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Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset Review: Why Every Gamer Should Own This

Choosing a gaming headset is easier said than done. With the multitude of options across several stores worldwide, plus the particular needs of the gamer, it will undoubtedly be a challenge to choose what is best for you.

Yet, a gaming headset is what you need to enhance the way you play your favorite games. First, with a gaming headset, you will be able to block external noises. The best gaming headsets also limit disturbance so you do not make a noise that can disturb other people nearby you when you are playing your games.

Gaming headsets also deliver superior sound quality compared with traditional speakers. Plus, with a gaming headset, you can communicate with your gaming buddies and teammates while playing online because of the built-in microphones that come with many gaming headsets. Lastly, you will be surprised to find out that a gaming headset does not cost too much. So, you can easily find the headset that suits your budget.

What is the best gaming headset today?

You might want to consider owning the gaming headset known as the Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset.

In this article, we will review the Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset, provide you with its pros and cons so you can better decide whether you to purchase this or not, get introduced to its many features, take a look at what customers say about this product, and learn about its price.

What is the Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset all about?

Overview Of The Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset

With the Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset, you can get ahead of your every game as this headset also is an Icon 7.1 Surround Sound gaming headset. You will learn more about what this is later as we discuss the features.

Generally speaking, it features a 7.1 surround sound designed for clear and lossless sound quality. It also has a detachable noise-canceling microphone, a headband that is freely adjustable, and independent line control with sound volume.

What are the good things and the bad things about this gaming headset? Take a look at the pros and cons of this Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset.

Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset Pros And Cons

These pros and cons about the Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset will help further as you decide whether you should purchase this gaming headset or not.


  • Provides precise and clear audio
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Lets gamers be in complete control of the games they play
  • Has a built-in microphone for communicating with other gamers, teammates, and friends
  • Designed for all platforms, whether for the PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch devices, and more

Outstanding Features Of The Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset

You have taken a glimpse at some of the Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset features. This time, we move forward to take a look at these in-depth.

1. Precisely Clear Audio

Enjoy real and precisely clear and lossless sound quality with this headset’s 7.1 Surround Sound technology. This innovation creates a field of immersion wherever you are in the field of gaming, when listening to a live concert, or when you are in a chat room. The product also features 50-millimeter drivers that provide a wider frequency range, higher definition sounds, richer sound fields, and extreme fidelity sounds.

2. Adjustable And Comfortable To Use

The super-adjustable headband made with this gaming headset’s durable and lightweight steel frame will free your head from unwanted burdens when playing your games or listening to music. Its finest leatherette, made with premium memory foam filler, enables the user’s ears to breathe and keep them dry and cool. There is no need to worry as even after hours of using this headset, you feel no pain or irritation whatsoever, but total comfort.

3. All-In Control

The Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset also takes pride in its independent line control with sound volume increase or decrease, on and off, and mic on and off. Its 7.1 Surround Sound under software running, and the microphone’s on and off statuses are monitored on the USB cable panel.

4. Also Designed For Talking

Beyond hearing a lossless sound, this gaming headset is also designed for speaking. Its detachable four-millimeter thick foam wrapped microphone will absolutely offer you the clearest communication between your friends or teammates, without the distorted sound and boomed mic cases.

5. Suitable For All Platforms 

The Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset is designed for all platforms, together with its 3.5-millimeter braided cable, mic and audio splitter cable, and an extra control box USB cable. It is styled to match all the platforms you use, whether your PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, NS, Switch, or even your mobile devices. Although, it may appear bulky when using this with your mobile devices.

What Customers Say About The Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset

Here are what Amazon customers say about the Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset.

Customer Hondasteve86 said their favorites are the Redragon keyboard and these headphones.

“They sound great on their own,” Hondasteve86 added, saying they have had them for six months, and at this point, as of writing, they have encountered no issues.

Meanwhile, customer Jamie P said this is a great product, and they are amazing headphones.

“Love Redragon products!” they said.

This product is “truly the next generation quality for customer Jess R.”

How Much Does The Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset Cost?

We looked around the top three stores and search results on Google to see how much the Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset costs in each of the stores. Here are our findings.

On the Redragonshop, it is $64.99. On Amazon, the product costs $59.99, and there is an eight percent discount from its original price of $64.99. On Southeast Asian eCommerce store Shopee, it costs around $119.

The Verdict: Should You Own The Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset

There are several benefits that gaming headsets can provide you. Imagine the difference between using only the standard earphones or your device’s speakers and having a gaming headset. Every gamer wants the best experience when playing their favorite games.

These advantages include offering top-quality sound, blocking external noise, having a reasonable price range, reducing disturbance to others, and providing better communication.

If you are in search of the best and the perfect gaming headset that is budget-friendly and has everything you need to amplify and enhance how you play your favorite games, whether with your PC or PlayStation and more, consider owning the Redragon H520 Icon Wired Gaming Headset. We hope you have learned from our discussion in this product review. Feel free to share this online.


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