November 17

Secure and Optimize Your New Gaming PC with These Important Steps

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There is no denying that both hardware and software influence the performance of your PC a great deal. If you have bought a new PC to accomplish your gaming cravings, you will not compromise on the security and the performance of your Windows device at any cost.

Thus, you are bound to take some precautionary measures to protect your gaming PC from various cyber risks. By doing so, you can enjoy a seamless and secure gaming experience by optimizing its performance to new heights.

Here is the list that includes some crucial steps:

Subscribe to a VPN service

A VPN provides next level online protection to its users by creating a secure and encrypted connection. It actually masks your actual IP address through the alternate IP address of your desired countries such as the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. This way, you can spoof your online locations from anywhere and safeguard your crucial data from the prying eyes of ISPs and other surveillance actors.

But, when you use a VPN for gaming purposes specifically, it improves lagging and reduces ping once connected to faster server connections. Consequently, you can play your favorite games, trouble-free. Besides, it secures your data and encrypts your gaming traffic.

A VPN service is a must to safeguard yourself from DDoS attacks when playing games online. Furthermore, the best thing about using a VPN service is that you can play geo-restricted games online on your new PC instantly.

Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming

If you have installed Windows 10 on your new gaming PC, you would be surprised to know that Windows 10 provides various exciting features to gamers specifically. When you enable a Game Mode feature on your PC, you can enhance your online gaming experience to a whole new level.

But, keep in mind that different settings can negatively affect your gaming activity. Therefore, when playing games online on your PC, ensure that your operating system is up and running at its best.

Turn to an SSD (Solid State Drives)

In case you have started playing games recently, SSD (Solid State Drives) could be a new thing for you. However, you must have heard about storage disks. In reality, there are two types of storage disks, these are HDD (Hard Disk Drives) and SSD (Solid State Drives).

Compared to SSD, HDDs are highly affordable and provide more storage capacity. But in the case of speed, the latter may disappoint you big time.

Therefore, you should consider adding an SSD if you want to increase your gaming PC’s overall speed. Surprisingly, it also helps decrease the load time of different games considerably.

Download and Install a Reliable Web Browser

When it comes to improving your Windows PC performance, you had better download an efficient web browser. There is a strong likelihood that your default Windows browser may not help you fulfill your gaming needs.

Protect and Improve your Network

As we all know, we have to play games online, so your gaming PC becomes vulnerable to different online issues like hacking, malware, trolls, cyberbullying, etc. In this situation, activating a Windows firewall is a great idea to protect your entire network.

Moreover, you can include your desired games to the firewall whitelist. This way, you can play your favorite games without any interruption or facing any obstacle. Online protection aside, you can follow these simple steps to increase your network speed:

  • You may restart your router twice a week to boost your network speed
  • You should place the router at a location where signals work best
  • You can directly connect your Windows computer to the router using an ethernet cable
  • Before start playing games online, deactivate the download option to enjoy a seamless gaming experience

Update Windows

When you update your Windows to the latest version, you can overcome online security and compatibility issues straightaway. Apart from updating Windows, when downloading new programs on your gaming PC, you will be asked for new privacy and security permissions.

In this case, you should be cautious while allowing such permissions because it can affect your privacy and the system’s overall performance significantly.

Update your Hardware

A hardware update can also up your gaming scene to a new plane. Besides the CPU and motherboard upgrade, upgrading your RAM, hard drive, and graphics card becomes a must when you want to raise or uplift your gaming experience.

Update your Graphics Cards

If you want to improve your online gaming experience, you will need to use multiple graphics cards. To add multiple graphics cards, you should have a motherboard with a built-in PC-Express slots feature. As a result, you can add multiple graphics cards via Nvidia SLI or AMD crossfire GPUs.

Wrapping Up

We expect you would appreciate our post that enables you to improve your gaming PC in terms of security and performance overall. All the above-described steps will not transform your Windows devices into a gaming console.

However, it can enhance your PC’s performance to help you play your favorite games without facing any issues. Above all, you have to use a VPN to safeguard your online identities as gamers from phishing, identity theft, trolling, and other cybersecurity challenges that you might face in 2021 and beyond.


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