April 5 2022

The Best Skins for P250 in CS:GO

Many CS: GO players appreciate a popular semi-automatic P250 pistol, and for good reason. Not only is it a great option against armored opponents; but it also looks very realistic, being based on a well-known real-life weapon. Alongside this, CS:GO offers a lot of skins to make your P250 individual.

What’s P250?

P250 is a semi-automatic gun based on the real-life SIG Sauer P250 (in the game, it’s identified as Sic Sawer). It’s affordable, being just $300 in in-game currency, and easy to handle. Its popularity is partly due to the fact that it is available to both terrorists and counter-terrorists.

Yet this popularity leads to its ubiquity, so many players want to customize their P250. Its, frankly speaking, rather basic design enables it to combine well with various skins. It’s especially great if you get the right pair of gloves for it, but that’s another story.

The Best Skins for P250

As we look at the skin market, we can see that the skins for P250 vary in popularity and price. The most in-demand ones are the following:

  • Metallic DDPAT – This pixelated camouflage skin is among the most military ones available. In this skin, it is gray, with some parts left uncovered. Its float value is only up to 0.08, which only allows for Factory New and Minimal Wear conditions. Still, it always looks a bit used. As for the price, it may differ drastically, from under 20 cents to over $100.

  • Forest Night – Camouflage gray-and-brown paint has an even finish when in Factory New but wears out as the float value rises. It’s one of the most diverse skins due to its wide float value range: from 0.06 to 0.8. The more worn out it gets, the more paint is removed, exposing the metal. Looks brutal, doesn’t it? And affordable: rarely is it above $10, and the lowest price is just 4 cents.

  • Sand Dune –  Almost all of the body is covered in dark beige, and as the paint peels off, metal is exposed. It is also available in float values from 0.06 to 0.8, making it possible to find in all conditions. For us, Battle-Scarred ones look the most impressive, though they can be found for $350 as well as for under $1.

  • Boreal Forest – This skin is available for an incredible wealth of weapons, and you may want to have the collection for your entire weaponry. It looks military, with a forest camouflage as its name suggests. Its appearance may change with a float value, the range of which is (again!) 0.06 to 0.8. This time, it looks good in literally any condition, so the price doesn’t seem to depend on it, ranging from 3 cents to hundreds of dollars.

  • Facility Draft – This P250-exclusive skin from the 2018 Nuke collection looks very sci-fi. It combines burgundy, red, and beige and probably looks too bizarre for realistic combat unless you want it to feel futuristic. The float value is between 0 and 0.50. And that’s great: too much battle scarring and the charm is gone. The minimum price is $0.05, the realistic maximum is $80.

  • Cassette – Again, this skin is only available for P250. If you remember how videotapes looked in the 90s, you will find this style familiar and nostalgic (some may even remember watching videotapes and playing CS 1.6 at the same time). Its FV (may I finally abbreviate?) is 0 to 0.60, but even the Factory New ones are a bit abrased. The higher the FV, the darker it gets — and often the higher its price is, up to $100, while a lower FV has a price as low as $0.03.

  • Nevermore – If this name makes you think of raven black, it’s nothing of the kind. Indeed, this skin is in various shades of red with some black elements. The ravens are also present, but they can’t even say a single word as they are dead (no more, ceased to be, these are the ex-ravens!) Its FV is from 0 to 0.40, and the appearance doesn’t change much with it. Neither does the price, rarely rising above $6, while the bottom is the rather high $0.35.

  • Bone Mask – The camouflage green, brown, and gray combination is here in the spray mixture instead of habitual stains or pixels. This makes the gun look as military as can be. The FV is from 0 to 0.80, but even as most of the paint is gone, the style remains. The price does not seem to depend on the float value either, ranging from $0.25 to $0.6, with rare exceptions up to $900.

  • Franklin – For the G’s and dis is for the huslaz. The entire body of the gun is covered in images of a 100-dollar bill, with Benjamin Franklin’s face very recognizable. It’s logical to limit its FV to 0-0.40, as being more worn out would ruin the style. Some abrasions are still there, but it looks chic anyway. Though the most expensive variation (as of 24 March 2022) is as much as $450, it can be found for about $1 in Minimal Wear and for less than $2 in Factory New. Still looks dope, no matta what.

  • Nuclear Threat – The Nuke collection, with its combination of black and green, is especially attractive if you are a Razer fan. The colors are contrasting, from dark to neon bright, and the radiation hazard symbol is clearly seen on the gun if it’s not too worn out. Its float value can be from 0 to 0.80. Newer ones are more expensive, and now you can buy Minimal Wear for about $30.


Warning (Whenever You Read This)

If you are looking for just good skin to dress your gun, you can rely on this information whenever you read it. All the skins are here to stay. Even as new ones are introduced, these don’t get any worse. But if you are here for trading information, it can become obsolete within days. We guarantee that the prices were correct on DMarket in March 2022. So, choose your paint and go for it!


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Elle Gellrich