November 30

The Main Reason Why Filmmakers Should Learn to Code

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Is there a relationship between coding, programming, and filmmaking? Of course, there is a connection, even if it is not too obvious. But in reality, no film would appear on TV screens if the necessary equipment were programmed to start broadcasting data at the user’s command. And this is just one possible example of the relationship between programming and the process of making films.

As a filmmaker, should you be able to code? Of course, this is not your key responsibility. However, the relevant skills will definitely not be redundant in your career, and here’s why.

Boost Analytical Skills

This is perhaps the most obvious advantage to learning programming as such. Programming is the process of solving complex problems using analytical, critical, and logical thinking, as well as certain predictive skills.

Will these skills be useful to you in your filmmaking career? Certainly. In the process of making a film, you will face a lot of technical, interpersonal, and creative challenges that will be easier to deal with if you have the skills of non-standard and problem-solving thinking.

In addition to an analytical skills boost, learning how to code and the program will help you empower your creative vision with a technical one. Creative thinking is certainly good, and it is extremely important for everyone working on a film, but technical thinking will keep you connected to reality. For example, you will be able to see ways to solve a certain problem easier, faster, and with fewer resources.

Improve Your Structural Thinking

Structural thinking is extremely important for the filmmaker as a film is a huge project that starts with one interesting idea and ends with a brainchild that millions of viewers want to watch over and over again. This long and complex process is fraught with a huge amount of work, which, according to the best programming principles, can be broken down into stages, and the stages can be broken down into doable tasks or modules – for example, proofread and correct a script, hire actors, choose lighting, analyze target audience requests and so on.

Strong structured thinking skills will help you organize each task, prioritize, and seamlessly move from the specific to the general. In addition, they will help you focus on the final result – your film, and competently solve each of the problems in such a way that both the film itself and its ending are truly exciting.

Get a Competitive Edge

If you want to know the opinion of dedicated developers who have worked on various projects – from the layout of a landing page for a future film to creating artificial intelligence, then few filmmakers have the coding skills. This is an extremely rare skill found in your profession. And this is another reason to master it. The point is that programming skills can give you a serious competitive edge at every stage of your career.

For example, if you are a beginner specialist, you can create your own website and start promoting your services. Also, you yourself can shoot amateur films, montage them, add special effects, edit videos, and for the best result, a little code will never be superfluous.

But even if you are an experienced pro, coding skills will be useful, for the reasons we describe in this article. Plus, this will be another strong competitive advantage for you, which will give you the opportunity to choose projects that meet your expectations, rather than agree to the first offer that the initiators of the film will make to you.

Become a Must-Have Team Member When Making Sci-FI Films

Have you ever noticed the bloopers when, for example, a computer screen with lines of written code is shown in close-up, but in fact, this is not a code, but sheer nonsense? Yes, most likely, at least half of your viewers will not pay attention to such trifles, but why spoil the overall impression? Filmmaking is an art, and art has always had the goal of striving for the ideal. In this case, programming skills will help you avoid such mistakes.

Plus, if you’re in the business of making science fiction films, consulting with tech experts is inevitable. Coding skills will help you better understand the real or fictional innovations you want to show in your film. Thus, the films you create will have a strong technical background while remaining interesting for a wide range of viewers.

Have an Alternate Airfield

It is believed that it is necessary to change the field of activity every three-four years in order to avoid stagnation in career and thinking. Of course, you love your job, but can you be absolutely sure that one day you will not want something different? All people sooner or later experience the need for change, and it is better that these changes be smooth and painless.

Coding skills can provide you with the confidence that you have not only a strong but highly demanded skill in case you want to change your profession. However, there is an important note! You need to not only learn how to code but also continue to develop this skill, update your knowledge, and stay on the wave of trends. Technology is evolving very quickly, and for your skills to be relevant and demanded, you need to keep up with the pace of innovation.

Anyone Can Do It

Finally, the final reason why you should learn programming skills as a filmmaker is that, in fact, anyone can do it. A retiree, school student, creative person, or tech geek have completely equal chances, provided they are ready to perceive new knowledge, overcome possible difficulties, and constantly make their brains work.


As you can see, even despite the not obvious interconnection between the process of making films and programming, they still have points of contact, and you, as a filmmaker, should definitely master several technological skills. Even if you don’t have to apply them every day, knowledge is no burden. What is more, coding skills are almost a guarantee that you will never be left without bread on the table, regardless of the industry in which you work?


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