December 31

Rich Stupid Millionaire Youtubers

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YouTube is a strange place where ordinary laws about success don’t seem to exist. The richest YouTuber in 2020 is a 9-year-old kid who opens boxes of toys and reviews them. Ryan Kaji earns almost $30 million catering to a very young audience. There is no other place where a nine-year-old could make that kind of money.

But Ryan is famous for doing cute, innocent, and adorable things that target other kids his age. There is nothing stupid about that. If only we could say that about some of the older YouTubers on the annual rich list. Unfortunately, the rat race for attention on this platform brings out the worst in some content creators.

And the crazy thing is, they essentially get paid for doing the dumbest things – taping beer bottles to your hands like an alcoholic tribute to Edward Scissorhands, to eating bugs, shooting vegetables, playing brainless pranks on each other, YouTubers have done it all in the quest for fame and money.

Nothing is off-limits. One has to wonder what the world is becoming when a guy who asks people in fancy cars what they do for a living, now drives a fancy car doing that for a living. And others who play some free slots and get others to watch them and subscribe to their channel and make tons of money from sponsors from casinos.

In the meantime, here are some of the dumbest yet stupid rich YouTube personalities out there in 2020:

Jenna Marbles

In terms of stupidity or offensive content, Jenna Marbles is relatively harmless. Her videos are more frivolous – painting herself to look like furniture, a toothbrush, and other mundane objects, doing funny make-up, and making stuff for her dogs.

The shocking part of all this is that she made a ton of money doing dumb, mindless stuff at home! Jenna Marbles has earned an estimated $8 million from her antics on YouTube. But she also had her WTF moments – early in her career, Jenna appeared in blackface.

As of 2020, she is no longer active on YouTube due to “remorse” over offensive content posted in those early years. At least she owned up and quit the platform to move on with her life. Some of the other YouTubers on this list continue to rake in money even years after doing way worse.

Logan Paul

Disrespecting a dead person’s body, abusing animals, being racist, saying offensive stuff about the LGBTQ community – this young YouTube star has a quite long rap sheet indeed. Logan Paul got into the content creation business at a very young age – he was just 10 when he started on early apps like Zoosh and Vine.

Now a megastar on youtube with tens of millions of followers, Logan Paul earns an estimated $14 million a year. This guy has featured in TV series, guest appearances of movies, and has endorsement deals with big corporations like Pepsi.

The dead body scandal was the worst of his mistakes by far. While filming in a Tokyo forest known for its suicides, Paul and his crew came across the body of a suicide victim. Instead of stopping the video, he decided to continue and posted the video to gain more viewers. The video, which was clearly in bad taste, cost him a lot of followers and endorsements but did not sink his career.

Jake Paul

It seems as though a habit of making poor decisions runs in the family. Logan Paul has a younger brother who is also a popular YouTuber. Like his older brother, Jake also has a penchant for doing some truly terrible things in the name of “entertainment.”

Destruction of property, harassing neighbors, illegitimate weddings, rioting, and looting – to say that Jake is a bad influence on his young followers would be an understatement. Some of his public comments encourage kids not to study, since according to him education is not important if you just want to be rich and famous.

He hit a new low in July 2020, when he got caught up in the rioting and looting that took place in Arizona during the Black Live Matter protests. Jake and his friends entered a mall during the looting and filmed it for his channel. He was later charged with criminal trespass by the police.


Felix Kjellberg is YouTube royalty – the Swedish gamer has over 25 billion views and over 100 million subscribers. Estimates of his net worth vary – from a conservative $25 million to over $90 million. Besides his very successful YouTube channel, he also has his own brand for gaming gear and merchandise. Regardless, it is quite clear that Felix is a very rich guy indeed.

And he has been accused of everything from anti-semitism to racism, sexism, and a whole lot of other “isms.” Most of these accusations have good reason too – who would be stupid enough to hire a few guys on Fiverr to hold a banner that reads “Death to all Jews” and not expect a backlash?

The guy was even endorsed by the gunman who massacred over 50 people in New Zealand in 2019. Still, Pewdiepie continues his successful online streaming career. Unfortunately, it says a lot more about us and the crazy state of this world, than him.

David Dobrik

Would you marry your friend’s mom as part of a prank? Popular YouTuber David Dobrik did just that in 2019 – marrying his friend and fellow YouTuber Jason Nash’s mother. It was the result of a long-running joke between the two friends – Dobrik finally got to prove his friend wrong and get married, and become his buddy’s stepdad.

With crazy pranks like these, David has amassed a fortune in the online entertainment business. His two YouTube channels have over 20 million followers combined. Dobrik also owns a multi-million dollar home in LA, as well as an annual income of $7 million or more.


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