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Royal Kludge RK84 – A Comprehensive Review

Squeezing keyboards under compact dimensions has become increasingly fashionable in recent decades. For many years, the typical shapes were “whole” and “tenkeyless” or TKL, so if you needed the numeric keypad, you grabbed a complete, and if you didn’t, you received a TKL.

There are a couple more possibilities currently. Gamers and developers can use specially designed keyboards that are equipped with some features of a TKL keypad. These keyboards are made to meet the preferences of these individuals. The best thing about these specialized keyboards is their compact design. They occupy only 50% of the area on your workstation, enabling you to choose the space available for things like massive mouse slips and hitting shots, or maybe if you want to enjoy a more minimalist look.

The Royal Kludge RK84 – Overview

The Royal Kludge RK84 is a 75% cordless mechanical keyboard that provides superior keyboarding feel at a reasonable cost. It has a sturdy construction. It’s lightweight and portable. This keyboard also works with over 22 programmable RGB patterns, functions, and layouts, allowing you to customize your controller.

Features and Specifications

Using the RK RGB Keyboard application, one can also modify it to suit your needs. The RK84 also has USB-C cable connectivity featuring two USB-A connector interfaces, 3 Bluetooth 5.0 channels, a 2.4GHz broadband adapter, and a USB-C linked connectivity with two USB-A pass-through interfaces. Overall, if you’re seeking a tremendous entry-level small mechanical keyboard that you can configure, the Royal is a perfect buy.

The Royal Kludge RK84 features connected Bluetooth, a 2.4-GHz connection, and hot-swappable control switching. The 2.4-GHz alternative, on the other hand, is almost unworkable, and the application somehow is pretty lousy!

With white shiny rising double-shot OEM design ABS topped with white quartz fitted and an extremely compact design with a chassis that you might detach, the Royal Kludge RK84 seems to be the best sleek appealing among the keyboards on board for the evaluation (as seen in the image above).

It’s hot-swappable. However, it includes TTC switches by the domain controller that are a Chinese Cherry clone, and the colors surprised us as being superior to the Gateron switching found throughout many keyboards around this budget range. The symbols are clear, linked, and proficient, with tons of RGB possibilities and clean shine through.

Some of its main +ve points are listed below to help you make a more informed decision.


  • Frame with a solid pace and a detachable framing.
  • It is aesthetically attractive.
  • ABS double-shot keycaps with a polished look.
  • USB Wi-Fi dongle on TTC switches looked quite great.
  • It’s simple to personalize with a hot-swappable controller.
  • The battery performance is impressive.
  • Its 75 percent lightweight design enables it far easier to transport.


It boasts several capabilities, including a fully configurable keyboard feel and the ability to attach to many devices simultaneously.

Yet exactly did they manage to give all of this at quite an affordable price? Have they made any concessions? Let’s have a look.

The Royal Kludge RK84 includes a built-in 3,750mAh battery because it is a portable keyboard. Regarding Royal Kludge’s wireless products, that’s the batteries with the most energy as it’s the only device that supports Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connectivity simultaneously.

Royal Kludge promises a life of at least 200 hrs. However, if you type or play games for 8 hours per day, the keyboard will last over a month without requiring to be recharged.

Music features ten various implications that enable your keypad to serve as a graphical equalizer, and customization lets you choose specific button colors. One also can generate bespoke ambient lighting using the free software.

You may use the keyboard without the software, but you will require it to access customized key configurations, macro instructions, personalized special effects, and to upgrade the programming on the keyboard. Well, this is somehow RK84’s most serious flaw!

The first major flaw is that it doesn’t have a Mac app; you will need a Windows PC to use it. Another issue is that the app itself does not appear to be well-made. It appears to be a half-baked system designed solely to allow users to customize their gadgets.

You will also need to devote some time learning how to create keyboard shortcuts, designate features and functionality, and even disable buttons. Moreover, understanding how to create custom light sources is difficult. It took a long time for everyone to figure out how to get the design they wanted through tests and inaccuracy.

Final Word

People have a combined response about the Royal Kludge RK84. Key mappings are kept to the keyboard, and they appear to function well even when used with Bluetooth to get connected to some other gadget.

Despite the cons and limitations, the Royal Kludge RK84 appears to be a powerhouse in design! We say so for some pretty strong reasons. It features a straightforward appearance combined with multiple connectivity options, a bigger capacity, USB managed switch, and an application that helps for additional customization. With hot-swappable switching and conventional keycaps, it’s a plus for users, and it’s less expensive than many of the competitors in the market.


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