August 15 2021

Redragon Mechanical and Membrane Keyboards for Game and Office Use (2021 Review)

A keyboard can greatly affect your productivity and performance whether you are accomplishing a work-related task or simply playing a game. With this, choosing the best set of features is a must.

The type of keyboard must also be taken into consideration. Two of the most common types are mechanical and membrane keyboards. While they might look the same at a single glance, their performances vary a lot which could translate to the satisfaction of different users.

Membrane keyboards are more affordable when it comes to production. They also produce less noise compared to the mechanical types. Most of all, they are more compact and lighter.

On the other hand, mechanical keyboards, though noisier, can offer excellent performance. This kind of keyboard can deliver excellent tactile feedback. Such a keyboard will benefit professional typists and gamers as it allows them to feel each action with every single push of a button.

To better decide between the types mentioned, there is a need for thorough scrutiny. To better show you more about them, we give you a comprehensive view of the best mechanical and membrane keyboards on the market now. Not only would they offer you the exquisite attributes of each type of keyboard, but they will also provide you with the most advanced features that will absolutely help you enjoy your typing and gaming experience.

To better decide between the types mentioned, there is a need for thorough scrutiny. With this, we give you a comprehensive view of each keyboard type. Here they are:

Redragon S101 PC Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

In terms of economic options and practicality, this combo is the best choice to have. Besides a Redragon S101 wired keyboard, it comes with a Redragon Centrophorus M601-3 mouse. This is one of the most affordable combos you can have without comprising the quality you need. Both look fancy due to the trademark lights and colors of the brand but behind all of those things are the very capable peripherals both for office and game use.

The M601-3 mouse boasts 6 buttons (5 are programmable) and a DPI of 800 to 3200. The fact that its sensitivity can be adjusted is such a luring feature, given it is something you won’t see in mice at such a price point. Even better, it event comes with an 8-piece weight tuning set!  It also features the ‘High-Precision Sensor’ which can present a huge advantage for gamers. Moreover, the mouse is very responsive and works as if it is an extension of your own hands. The left- and right-click buttons and the remaining ones offer a great feel. The response of the buttons won’t fail users, especially gamers who need hundreds of right clicks per minute. And though it is not a wireless model, the wire is very long and doesn’t seem to restrict your movements.

On the other hand, due to the nature of the S101 as a membrane keyboard, it is truly gentle in fingers. Most of all, it barely produces that clicking sound that is specifically common among mechanical types. The keys are placed at a perfect distance from each other and are easy to press. There is almost no pressure needed as the keys are highly responsive. Typing on the keyboard is flawless and there is almost no calibration needed. It works great right out of the box! Typists would love how it will let their fingers bounce without experiencing any lag from the system. The best thing about it? It is a ‘membrane’ keyboard that feels like a mechanical one. There is that nice tactile-response feel that will make you feel each action you are putting on the keys.

That being said, it can also be enjoyed by gamers due to the features it offers. The S101 comes with a full numeric keypad, 25 conflict-free keys, and 10 dedicated multimedia keys plus 12 additional FN+ multimedia keys. The response in each key is unbeatable, be it the WASD or other ones. There really is no conflict even when multiple keys are being pressed all at once. You can even disable the Windows Key of Sadness which is one of the irritating things any gamer despises.

There’s also an integrated wrist rest that can aid players during hour-long games where wrist fatigue is common. And with the feet down, the keyboard gives you a nice angle which further improves your comfort for hours.

The keyboard is also embellished with well-known lighting details of the Redragon brand. The S101 features 4 backlight brightness levels and 7 different RGB lighting modes and effects with adjustable breathing speed. This isn’t just an alluring feature for young users, but it can be of great help when using the keyboard in a dark room.

Redragon DEIMOS K599 Wireless TKL Keyboard

The Redragon DEIMOS K599 is a mechanical keyboard that will give you both beauty and unbeatable functionality. It can be a cheap and perfect alternative for a cherry blue switch mechanical unit.

Just like the S101, DEIMOS K599 is fashioned with different preset RGB lighting modes. Nonetheless, compared to the 7 modes of S101, it comes with 18 options and 1 user-programmable mode. It also comes with 8 single colors and 6 backlight brightness levels. The lights, however, aren’t the sole feature that accentuates the beauty of the keyboard. When the lights are inactive, the brushed aluminum finish of the keyboard gives it a premium look. This doesn’t just add up to its beauty, but it also gives you that smooth feel.

Furthermore, despite not having a number pad, it boasts 70 conflict-free keys. You’ll also love the hotkey function for fast back-and-forth swapping of WASD keys for the arrow keys. The placement of keys doesn’t look cramped or offset at all. Most of all, it gives your fingers that familiar feeling about the keys, so mistyping words seems impossible. The experience is even made better with the size of the keys and the fonts. You can also lock the Windows key to ensure the safety of your game.

It features hot-swappable linear red switches which will be enjoyed by all sorts of users, especially gamers. They have quiet click sounds without a tactile bump feel, yet each key doesn’t miss and is very sensitive. The action feels crisp and great. Most of all, you are assured of a fast response with minimal resistance, making it possible to rapidly double-tap or triple-tap keys which means a great edge in speed.

Further, the other sections of the keyboard’s ergonomics are 5-star. Though it doesn’t have the wrist rest you find in the S101 keyboard, this space-saving unit has adjustable risers to give the best angle you need. During hardcore gaming, you will also appreciate its non-slip feet that are ultimately reliable at keeping the stance of the keyboard. Also, despite being relatively smaller than other full-sized models, it gives you a substantial weight which reflects how solid its build is.

DEIMOS K599 is designed to deliver the best convenience possible for keyboards. Unlike the S101, it is wireless and even features 2.4G anti-interference technology. It means a huge deal for gamers who need space for their gaming table or simply for minimalists who hate the messy cables. Nonetheless, there is no delay and no lag at all. The USB dongle is placed on the backside of the keyboard inside a small compartment. The good thing about it is that it is secured with the help of the dongle’s magnetic head which can prevent it from being lost.

Overall, the response of the wireless keyboard is fast and stable. The connection is very reliable, impressive, and consistent. It can work up to 60 hours with its LED off and 30 hours with the LED on. Users, nonetheless, have the option to use a type-C cable for a more flawless data transfer and keyboard performance.


The ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 is another exquisite choice you have if you’re looking for a premium wireless mechanical keyboard. There is one thing about this 61-key unit that makes it truly striking: it can support up to 3 devices for 10 hours. The connection is solid and there is no question about it. Just press some key combinations and you’ll be able to switch between the supported devices. Nonetheless, you also get the option to use it with the included 1.5-meter type-C cable for a more secured connection when playing games and to ensure smoother solid data transmission.

It is also decently equipped in terms of aesthetics. Using its colorful backlit LED, it can swap between the 17 different key lighting effects and is capable of 4-level light brightness. With all of this, it can compete with all the dazzling RGB lights of Redragon products. Nonetheless, even without these fancy illuminating aesthetics, anyone will still be impressed by its divine beauty that underscores simplicity. It comes in two colors, black and white, which will certainly match the taste of any user.

Moreover, it sports a 60% compact minimalism layout that utilizes each inch of its surface for the placement of its keys alone. It is extremely small and an ideal space saver that chucking it into your bag is possible! Yet, its overall layout won’t fail your fingers in finding the right keys you need when typing or playing games. The keys are of good size and the fonts are well printed. There is also substantial heft in each key which prevents accidental presses. With this, even the typists would appreciate its layout.


Further, although there are lots of keys sacrificed to give you a small-sized unit, the RK61 doesn’t lack all the functions you need. You always have the Fn key to help you replicate whatever keys are removed from RK61, including the swapping between number keys and arrow keys. But of course, getting used to it and remembering the key combos require some time, especially if you are not used to small designs of keyboards; but, for the boatload of benefits RK61 offers, it’s all worth it.

Furthermore, the KLUDGE RK61 boasts versatility in terms of the types of keys. It is available in blue, brown, and red switches. (sweet!) With this, users have the freedom to choose the right type of switch that suits their needs and comfort. So, whether you need a clicky (yes, other people like it!), silent, or smooth key experience, the ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 has the best offers for you!


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