January 31 2021

Respawn Gaming Chairs [Review]

Is there anything that feels more exciting than getting yourself on a comfortable chair, turning on your high-end gaming PC, and rolling over in the gaming zone? I can see you nodding already.

Gaming culture is growing and exploding like crazy. Whether you play on your Xbox series, that premium PS5, your personalized gaming PC, or even in an arcade. It’s all about getting started and you get lost in the maze. Gaming does include a lot of movement, but that’s only behind the screen.

Being a gamer means you are going to sit for hours and hours in probably the same position. It even sounds a little tiring, doesn’t it? Well, you don’t need to get worried over it, as Respawn’s gaming chairs are at your service with the perfect blend of comfort and functionality.

The brand is quite famous among gamers for its gaming products, and one can see the reason. Respawn’s tagline “Live to play another day” expresses their commitment as they offer the best quality products with significant research and development. Their gaming chairs are proven to be one of the best combinations of quality and design not only to provide you with comfort but that macho gamer looks as well.

Respawn has categorized its gaming chairs in two sections: PC racing chairs & Fortnite collection. Across these chair lines, the brand has followed its schedule to maintain its quality standards. The gaming chairs are designed uniquely with ergonomic features and that also under an affordable price. This means that you can enjoy a comfortable gaming ride without disturbing your budget.

But with this vast range available, how do you decide on the best match for your gaming station? Well, to save your time, I’ve just done in-depth research to review some of the best-selling gaming chairs by Respawn.

1. Respawn-100

Gamers, if you need one comfortable addition to your gaming area, then this is probably the perfect choice you’ll make. With an awesome sauce appeal, ergonomic comfort, and contoured segmented padding, Respawn-100 is an all-setter for sure.

Respawn-100 is one of the most popular gaming chairs under this brand’s racing collection. It is the first article in the line, and the series has further been updated to Respawn-400. The latter upgraded versions offer better features, but they also come at a higher price when Respawn-100 provides classic aesthetic features at a mind-blowing price.

When you opt for a gaming chair, the top priority is always comfort. Respawn-10 provides a cozy and restful setting with its high back with neck and back padding, an adjustable headrest & lumbar support. The brand further adds value to your life by enabling 4D adjustability. This means that you can easily find your optimal position by adjusting the height and depth of armrests. It also allows you to recline the chair from 90 to 130 degrees and a swivel rotation of 360 degrees.

Trust me when I say it adds a luxurious touch to your gaming station. As it comes in various colors from white, grey, blue to black, green, choose your favorite color to match your theme and start your action-play.

2. Respawn-110

Being listed on Amazon’s best-selling video game chairs, Respawn-110 is one of the brand’s top-rated gaming chairs. If you are a gamer who loves to take those abrupt breaks during intense gaming situations, then this chair is going to be your best friend. This gaming chair offers aesthetic features that make it a comfortable and suitable seat. Having that said, the reason is so apparent for its popularity in the comfort domain.

Respawn-110’s unique selling point is its capability of a fully reclining gaming chair. It features an armrest that can be moved backward and forward to provide you with customization. With exclusive leather cushioning under the neck and back, and where else necessary, this chair holds and supports your posture well. You can easily adjust the height of the backrest and headrest to make it a perfect feel.

The lovable part is that Respawn-110 is equipped with a footrest. This extendable padded footrest is as comfy as you can think of it; You can even fall asleep on this gaming chair if you wish to. The versatile features of Respawn-110 do not limit down here. As much as it seems comfy and cozy, it equally works splendidly as a console gaming chair, taking the whole gaming vibe to another level.

3. Respawn-200

You know how considerate we gamers become when it comes to styling your gaming zone. This racing-style chair by Respawn is made to steal your heart at first sight. Along with incredible premium features, that sublime, tip-top, swaggy outlook makes it stand out from the rest.

Respawn-200 has it all to LevelUp your gaming experience. The Respawn-200 is a classic and chic model with easy customization to provide you with maximum ease. This gaming chair will not make you feel hot because of its breathable mesh back. So no matter how long you sit, you will be at prime comfort and maximum support.

Respawn-200 has got your back with its firm yet high-density foam padding to allow you maximum comfort. With an adjustable chair height, integrated lumbar support, and 2D armrests, your chair is in your control, just like your gaming avatar.

This model offers you up to 130 degrees of recline angle and 360-degree swivel while mounting neck and back support pillows to make your gaming a pain-free session. With all these premium features and much more at a meager price, this gaming chair is indeed a wise and attractive pick.


Respawn is a renowned brand name in the industry for not so long ago. But the brand has been successful in setting up its place while beating off the competitors. Its fundamental and user-focused policies like same-day shipping, 30 days return warranty, and amazingly low prices created its hype in no time.

Respawn designs stylish, comfortable, functional, and customizable gaming chairs, almost everything that a good gaming chair should have, being committed and considerate over the quality standards. In the above article, I have reviewed some top-selling and public-favorite gaming chairs of Respawn to help you choose your best pick from them all. Tell me in the comments below, which one do you adore the most?

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