December 10 2023

Smart Money Trading – Is It The Ultimate Fool-Proof Trading Strategy?

Following the path of successful traders and investment firms is an intuitive strategy to dip your toes in financial markets. Traders with considerable experience and knowledge are more likely to know what they are doing, and copying them may bring similar results, called “smart money trading.”

Smart money trading is huge funds and capital by hedge funds and investment firms that trade this money to grow their clients’ accounts and accumulate wealth.

Does this make tracking and following smart money trades the most profitable trading strategy? Let’s discuss the answer as follows.

Defining Smart Money

Smart money refers to considerable market players and financial firms that control substantial amounts of money and invest in various markets. Ultimately, these firms aim to land successful trades and grow these funds. 

Smart money trading or tracking refers to the process of other market participants who follow the trails of large investors and copy their movements. 

The belief is that institutional investors and corporations are more knowledgeable about market updates and price predictions and are more likely to execute lucrative trades than retail traders.

Therefore, individual investors and retail traders track smart money movement and invest in similar markets or assets, hoping for similar results and higher returns. 

Tracking Smart Money Trades

Market participants are always looking for smart money movement as they try to copy these strategies and speculate on potential price action. 

Retail traders use this strategy to inform and update their clients about upcoming market trends so they can encourage increasing trading activities and earn commissions from transactions. Here are three methods to track and identify smart money movements.

Financial Disclosures

Institutional traders and hedge funds must report and disclose futures contracts in their order books before processing. This is a requirement by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, meaning that companies are obliged to adhere.

These reports may indicate crucial information about asset classes and invested amounts, giving other traders clues about potential price actions.

Market Sentiment

Looking at market sentiment and opinions is crucial before executing order and trade. These insights dictate the ongoing trend and guide the best course of action. 

Following market sentiments can also be implemented in conjunction with some trading strategies, such as swing trading and scalping.

Trading Patterns

Changes in trading volumes tell market participants about large investments and transactions, which gives traders hints about smart money investments, which can be tracked and used to execute suitable market orders.


The smart money trading concept refers to substantial capital managed by large investment firms and hedge funds. Market participants track these smart money movements to get valuable insights about potential market movements and possible price action.

Several tactics can be used to identify smart money trading, such as reviewing financial disclosures, tracking trading volumes, and following market sentiments.


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Kyrie Mattos