January 27

The 20 most anticipated PC games of 2022

A lot of games set to arrive in 2021 had been pushed back, making 2022 look like it’ll be jam-packed with intriguing PC games. Even without the additional bonus releases, it will always going to be a terrific year. It’ll be Bethesda‘s first single-player RPG in seven years, as well as FromSoftware’s upcoming Soulsborne title.

There are long-awaited sequels to some of our favorite games on the way, as well as revivals and reboots of previously thought-to-be-dead titles. In addition, some of the Early Access games we’ve been playing will be fully launched in 2022. The day is going to be jam-packed with activities. But if you don’t want to wait for something new to come out you could always play an online casino Australia no deposit bonus right now.

These are some of the best titles we are going to see in 2022:

Elden Ring

February 25, delayed from January

Elden Ring has a shot to be the largest game of 2022, which would have been unthinkable a decade ago for anyone who has played Dark Souls. Elden Ring is Dark Souls 4 in every way but name, with a massive, ambitious, and approachable open world, unlike anything FromSoftware has done before.

Wes found himself missing the closely connected parts of the Dark Souls games when exploring Elden Ring’s vast world in the November Network Test—by comparison, most of Elden Ring’s dungeons are short and easy. But what Elden Ring gives up there, he makes up for in scale: a really enormous environment and combat that appears to be deeper than any of the Souls games. From the initial hours of the game, Elden Ring’s classes explicitly encourage you to blend martial and magic, and weapons may be upgraded and modified with unique powers. Souls gamers who have previously played many FromSoftware titles will most certainly be infatuated with Elden Ring for the rest of the year.

Although diehard Souls fans may not enjoy the open-world concept as much as they did in previous From games, it is likely to be the factor that persuades millions of new players to try Elden Ring. That, and the lore created by George R. R. Martin, who is releasing a new narrative that isn’t The Winds of Winter for the first time.


November 11

Bethesda stated in 2018 that it was working on a game that wasn’t Skyrim. It’s still a Fallout/Elder Scrolls-style RPG, but set in space this time.

A major space squabble known as the Colony War occurs in the 24th century. Starfield picks up two decades after things have calmed down, with your character embarking on “an epic mission to answer humanity’s greatest enigma.” It sounds like it’ll be a big game with a lot of options. Todd Howard, the game director, explains it this way: “It’s all the roads you didn’t follow that make it special for you.”

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Not confirmed, but in 2022

Hollow Knight is another one of those rare indie gems. A three-person team created a Metroidvania that may be compared to the genre’s classics. Hollow Knight also has a lot of heart, offering a hauntingly beautiful narrative with a charming ensemble of insect buddies.

Hornet, the frenemy, adversary, and occasional boss of the previous game, was the focus of an expansion pack for Hollow Knight that turned into a complete sequel. Following the events of Hollow Knight, she finds herself in a strange realm distant from her home of Hallownest, and she must climb to its highest point to unravel its mysteries.

We watched a 2-minute teaser and a 20-minute gameplay preview a couple of years back, and that’s pretty much all we’ve seen since. What we saw demonstrated that Hollow Knight’s spirit of mystery and adventure, as well as fresh and interesting mobility possibilities, are still alive and well. We may have gotten our expectations up a little bit about it being near to completion because of the polished state of that preview build. But hope springs eternal, and perhaps 2022 will be the year we finally return to the enchanted world established by Team Cherry.

Company of Heroes 3

Confirmed in 2022

For the past two decades, real-time strategy has been in a bad shape, yet magic is still being worked in Vancouver, the home of Relic. When the genre was in decline, the studio published Company of Heroes, which built on its experiments in the superb Dawn of War, and both series have remained to this day. On paper, Warhammer 40,000 is more exciting, but Relic’s greatest work is in Company of Heroes.

We tried our hand at multiplayer, destroying dev-controlled opponent units with incendiary attacks and witnessing troops being crushed within falling buildings—creating rubble that may be utilized as cover—or torn up by tanks. The turn-based campaign, on the other hand, is proving to be the most intriguing feature. It’s dynamic and nonlinear, and it’s shaping up to be the series’ biggest and most complicated campaign yet, building on the Ardennes Assault expansion from Company of Heroes 2.

To liberate Italy, you’ll lead engineers in clearing mines and other obstacles, collaborating with Italian partisans, and making difficult decisions about how to approach more difficult objectives like a heavily fortified monastery, with chatty advisors offering advice and expressing disappointment if you don’t take it. They’re not just a source of information; they’re also a source of events, and your professional relationships with them entitle you to special perks. The narrative might stand alone without the RTS combat, yet they both inform and complement each other, resulting in an epic military drama full of meticulous planning and tremendous explosions.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Early 2022, delayed from 2021

In the 41st millennium, vermintide? We’ve heard enough about putting money down. Fatshark’s upcoming co-op horde FPS will include classic Warhammer 40,000 weaponry like chainswords, thunder hammers, and the Imperial Guard’s flashlights with “lasgun” emblazoned on the side. Players will take on the role of Inquisition servants who will be dispatched from a spaceship hub to battle disease-ridden cultists in a congested hive metropolis.

Baldur’s Gate 3

Early Access launch October 2019, hoping for a full version in 2022

Thanks to its 5th edition, Dungeons & Dragons is more popular than ever, and Baldur’s Gate 3 (which is now available in Early Access) brings its improvisation-encouraging turn-based combat to the screen. It features a group of arguing, romanceable characters like Baldur’s Gate 2, origin PCs like Divinity: Original Sin 2, and tons of tieflings, like pretty much every D&D 5E game, in addition to this deliciously messy sandbox of clattering d20s.

Kerbal Space Program 2

Second half of 2022, delayed from 2020

You’ve been charged with directing a huge space program once more, with little green kerbals entrusting you with their lives wisely (or foolishly). New tutorials and updated UI, based on feedback from the original game, will (hopefully) assist players grasp what they’re meant to do and how they’re intended to accomplish it. The inclusion of colonies will open up new chances for resource collecting and construction. There’s also multiplayer.


Summer 2022

With this four-player co-op FPS, Arkane’s transition from immersive simulations to action games is ready to continue. Vampires have closed off the village of Redfall from the rest of society and are feasting on its residents. They can only be stopped by a gang of four survivors with some eyebrow-raising abilities of their own—telekinesis Layla’s looks like fun—

Death Trash

Early Access launch August 2021, predicted to leave after “about a year”

This is an RPG featuring a sidequest where you assist an NPC win a vomiting tournament. It’s half tongue-in-cheek tribute to the isometric Fallouts, part punk gross-out. The squishy alien giants you meet in Death Trash’s wasteland—a fascinating enigma wrapped in raw meat and strange tendrils—are a fascinating enigma shrouded in raw meat and bizarre tendrils. It’s also available in Early Access.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

2022, delayed from 2021

You traverse the abandoned city in first-person and learn elemental skills to combat the ghostly danger after most of Tokyo’s residents vanish in a moment, replaced by eerie apparitions and a malicious figure cackling away on the big screens plastered around Shibuya Crossing. Trailers feature headless school girls, spindly, faceless guys in suits, a ghostly lady carrying a distressingly huge pair of scissors, and a ghostly woman brandishing a distressingly large pair of scissors. It appears to be as unsettlingly disturbing as everything Resident Evil director Shinji Mikami’s Tango Gameworks has created thus far.

Wizard with a Gun


The notion of a group of wizards using heat instead of magic wands is instantly enticing, especially when presented in such a gorgeous teaser. Also fascinating is the co-op survival sandbox. The storyline of Wizard with a Gun, according to developer Galvanic Games, concerns a magical disaster that resulted in a lack of confidence in magic users, therefore wizards became criminals, even being pursued by “mage hunters.” As they gather resources and combat monsters in various biomes, players will be able to create spells in the form of bullets, and they will also be able to build and enhance a tower in a peculiar pocket realm. There is also a plethora of headwear.

Card Shark

Early 2022, delayed from 2021

The team behind Reigns and Orwell’s Animal Farm has created a game about card cheating in 18th century France. By mastering historical cheating practices, you may trick the wealthy as half of a con artist duo. It’s possible that if you’re caught, it’ll be pistols at dawn. Or, on the other hand, firearms to the head.

Lost Ark

Korean launch 2019, America/Europe/Oceania February 11

Lost Ark, which is already popular in South Korea, is being globalized by Amazon Games and might be another massively multiplayer hit, similar to New World. Lost Ark, on the other hand, is a half-Diablo-Esque action RPG with ridiculous, over-the-top attacks and powers. There’s also a selfie feature to show off your unbelievably lovely visage, as well as in-depth character customization.

Slime Rancher 2


More types of slime will be available to cultivate in the new Rainbow Island environment, including bouncy cotton slime, aquatic angler slime, and a bunny-eared variant. They’re all going to be cute, and they’re going to produce cute plorts that we can harvest for cold hard newbucks. Slime Rancher is a bizarre creature.


February 8, delayed from 2021

The makers of Absolver have created Sifu, a martial arts game based on the Pak Mei type of kung fu. It focuses on spatial management, ducking and parrying attacks, and utilizing the environment. Individuals can be beaten with bottles and mops. One of the most amazing processes of “death” is that it ages you. As you get older, you’ll be able to cause more harm, but you’ll be able to absorb less.

Gotham Knights

2022, delayed from 2021

It’s a Batman game in which you don’t play as Batman, with Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood banding together to safeguard Gotham in the absence of the Dark Knight. Despite the fact that it is unrelated to the Arkham series, it comes from the creators of Arkham Origins, thus it has a strong pedigree. It’s a co-op game based on the Court of Owls comic series.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League


The sequel to the Arkham games from Rocksteady is set in the same universe as the Arkham games, but it stars Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark. It replaces Gotham with Metropolis, pitting the Suicide Squad against mind-controlled versions of Superman, the Flash, Green Lantern, and other DC characters. The tone appears to be far more comic, with a banter-heavy beat-’em-up that can be played in co-op or singleplayer with the other characters at your side.

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals


Oxenfree 2 is set on another scary island plagued by spooky radio waves, and it also reintroduces the original’s conversation system, in which the option of saying nothing is just as acceptable as saying something. You’ll have a walkie-talkie this time to communicate with other islanders, but you’ll also be approached by strangers who have picked up on your signal. What are their names? What are they looking for? The answers will be frightening.

Saints Row

August 23, delayed from February

The Saints Row remake claims to be more grounded than previous games in the series, although that’s not saying much after saving the globe from aliens and traveling to Hell. It’s a return to constructing a criminal empire from the ground up in an open city, this time Santo Ileso in the American Southwest, stealing districts from colorful competitors and defrauding insurance companies by crashing into traffic. It has a wingsuit, so it’s not really grounded.

Dying Light 2

February 4, delayed from spring 2020

The City is one of humanity’s remaining settlements, and parkour zombie-bashing is the only way to rescue it. You’ll make decisions that alter the city, such as turning on the water pumps in one sector while emptying another, allowing you to explore the new region… and encounter the zombies that have been dormant for years. The day/night cycle will return in Dying Light, and parkour combat will be enhanced to include additional wall-running and roof-leaping possibilities.


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