September 29 2023

Revealed: The Secrets of Slot Machines

Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games ever created. Whether you play online or at a land-based venue, you’ll know Slots make up a huge part of casino gaming.

The first slot machine made its debut between 1887 and 1895. Since then, the iconic games have evolved to truly stand the test of time.

Nowadays, there’s a huge selection of games available to play – from the likes of Rainbow Riches, Gold Cash Freespins, and Age of the Gods to classic fruit machines and live casino Slots online – the options are endless.

But with anything this popular, there are bound to be questions.

Join us as we reveal some of the best-kept secrets of slot machines…

The spring and lever mechanism

When land-based slot machines were first invented, they used a nifty spring and lever mechanism to spin the reels.

By pulling the lever, the spring inside would stretch, and the reels would be set in motion, eventually stopping once the spring had recoiled.

Many players thought that pulling the lever in different ways and using a different amount of strength could influence the outcome, but this was not the case. The spring would spin the reels the same amount each time, making gameplay fair and unpredictable for each player.

It was these machines, however, that players gave the nickname “one armed bandits”, due to pulling the lever.

A Sony TV

In 1976, the first true video slot was developed. This game used a modified 19-inch Sony TV for the display. This was first made available in the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. So, the next time you play a video slot – just imagine how far it’s come since the first one was displayed on a tiny television screen!

Behind-the-scenes of modern-day Slots

As Slots turned digital, the spring and lever mechanism was no longer there to keep games fair. Therefore, developers had to find a digital alternative.

Behind the bright graphics and bonus features you see today is a Random Number Generator (RNG) – computer software that is designed to create unpredictable outcomes every single second.

This is as close to computer-generated randomness as we can get and is the basis for every game of chance you find online, meaning each game is kept fair, fun, and uninfluenced by any previous spins!

Singing the same song

Land-based slot machines all sing their own song – clashing melodies that often sound cheerful and set the casino scene. However, to keep players hanging around the machines a little longer, they have all been tuned to the key of C Major, so they mesh together comfortably.

C Major is supposed to be known for making people happiest, so it’s a pretty clever move for casinos and game developers to incorporate this into the machines.

With these behind-the-scenes secrets in mind, you’ll have a better understanding of what games you prefer to play.

So, will you be trying your chances on a slot game anytime soon? And will you be playing online, or at a land-based venue?


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Kyrie Mattos

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