November 18 2021

Redragon Horus K618: The Top-notch Mechanical Keyboard for Gamers and Typists This 2021

Redragon has pushed the boundaries again with the introduction of Horus K618. It presents tons of sterling features that will add up to the convenience and good reputation already established by older Redragon products. But can it compare to the best keyboards in the market? Definitely. Is it worth the upgrade if you are in search of a keyboard to replace your old one? Absolutely.

Redragon brags Horus K618 as its first-ever mechanical keyboard offering Tri-Mode technology. This allows the keyboard to connect up to 5 devices in 3 ways: Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz wireless dongle, and USB-C.  You can shift from one mode to another using the shortcuts labeled clearly in the 1 to 5 keys (Fn + 1 to 3 for Bluetooth, Fn + 4 for 2.4 GHz, and Fn + 5 for USB). For the wireless 2.4 GHz, there’s a dongle stored onboard at the back of the keyboard you can access easily for instant use. And to indicate the mode activated, the M light indicator will change its color.

This same light indicator will also alert you if the keyboard needs its 1900 mAh battery to be recharged after hours of wireless use. And while all connectivity modes will benefit all kinds of typists, Mode 4 and 5 will be more beneficial for gamers without any problem in the lags or latency. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean its Bluetooth connectivity is less valuable than the other modes. It can still be a reliable option for typists and given its fast connecting capability, it will surely be enjoyed by anyone.

Horus K618 is also tailored specifically to give the best gaming experience possible in each push of its key. The mechanical keyboard comes with a linear red switch design. With this, there is less force needed in pressing the keys which also results in quieter typing activities. Even during recordings or video meetings, the sound of the keyboard is barely noticeable.

To further elevate its light-touch design, Redragon also fashioned the mechanical switches with a low-profile layout. This gives you switches with 12 mm height and an actuation distance of just 1.2 mm which both mean faster key command registration. Together with its 40g light actuation force, Redragon Horus K618 can arm gamers in fast-paced gaming. Overall, the keys feel good on fingers and are very responsive.

Despite the light-touch action, the precision in pressing the keys is still pretty astonishing in the layout of this 104-key keyboard. The keys are evenly spaced out which produces zero typos or missed keys. Also, the keycaps are just 4 mm in height while the entirety of the Horus K618 just measures 22 mm thick. This ultra-thin layout is meant to make the height of the keyboard familiar to the wrists of users, removing the need for wrist rest. The ultimate result? Less wrist fatigue even in extended periods of use.

Apart from the slim body of the keyboard and unmatched form of its switches, the beauty of Horus K618 can also be seen in the shortcuts and programmable keys included by the Redragon. The 5 onboard G-keys can be truly handy for advanced users in accessing their favorite commands instantly. You can record and program the combination of your commonly used commands and you’re ready to go with just a push of a single button in the future.

Further, there are also dedicated media control buttons above the numeric pad section. This includes the Play/Pause, Previous, and Next buttons. And although the said buttons are not sporting the same easy-to-push switch you find in the other keys of the keyboard, they are still pretty convenient and efficient in their purposes. Another gem is the addition of a scroll that you can use to adjust the volume of even the dimming of the keyboard lights. This should give you instant control over the RGB lighting brightness without a fuss.

On the other hand, despite the absence of metal accents in this black Horus K618 model, Horus K618 still delivers the trademark beauty of Redragon’s RBG lighting system. Apart from the 20 preset vibrant backlight modes, the Redragon will offer you 3 profiles in its software. What even makes it more coveting among keyboard fanatics is its ability to use any color in the color wheel to customize your lighting profile. Using Redragon’s software, you can assign a specific color to each keycap to produce your personalized keyboard layout. This should help you take full advantage of the keyboard’s 16.8 million RGB and overall lighting aesthetics.


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