December 13

The 7 Best Video Games of 2020

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The year has been great for the video gaming industry. So much that games across all genres, platforms, and markets have been clocking in some impressive industry numbers. Whether it’s live roulette for Australian players or one of a cross-platform experience such as The Last of Us Part II, gaming has had a lot to offer to the average gamer. Successful franchises have grown to be even more successful, and today you have a bouquet of gaming opportunities you will truly enjoy of giving a spin to.

1. Call of Duty: Warzone

From a battle royale mode to a zombie apocalypse, Call of Duty: Warzone has it all. Activision has been keener on adopting the free-to-play model as the way to go forward, and it has been quite successful in delivering great products in the Call of Duty lineage. The Warzone installment is more than worthy of the name, and you will find the gameplay of varying depth.

You may just tag along for a wacky ride and hope not to be snipped down by a hidden opponent, or you can team up with your fellow soldiers and deliver a tactful and devastating blow to the opponents. Warzone is easily configurable to any player’s taste. It is also not uncommon for players to rely on hacks to enjoy the game better. Warzone Aimbot developed by Battlelog for instance is a great tool to guarantee a kill with a single shot. Apart from being effective, they are also completely safe to use.

2. The Last of Us Part II

For all the horrors it invites, the zombie apocalypse has been quite fascinating to humanity. What would you do if you were the last one to survive Earth, which is now populated with rotting corpses? Well, it’s a hard question to answer, but thankfully, The Last of Us Part II brings a new scenario in which you get to test your mettle and be part of the apocalypse.

Your goal is to clearly survive this post-human world and live for as long as you can. There seems to be no escape, but your survival instinct is kicking in any way, and you would not relent until you are far from the throngs of flesh-eating zombies.

3. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Starting as an upbeat indie game, Ori has won the appreciation of so many people out there, so much that Moon Studios’ sequel to the game gets things right once again. The ambiance is definitely something to write home about, and you will feel the game every bit of penny, and second, you spend on it playing.

4. Final Fantasy VII Remake

In the Final Fantasy VII Remake, you get a taste of the PlayStation 4 world that has inspired generations of fans from around the world. The superb execution of the game is beautiful beyond your imagination, and you will get more of the characteristically gorgeous world that the developers have been able to bestow upon their product.

5. Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is back and the year is 2020. We would have prompted this game to the very top of our list, but we do realize that there are folks who didn’t appreciate the 1993 release and maybe a little skeptical of the re-release. Well, to these skeptics we only have to say – give this magnificent game a try! The post-punk apocalyptic world in which demons have taken over the world have only one person to look up to, and that is Doom.

6. Half-Life: Alyx

We have all been asking for more of the Half-Life saga and guess what? We are getting it! The touched-up Valve product is a timeless classic, and it’s back with a fresh lease of life in 2020. That sounds great, and it is. Besides, you get to play this bad boy on a VR set!

7. Journey to the Savage Planet

The year started on a strong note with Journey to the Savage Planet being the story of an astronaut who crashes into an alien world. It’s a beautiful game of exploration, but as it turns out, too many things are trying to eat your avatar, so you got to keep moving!


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