successful anymore.

Nevertheless, if you are a wise and responsible player who has a perfect strategic plan, you will get an increased chance of becoming a winner. Set boundaries and follow them.

Casino bonus abuse is not a great solution

Casino bonuses can require gamblers to play an appropriate sum of money. In the case of Rickycasino, you should deposit a certain some in order to get a bonus.

However, do not rush, be calm, and do not make mistakes that will cost you the winnings or money. If you play with casino bonuses, do it with a strategy or plan that will suit your style of gambling. Spend 10-15 minutes testing a game for free. Rickycasino has demo versions of the most popular casino games. It is the right decision to understand the amount that you should wager.


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Kyrie Mattos