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Roulette Variants You Never Knew Existed

How many games of roulette do you know to exist? Would you be surprised if we were to tell you that there are over 20 different roulette tables out there inside of online casinos?

You might know of three already, the most popular ones used by casinos online and on the high street are European Roulette, French Roulette, and American Roulette.

The games we present go far crazier than these familiar options. We are going to present six of the best variants that are available to play online.

Introducing a new world of online roulette games

Roulette has for many centuries been an entertaining game to play and thanks to its dexterity, it has been moulded into many other forms of gameplay whilst still being able to retain its very simple rules.

For an insight into online roulette, we spoke with Editor in Chief at Norskonlinecasino.info, Ingerlise Dalen and asked what kind of trends can be identified when looking at the data gathered by her team of experts.

“There are certain user trends that point towards an increase in interest in roulette live tables. This is likely to be the case for those players who are after a shared experience. While slots are preferred by the younger demographic, our data confirms that roulette attracts older players who are keen on an element of socializing when enjoying their online games. These players tend to make use of all the different variants, and generally, we consider them to be among some of our more experienced users.”

Online roulette variants

Like blackjack and poker, even slot machines, there is no one singular type of game, there was once an original, but over many decades, elements were added to games to produce new variations. One of the most common and noticeable variants is that of the American roulette table giving players an additional double-zero betting option.

Here we introduce six other variants that you will be able to access from inside the top casino online and play with any device which includes your Desktop, Mobile, and Laptop.

Marvel Roulette by Playtech

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Created by Playtech, the Marvel roulette game was a ‘spin-off’ to their own progressive jackpot slot game. This was a unique innovative feature that spawned many other copies. It was the first game to merge slot and roulette interest.

Marvel games are huge within casinos, thanks in part to Playtech, who have managed to produce the largest collection of comic slots online from the Avengers to The Dark Knight.

The Marvel Roulette game broke new ground because, for the first time, the roulette game gave players an opportunity to win a jackpot prize. However, this game was offering four of them!

This game was all about capturing what the movies gave us, bigger and bolder action and entertainment. The addition to this feature was the blue Marvel pocket added to the wheel as a bonus.

Landing the ball inside this pocket allowed you to enter the bonus round where a prize reward is guaranteed. The sum of the jackpot would, however, depend on your luck!

Pinball Roulette by Ash Gaming

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For something that looks visually off the charts, then how about some Pinball Roulette? Yes, it is real but limited online to the fact that it is only produced by Ash Gaming, meaning you need to find a casino online that has a partnership with them to play it.

It looks as it sounds, the game dispenses with the roulette wheel and opts to have the winning number selected through a process of pinballing.

Along the bottom of the pinball section, you have the numbers that rotate in sequence and the ball is released by the pinball mechanism to the right. This ball will navigate through the pinball studs and bars to finally settle in one of the numerical pockets.

This is the sole variation of the game, and it still manages to create heart-racing entertainment by simply adjusting how the number is picked to form a winner.

Age of the Gods Roulette by Playtech

Another by Playtech and another which links up one of Playtech’s biggest online slot games with the feature of roulette.

Age of the God’s is a progressive jackpot series and is the largest gaming series online with near 30 titles associated with the Age of the God’s title. The gaming variation is the same as that of Marvel Roulette, where you are able to access a bonus round that can return a payout odd of 100 to 1 and you are able to gain access to the progressive jackpot rounds where there are four cash prizes to be won.

If you’ve not yet played any of the slot series, then it is highly recommended, just for the sheer wonder of all the gaming options available.

Double Ball Roulette by Evolution Gaming

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Of all the different variants that exist online, the double ball roulette game created by Evolution Gaming, is perhaps the most profitable one to play. There are firstly two different tables that double ball can be played on, the American table and European one, as the American roulette wheel comes with a greater house edge, it would be less beneficial to play, so double check before you double ball.

Given there are two balls, your odds of winning improve. The added benefit of playing this roulette variant comes with the payout that is 1,300 to 1 should both balls land inside the same numbered pocket after being spun in the roulette wheel. This makes this the largest single odd of any roulette variant online.

Multi Wheel Roulette by Microgaming

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Seen as another profitable variant the Multi Wheel Roulette game can offer up to 8 roulette wheels, thus producing greater chances of landing your bets, plus multiple matching numbers. The multi-wheel variant is however only available as a digital formatted game given the impossible nature of doing this as a live game. If you want the 8-wheel option, then you will need the Microgaming version, but there are other optional multi-wheel variants made by other developers.

Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming

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One of the most unique variants online is the roulette gameshow variant that presents Lightning Roulette. This creation comes from Evolution Gaming, masters of the live streaming service.

With Lightning Roulette, at random points during a wheel spin, lightning strikes will select multipliers to numbers. These multipliers can be as low as 50x the wager or up to 500x the wager.

This has helped to make this variant of roulette the most popular of its kind in the online live gaming domain.


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